Hurry: Cheap Icelandair Business Class Tickets

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At the moment Icelandair has some spectacular business class fares from the US and Canada to Iceland, starting at just $740 roundtrip.

Now before you get too excited, Icelandair’s business class isn’t amazing, as it’s more like domestic first class than international business class. However, the price is most definitely right here, and it’s also a great way to earn miles. reports the following fares roundtrip from the US and Canada to Iceland:

  • Boston for $740
  • Chicago for $740
  • Montreal for $740
  • Washington for $790
  • Vancouver for $820
  • Denver for $740
  • Orlando for $860
  • Seattle for $860
  • Tampa for $860

These fares are valid for travel between July 1, 2019, and March 28, 2020, so you have a huge window during which you can travel. Your best bet for searching these fares is to use Google Flights, then book on Priceline or Expedia.

Those are some spectacular fares. If you’re crediting these flights to Alaska Mileage Plan you’d earn 125% redeemable miles, not including any elite bonuses. Then you can earn a further 50-125% bonus on base miles depending on your status.

For example, a roundtrip ticket from Seattle covers a distance of over 7,200 flown miles, so an MVP Gold 75K member would be earning 17,500 Alaska miles.

These fares definitely won’t last, so if you’re interested I’d recommend booking ASAP.

I’m planning a trip to Iceland this fall, and I booked when I saw ~$1,200 roundtrip fares from Tampa to Keflavik on Icelandair, but obviously this is even better, and I wish I had waited to book.

Bottom line

These are the cheapest Icelandair business class tickets I ever recall seeing, so if interested I’d recommend booking ASAP. This is even valid for travel in the peak summer season. The value of the Alaska miles you earn with this fare can almost cover the cost of the ticket.

If you book you should even be able to cancel within 24 hours, so I’d recommend locking in something now, and then you can always change your mind later. But these fares won’t last.

Anyone plan to take advantage of these great Icelandair business class fares?

  1. Where do you see that these fares would earn 250%? According to the AS website, A fares earn 100% base miles and 25% class of service bonus. The fare would need to be C, D, or J to earn the additional 125% bonus…

  2. Booked SFO-KEF for September $891 RT. Icelandair uses a 767 on this route. Didn’t see any of the lower fares in July or August.

  3. Can you still do the free stopover on this?

    For ORD it is cheaper if you start in Iceland. Just a thought if you wanted to bookend two trips or something

  4. Summer is prime time for Iceland trip. Just don’t know how bad the hotels would be… I guess I will bring my sleeping bag if I’m too broken for the hotels…

  5. Looks like some of the BOS-KEF flights are being operated by a 767 with lie flats! I think they are leasing from euroAtlantic, so a 1-2-1 config. Beats a 2-1-2 recliner!

  6. @GG I see the 767 on BOS-KEF, but how do you know if it’s the leased euroAtlantic vs. IcelandAir’s 767?

  7. @Kurt If you look on Google Flights, you can see a lie flat icon and a recliner icon. Looks like mostly the later flight (a little after 11pm) has the lie flat service. Hope this helps!

  8. Awesome. In Iceland weekend of 7th July…just snagged KEF-PHL for $450 in business class. Seems a lot cheaper than usual.

  9. @Lucky,

    What are the odds that Icelandair actually honors these fares?

    I just booked BOS -> KEF life flat in July for my father and me. We were already taking this trip, but we were, and at the moment, still are, booked CLE -> BOS -> KEF on a refundable flight.

    Until I’m positive that FI is going to ticket and honor these fares, I don’t want to cancel my existing, concrete, refundable booking.


  10. Keep in mind Iceland is very expensive. The hotels , food , and alcohol prices are outrageous.

  11. I’m from San Francisco. Iceland’s prices are either comparable to or even cheaper than SF for dining and hotels. Even drinks. Where it felt pricey was for things like books, clothing, and souvenirs as examples.

    The business class fares that Icelandair refers to as Saga class are very low compared to the typical fares they charge. We found the flights themselves to be excellent. The inflight service and crew members especially however, are extremely poor. My son and I flew with them this past March in economy. Only thing better than the flights themselves were our fares that was $1,100 RT for the two of us. But perhaps the Saga class passengers are always treated lots better with food that’s edible and hopefully included in the fare.

  12. @Dan

    If you’re referring to something that ACTUALLY went wrong with the service, then disregard my comments to follow, but Icelanders, and other Nordic people for that matter, aren’t going to fall at your feet and kiss your rear end the way that most Americans expect. This should really not be regarded as “very poor service.” They are just an efficient, no-nonsense people, and for some absurd reason, this seems rude to many Americans–many outside of you, even.

    Personally, I find this far preferable to the over-the-top, phony friendliness that many, including Ben/Lucky himself, really seem to love.

  13. Those EuroAtlantic flights; The system is supposedly stocked with “4 films, 3 soap operas and 12 music channels”

    Enjoy those flat seats! No thanks

  14. After Wow Air ‘s bankrupcy Iceland Tourism is at risk in Iceland.Wow air dirt cheap tickets immensely boosted tourism over there and allowed tourists to “amortize” the cost of living in Iceland where most food & booze are imported so extremely expensive.

  15. @Lucky Low fares are back for DEN – KEF at least, Sept/Oct for as low as $839 RT in Saga. Just booked 2 days after the equinox for a great chance at seeing Northern Lights for $847 RT in Biz. Price is right when economy is $545.

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