The Best Business Class Fare I’ve Ever Seen From Europe To Australia

Here’s an amazing fare for Europe based readers (or anyone who can position to Europe).

Qatar Airways is no stranger to discounted business class fares. Just last week I wrote about how they had sub-$1,500 roundtrip business class fares between Bangkok and Los Angeles, which is obscenely cheap, especially given how far it is to route through Doha. It’s amazing how often they have business class fares that you’d assume are in economy based on the prices, as the above was hardly the first time we’ve seen such a low fare published by them.

Well, as anyone based in Europe probably knows, flying to Australia can be expensive. There’s no airline flying nonstop between Europe and Australia, so not only will the journey take a long time, but it’ll be costly, especially in a premium cabin.

At the moment Qatar Airways has the best business class fare I’ve ever seen between Europe and Australia.

You can fly from Zurich, Switzerland to Adelaide, Australia for ~$1,340 roundtrip in business class.


There are a few conditions to be aware of:

  • Outbound travel has to be completed between October 14 and December 10, 2016, and return travel must be completed by January 31, 2017
  • There’s a three day minimum stay
  • Tickets must be issued by October 16, 2016, though the fare could always be pulled earlier

The second best part of this fare (after the insanely low price) is that these flights are operated by Qatar’s 787s and A350s, which feature their reverse herringbone business class seats.


I’d say Qatar’s A350/787 business class product is the all around best business class product in the world, so to fly that roundtrip between Europe and Australia for ~$1,300 is unheard of.


This itinerary covers nearly 20,000 “butt in seat” miles roundtrip.


You can potentially earn a lot of miles for this trip. For example, if crediting to American AAdvantage you’d earn 150% elite qualifying miles, plus if you’re Executive Platinum you’d earn a 120% redeemable miles bonus. At 19,644 flown miles, that means you’d earn a total of 29,466 elite qualifying miles, plus 43,217 redeemable miles.

You could also earn a lot of miles through other oneworld partners, like British Airways.


Bottom line

While the fare is only valid for outbound travel over the next couple of months, this represents an incredible value if you’re able to take advantage of the fare. These flights are also all operated by planes with Qatar’s best business class product, which makes this even better than a lot of the other fares I’ve written about, which feature flights on Qatar’s outdated 777s.

It amazes me that Qatar Airways publishes (and even advertises) such low fares, so hopefully some of you can take advantage of this deal. Going back five years, I think most of us would have assumed a fare this low was a mistake fare. In the case of Qatar Airways, it’s just another day of them publishing fare sales…

Is anyone thinking of flying from Zurich to Adelaide on this fare?

(Tip of the hat to tymoon25 on FlyerTalk)


  1. Not quite as good as the OSL-SYD fare from last year. (at least not GBP adjusted 😉 )

    I’m flying that one next week: B787 followed by A380

    I would be very tempted by this but the restrictions on the outbound and completion date make this a no go for me. If you can make the dates work, this is definitely as good as it gets, short of Vikings and Rangoon

  2. Hey Ben,

    I actually need to get a one way from Europe to Australia right in the middle of the promotion dates and these fares are sooo good. Feeling very tempted right now!!!

    Have you ever bought a return ticket only to cancel the return flight? Would you expect to get any sort of refund on that ticket or is it a simple forfeit?

    Would love to try Qatar business!

  3. Qatar, in my opinion, has one of the best prices out there. In February and March this year, you could have flown Economy from Chicago ORD to Perth Australia for $700 USD. For 25 hours of travel one-way it’s a good bargain!

  4. @TokinaMaso: you are correct, it should be 100% plus 120% bonus for EXP. The RDMs should be 43,217. EQMs are ok.

  5. My family all lives in ADL so if the dates were for next year I would book this in a heartbeat. PS ADL is always the cheapest QR destination in Australia – they are REALLY struggling to fill this route. A daily A350 was a very ambitious idea.

  6. Best fare i have ever seen was my booking i did on october 1 for the period:

    2016-12-27 until 2017-01-08:



    3251 EURO = 3600 USD for 2 persons.

  7. Qatar had Helsinki-Sydney-Helsinki (also via Doha I think outbound and return) in business class for about 2000 EUR a while ago. Not as cheap, although the conditions were quite a bit more relaxed regarding the outbound and return dates.

    I was tempted, as I can’t imagine doing Helsinki-Sydney in economy and I’d assume it’s most of the time well over 1000€ anyway. Hopefully they run similar campaign next year as well…

  8. I can’t believe this… I paid roughly 2700€ per person (for three) from MUC-MEL via AUH, AND the MUC-AUH leg is in Y… gg

  9. Amazing!!!! I was planning a trip for my GF’s bday and was gonna pull the trigger on either the Venice-BKK or BKK-LAX deals that QR had all week but i decided to hold out another day and viola. Bought 2 tickets today to position me to ADL and then take a cheap flight to Fiji from there. Best part is this flight will get me to over 100k EQM on AA and onto Exec Plat for the first time all by doing leisure travel by taking advantage of deals like this I read on this blog, Flyertalk, Theflightdeal etc. Happy camper right now

  10. For my parents who aren’t ab Greeks they want to get to Geneva. Would get VA positioning flight From SYD – does anyone know if prices are the same to GVA?

  11. I tried the same dates and various other dates from the same airports and I’m getting prices of over $5,000 round trip. Am I doing something wrong, can anyone else see these prices at $1300?

  12. Hmm intersting, It can only be booked using e-dreams.. Qatar site it cost over $4000….. Anything through Qatar directly? Maybe this is an error and not an authentic fare?

  13. I searched on Google flights and found the good fares when I clicked on buy now it took me to the Qatar site where prices went from $1300- $5000

    I guess let me know if anyone is able to book these rates… I think maybe it was a mistake!

  14. Definately wasn’t a mistake, they listed it as a promo. Keep trying, it wasn’t easy to book for me but I played with the dates on the QR site and was able to get it

  15. Any reason why the prices are discounted for Zurich – Adelaide return but not for Adelaide – Zurich return? 🙁

  16. Ben – I flew ADL-DOH at the start of September and back again at the end of the month & the load factor was around 95% on both flights. I flew J and there were only 2 empty seats on the outbound & none on the inbound (out of 36 – not bad for little old Adelaide). Maybe I just happened to fly on busy days both times?

  17. Also, be nice if you could get the same deal on a return starting from Adelaide instead of Europe – I’d book something today.

  18. Think this is dead. Just checked every available date and nothing short of $5000 per person round trip.

  19. Sooo stoked to see this post earlier today! I needed to be in Zurich AND Adelaide before the end of the year, so this couldn’t have been more perfect. Thanks, Ben!

    For others struggling to book it, I likewise couldn’t pull it up on Qatar’s site quick enough for my liking despite having it on ITA Matrix. So I just used Book With Matrix to pull it up and purchase on Priceline. $1361

  20. Dear Ben, the advertsised price in your post does not seems available (any more). I searched for the same dates as you and fares are in the $4.442…..
    Could you please let me know how to proceed in order to find the same fare during the mentioned dates?!

  21. I researched this deeply, via multiple sources, couldn’t even get it to price on Matrix. If it was ever bookable, it’s certainly not now. Pity.

    Given that Matrix is not always reliable for pricing (especially given you can’t book via Matrix), it would be valuable to actually show it’s a bookable fare rather than just go off Matrix alone.

  22. The link from the promo page is now returning economy class for the quoted fare even though listed until business. Business promo is 4k CHF

  23. Crazy fare – I obviously couldn’t resist (especially because of the 787 & A350 combo). My first OW trip in a long time, and since it gets me 600 BA tier points I now feel obliged to hit 4 BA/IB segments to get me to Silver.

  24. Hi Lucky,

    Thanks for this post, Qatar Airways has really amazing deals! I used their Business class sale early this year for the flights from Frankfurt to Sydney. I wanted to ask you a question “out the topic” 🙂 Do you have any experience with Qatar Airways customer support? What do you think about flight time changes without any notification to the customer (no email, no phone call)? Learned about it by accident checking the prices for the same flights later on. Their customer support is not replying, so I wonder how to approach this situation… Thanks for your help!

  25. @ Juste,

    Yes I have also seen great deals on Emirates & Etihad as well going to SE Asia from several locations in Europe all under 2,000 round trip for business! I think unfortunately these new low, low business class fares kinda hurt the point collectors as the available award space is shrinking everywhere!!

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