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Qatar Airways consistently has great business class fares, especially for travel to the US (unfortunately the same can’t be said for tickets originating in the US). For example, just a few weeks ago I wrote about Qatar Airways’ cheap business class fares between Bangkok and Los Angeles, which cost under $1,500 roundtrip.

Cheap business class fares on Qatar Airways are a great way to rack up American AAdvantage miles, and even a great way to get accelerated earning towards American’s elite qualifying dollar requirement, which kicks in starting next year.

Well, perhaps the market with the most consistently excellent Qatar Airways fares is Cairo, and Qatar Airways is back with some of the best fares I’ve ever seen out of the market. The fares are valid for travel through next year, with a three day minimum stay requirement, and a two month maximum stay requirement. As usual, you’ll want to search these fares on ITA Matrix and Google Flights, and then go to Qatar Airways’ website to book.

Specifically, we’re seeing fares of ~$1,300-1,600 roundtrip for business class travel between Cairo and all of Qatar Airways’ US cities.

Just to give a few examples, you can fly roundtrip business class from Cairo to Washington for ~$1,285:


You can fly roundtrip business class from Cairo to New York for ~$1,315 (which is especially awesome, since some Doha to New York frequencies are operated by the A350, featuring Qatar’s best business class product):


Flights to Los Angeles can be had for a bit more, for a total of ~$1,635 roundtrip:


Keep in mind that if crediting these flights to American you’d earn:

  • 150% elite qualifying miles for segments in first or business class
  • 100% redeemable miles for segments in the “R” fare class, and 150% redeemable miles for segments in the “A” fare class
  • A 120% mileage bonus if you’re an Executive Platinum member
  • 20% elite qualifying dollars (for travel in 2017 — elite qualifying dollars for this fare are calculated as 20% of the distance flown)

Qatar Airways A350 business class

To crunch the numbers on the mileage earning, let’s take the above routing between Cairo and New York, for ~$1,314 roundtrip. You’d earn:

  • 31,938 elite qualifying miles
  • ~17,000 redeemable miles
  • ~38,000 redeemable miles as an Executive Platinum member


While everyone has different comfort levels with travel, personally I felt very safe traveling to Egypt, and thought it was fascinating to visit the Pyramids (Le Meridien Cairo Airport is also awesome).


Obviously this is a great fare for any oneworld flyer based in the region who would like to visit the US. But this fare can even be useful for North America based flyers, at least for the crazy among us. Say you’re planning a vacation to the region. Book an award ticket to get to the Middle East, then use this fare to get back to the US, and then you can use the return of this trip to start your next trip.

Bottom line

This certainly isn’t for everyone, especially not for those looking for a simple trip from the US to elsewhere. However, I know there are also a lot of crazies among us (myself included) who love these kinds of cheap Qatar Airways business class fares. Paying under 10 cents per flown mile in Qatar Airways business class represents an incredible value.

Hopefully some of you can take advantage of these great fares… I know I’m considering booking one of these tickets.

(Tip of the hat to zoqfotpik)

  1. The positioning to Cairo wouldn’t be the issue, it would be the return, but as you mentioned it could be the starting point for a future trip. Might have to actually take one of these as its great for status running.

  2. Last week I booked paid VCE – DOH – BKK return in Qatar J (A330 / A380) for £1100 GBP which is outstanding considering the post-brexit devaluation of GBP.
    Crediting to BA (560 tier points) brings someone with no status within 40 tier points of one world sapphire.

  3. Woudn’t fare to JFK earn 23,953 miles (distance 15,969 mi according to gcmap)? All J and F earn EQMs with a rate 150%.

  4. The problem with starting in the trip in CAI is the possibility of getting that dreaded SSSS. I had it for four months straight, departing and arriving the US. On top of that, I was interviewed by US customs for 40 mins, even when having Global Entry.

  5. Hi Lucky, how are you getting 31,938 EQM crediting to American? Flight distance CAI-DOH-JFK is 7,985 miles, roundtrip would be 15,970 miles, 150% EQM would then come to 23,955. What am I missing? Many thanks!

  6. CAI-DOH 1,280 A
    DOH-JFK 6,704 R
    JFK-DOH 6,704 R
    DOH-CAI 1,280 A
    Total= 15,969 miles

    RM=17,248 ((2560×1.5)+13408) because “A” fare class earn 50% bonus
    EQM=23,954 (15.96k x 1.5)
    EP RM miles=20,698 (120% bonus of RM)

    Total RM for EP will be 37,946

    Still a lot of miles for 1.3k

  7. Are those fares still available out of BKK? Or anywhere else in Asia (besides CMB) that you know of? I’m looking and can’t find any.

  8. Do you need some sort of documentation/visa to get into Egypt now? If you position to CAI on a separate ticket, I imagine you would have to clear customs and re check your bags for the QR flight ?

  9. Are you talking about the same Cairo, where security is so lax that bombs can be smuggled onto aircraft by compromised airport employees?

  10. @Lucky, Is AA’s new EQD calculation is based on base miles or EQM?

    If it’s based on 20% of base mile for R and 30% of base mile for A, it would be $3,538.8.

    Any clarification would be great.


  11. Just came back from HKG last night and have been looking for that deal from BKK again. This is another great fare. Thanks very much for sharing. Looking for flight to BKK about the first of April for a month with a return to IAH. Trying to get Ex. Plt for 2018 so these type of fars are great!

    Just a note : the Wing lounge in HKG is amazing but the Qantas First in LAX is just amazing with the food choice. They have a menu for kids! Chicken fingers !!!! and hamburgers!! I love sea bass but when your kid can not enjoy the food it makes the travels we do a little extra work. So thanks to Qantas.

    We love your work and thanks for sharing!

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