HURRY: Insanely Cheap Qatar Airways Business Class Fares

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Per FlytheTail on FlyerTalk, at the moment Qatar Airways has some INSANELY low business class fares for travel originating in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to just about all over the place. You can search this space through Google Flights or ITA Matrix, and then book directly through Qatar Airways.

Just to give a few examples, you can fly to Sao Paulo for under $700 roundtrip:


Or to New York for ~$710 roundtrip:

Or to London for ~$780 roundtrip:

There are tons of other cities that are eligible as well. It doesn’t seem to work for Asia or Australia, though it works for many airports in North America, South America, Europe, and Africa.

These flights book into the “R” fare class, so you’d earn the following mileage through American AAdvantage:

  • 150% elite qualifying miles for segments in business class
  • 100% redeemable miles for segments in the “R” fare class
  • A 120% mileage bonus if you’re an Executive Platinum member
  • 20% elite qualifying dollars (elite qualifying dollars for this fare are calculated as 20% of the distance flown)

Don’t delay, this won’t last! And if it were me, I wouldn’t make any other non-refundable travel plans around this just yet.

  1. That is a terrific deal! Lucky I heard from Alex M. That Doh-Gru on QR requires a stopover to refuel since the ban. Is that still true?

  2. I’m sure they can afford to offer these fares with the billions in subsidies. Airlines that compete with them can’t match them without significant losses. Unfair competition.

  3. Awesome, just booked for March 11- 29 sgn to jfk for $671 Thanks Lucky, pumped for my first business class experience on Qatar.

  4. Jason is moron or more likely a paid shill for the US airlines who get their own hundreds of billions in subsidies, but still cannot offer decent service.

    It’s ok though … US airlines are making billions! All while taking in the massive government subsidies after they offloaded their pension programs onto taxpayers.

  5. @ Jamie — How weird! They also call the tickets “Golden Ticket” fares, so I almost feel like this is intentional? So weird!

  6. @ Jj — Hmmmm, I knew they were at first, but haven’t checked recently. Will look into it.

  7. is it possible to book and use only the first leg of trip to states and cancel return to sgn for money back?

  8. @ chris — Definitely not getting the money back for the return since they’d recalculate the fare. But you can just take the outbound and throw away the return.

  9. Well, when your parent government is accused of working with Iran to sponsor terror, you might have a problem.

  10. Was able to do 48hr hold for sgn-ord for same price jan 12th. can see if they cancel it, or make arrangements to get there.

  11. @ M Simons — Do what you’re comfortable with, but personally I wouldn’t count on a hold being honored, in the event that they do honor this fare. A lot of people got burned that way with American’s Beijing business class fare sale a couple of years back.

  12. @lucky – thanks, that’s what i thought but the website has some shady language. its still totally worth it and better than using miles to book. but i am still worried about the no show and additional 300+ on a canceled ticket. perhaps not worth it on the throw away to add that much additionally. seems like there is no way out.

    @lukas – you dont ask, you dont learn! HA! 🙂

  13. @Lucky – That’s ok if they don’t, have flown Qatar before of course, and SGN is NOT on my bucket list. If it was HKG, SIN, BKK, would be all over it.

  14. Wow, I just dont have the time to move and fly around like all of you. 🙁

    Boy fly from UsA to Ho chiMin to Sao Paolo to USA.

    Enjoy !

  15. We should be used to it by now, but it still never ceases to amaze me how ignorant trump deplorables are.

    I guess we have to accept that if they vote against their own self interests on health benefits and income tax, we can’t really expect them to understand how they’re being played when it comes to subsidies (probably still a new word to many who don’t know what it means).

    Just like many who think there’s only one amendment to the constitution and for some strange reason it’s not even called the 1st…


  16. @Lucky. I was checking Qatar’s website for US to BUD flights, but no options come up at all to fly to BUD even through they do service it from Doha. Do you know which European cities they fly to from the US? Thanks (I know it has nothing to do with this promo though)

  17. @ Daniel B. — They won’t let you search a route if they don’t publish a fare in the market. Due to the amount of backtracking involved, you can’t book QR tickets from the US to most places in Europe.

  18. @Daniel – Qatar does not fly to any European cities from the uS. the only way you could do it is to. buy a ticket to Doha then a separate ticket to Europe. They’re good, but not that good.

  19. It’s NOT dead.
    Plenty of cities and dates still work. Just booked to ORD and back, Oct 10 return Oct 22. Visiting my mother from Los Angeles going the LONG way around. 😉


  20. There’s still some availability on JFK route. Couldn’t find any LAX availability at all so I’ll pass.

  21. Can’t find a single route to US on Oct 1 from SGN. Would have been a great way to get home from a mileage run I have booked to asia on oct29. Assuming this is dead @lucky?

  22. @Tyler, not a dumb question, as transit accommodation and access to rest areas seems to very much be at the discretion of the employee you’re dealing with in Doha. Ben’s written a few posts on how inconsistent they are even in giving FIRST Class passengers access to nap rooms. Gotta love how they phrase their policy: “In some cases, Qatar Airways will arrange accommodation, entry visas, airport transfers and meals for passengers facing extended transit times in Doha.”
    One thing in their rules that is clear: if you deliberately choose a long transit in Doha when a connection under 9 hours was available, you’re not eligible. I actually picked the longest layover on my return leg because I wanted to fly the A-350, so I know I’m not getting a free airport hotel. But that’s fine because it’s a chance to see Doha with the free transit visa they offer (which you’d also be eligible for).

  23. Just realized that if you credit those flights to Iberia, (for example SGN-DOH-MIA) you get 2,200 iberia elite points, and you qualify for Iberia Oro (sapphire) with just 2,250 elite points. So its worth to notice than anyone that bought this fare to the US, just for crediting these flights to Iberia, plus another short flight, they will get 1 + year of one world sapphire status. (

  24. @ Travel With Leo — To clarify, you’re only charged the no show fee if you want to change the ticket. If you just throw away the return you don’t pay anything extra. Airlines can’t charge you extra after the fact, the fees are just for any changes you want to make to the ticket. As far as the crazy question goes, maybe you are, but there’s nothing wrong with that, as far as I’m concerned. We’re all crazy! 😉

  25. Seems to be dead. I got SGN-PAR in Sept for $641 about a half hour before the cheap fares vanished from Google Flights.

  26. Able to brink up $771 QAR fares via Google flights but clicking over to doesn’t allow the fare*s don’t load. DEAD.

  27. It appears dead. after you factor in the schlepping to Vietnam (the us ravaged them)–add another 800$ for airfare–the “deal” is ok given the extreme limitations of travel. Perhaps, good choice for those to ride in biz class and feel impt?

  28. Past experience : QR does not honor error fares and increasingly, there is no way to tell if the fare is an error or not. These fares sounds like a really good deal, but things that are too good a deal, airlines now tell you that it is “obviously” an error, which we are not sure. Good luck and hope its honored.

  29. Golden ticket were offered in January for $0 base fare so its not a mistake. All 24/48 holds were cancelled though.

  30. This is my second time in this year, to get golden ticket from Qatar Airways, and yes they honoured this ticket like the usual ticket.

  31. @CGKFLYER, I presume from your handle you’re also an Indo-based traveler? On what route did you get the previous golden ticket? Selamat jalan!

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