AMAZING DEAL: Sub-$600 Roundtrip Business Class Tickets To Asia

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Update: The fare seems to be dead. Congrats to everyone who got in on the deal!

This is an amazing deal that won’t last. Hong Kong Airlines has sub-$600 roundtrip business class tickets from Los Angeles to both Shanghai and Bangkok. You can pull up these fares on Google Flights, and then book either via Expedia or via Hong Kong Airlines’ website (online travel agencies seem to have slightly lower fares, so I’d recommend booking through one of them).

Availability for this fare is wide open for travel between September and March, so there’s lots of flexibility with this fare.

It remains to be seen whether it will be honored, so I wouldn’t make any non-refundable travel plans around this fare yet. The good news is that you can always book now, and then you have 24 hours to cancel, should you change your mind.

I had the chance to fly Hong Kong Airlines recently on their A350 between Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and the experience was excellent, so I’d highly recommend them.

Unfortunately there isn’t anywhere practical to credit the miles from this fare, but if you’re looking to travel to Southeast Asia, these are fantastic prices.

(Tip of the hat to hsumh316 on FlyerTalk)

  1. I get the prices but it doesn’t show me the booking class. Another instance of underhanded corporate practice.

    Eff republicans.

  2. @cahbf Google Flights will show you the prices only when you click on specific dates and not on calendar view.

    Booking class is J.

  3. Booking class doesn’t show on Expedia. Shows on hongkong airlines website. Good deal for velocity members. 130% mileage (26k miles)

  4. @ Debit — The fare class is J, but you can’t earn Velocity points on Hong Kong Airlines flights to or from North America, so you would only earn miles on the intra-Asia segments, if at all.

  5. Great deal! Just booked via Expedia and it has already ticketed. Now the waiting game…. Thanks Lucky

  6. @ kenny — Yep, you can, but they aren’t an easy program to work with, and the miles won’t be terribly useful for most. Realistically the only option for the transpac segments though.

  7. In for 3 in March for spring break! I’ve never gotten a deal like this. How long will we be waiting to see if it’s honored? Thank you!

  8. @ Mommytok — Personally, I wouldn’t make any non-refundable arrangements for at least a week. But there are generally indicators sooner rather than later if this will be honored or not.

  9. Just booked LAX-BKK in business class for $670 for a week in November. Seems to good to be true. We shall see!

  10. Thanks for sharing Ben! I know there isn’t a great place to credit them, but which is the best out of not great options? Also, are you willing to make a guess if this will be honored, as of this point at least? It’s been around for many hours now.

  11. Just booked LAX-MNL round-trip in less than a week and it worked on Expedia. Really hope this one is honored. HX is a sweet cute airline but a bit ratchet in operations. Not sure how this will pan out.

  12. i booked one through the link on this page but realized it was lax not sfo.. my other two itin from SFO allow me to cancel online immediately. but the lax itin doesn’t allow me to cancel? is there a reason for that? i will call in later to cancel i guess but odd that the booking from lax to pvg from this page wont allow me to cancel.

  13. @ Jamie D — The intra-Asia flights can potentially be credited to Virgin Australia Velocity, but otherwise I think Hainan is the only option.

    This isn’t a fare you book for the mileage accrual, essentially

  14. @LarryInNYC — Yes, I think inventory is getting booked up, so you may want to grab what you can if the fare interests you. Check other airports as well — SGN had decent space as of a few minutes ago.

  15. Just booked LAX-HKG (stopover for 5 days), then HKG-SGN, SGN-LAX for $717.17/person x 2 adults.
    I booked it on Orbitz, apparently stopovers are valid for this fare.

  16. @Tiffany: This fare (+$100) is also good from SFO, and I just snagged tickets on 2/17 (my target date was 2/16). $728 r/t SFO -> BKK -> SFO. Appears to have ticketed.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  17. Funny thing is their website homepage advertises LAX/SFO-BKK for ~$5K. Def mistake. We’ll see though. I’m booked just LAX-HKG for $775. Ticketed

  18. When VFTW, OMAAT and TPG sites posted this deal, expect it to die within 5 mins.. lol… I booked one trip to SGN in Nov… let the waiting game begin 🙂

  19. Looks like the LAX – BKK deal is no longer available. I am trying every possible date in January but nothing comes up, only regular fares.

  20. I’m not seeing this on Expedia, Google, or Momondo for a variety of dates between Sep and March. I’m sure this is deal is dead. Us west coasters always get the short end of the stick when it comes to these notifications!

  21. I think they loaded economy fares by mistake as business. They are advertising economy fares in that range on their website.

  22. I could still see some low fare biz class by using this:

    TripPlus is a start-up company working on loyalty programs. It looks like they have recently collaborated with British Airways and Avianca. Should be a legit choice.

  23. I was able to book two tickets, but I made a spelling error on the my wife’s last name 🙁
    (I am never going to hear the end of it lol) which is the same last name as me. There’s an extra “u” . I called Expedia to correct and they said we can either cancel and rebook (not an option as prices have jumped to 6K per person) or they can call the airline and see if it can be corrected.

    What do you think? I am concerned that if I call the airline or expedia calls the airline then the airline will notice it/figure it out and cancel the tickets/. On the flipside, it could be a risk being turned away at the airport. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

  24. I feel stupid as I can’t find a place on Hong Kong Airlines website to pull up my reservation to assign seats, look at fare class, etc. The only thing I can find is manage booking which just tells me that my ticket is confirmed along with the individual segments I have booked but it doesn’t list the price paid, fare class, or any other information.

    If anyone has flown Hong Kong Airlines and can direct me to the correct location that would be appreciated.

  25. Now I know why @Lucky needs more blogger. To keep the site busy while @Lucky and @Tiffany hunt for cheap deals on times like this.

  26. @JD: on the site there is an option for Booking Information which asks for your eticket. You’ll want the eticket number from the Expedia booking (or wherever you booked), without the leading “851”, which is pre-filled.

    Mine are showing confirmed at the airline. It took me five tries to get the right part of the ticket number combined with the correct format of my name.

  27. How do you select a seat on HKA website? I can’t find anywhere to type in the PNR. Menu heading are poorly translated too.

  28. I booked LAX to PVG over Thanksgiving break this morning. $641 a person. Question: If the deal will not be cancelled where would I get the visa? Apply ahead of time for it? Thanks

  29. @Yow: Apparently if you didn’t select seats during booking (I don’t think Expedia offered me the option) then I don’t think you can select them until check-in.

  30. Mine shows confirmed on HX website but that’s all I can see. Not the cabin, the seat etc. worst website ever. I’m wondering what happens if they get honored, but in economy? Can I get a refund in that case? I booked solely to fly in J so not interested otherwise.

    I’m nervous about getting $ back if/when they put kabosh on this thing.

  31. Yeah! It’s at least showing “confirmed” on HKA website. Dec 5 thru March 1, LAX to BKK. 2 Adults. $650 each. I’ve got to clean up wife’s middle name in a few weeks, but otherwise as close as we can get. How long do I wait before booking hotel rooms?

  32. booked through orbitz, already got the seat # 15E..:D
    Anyone know if tickets purchase through OTA with citi prestige card has the trip delay protection?

  33. @LarryInNYC—What’s the correct format for entering your name on their website? I can’t seem to login & see my reservation.

  34. @LarryInNYC—Never mind, figure it out….but does anyone know how to make seat reservations on Hong Kong Airline’s website? I booked on Expedia.

  35. I was about to book for my wife and my 6 month old son but then saw this in the HK website
    “^Infant is currently not accepted to travel in business class cabin of aircraft type A350.”
    why?! womp womp

  36. Lol if you guys want to book these fares you need to go to flyer talk. By the time it’s posted here, it’s already dead.

  37. @ Jed — Personally I don’t think the odds are great, but you really never do know. Sometimes I’m surprised when airlines do honor (like when Qatar honored their fares out of Vietnam).

  38. How do you find out if they will honor it? I was ticketed and have seat assignments? Booked through Expedia. Lax-Bkk.

  39. I’m also booked LAX-BKK in January $650 airfare RT with seat assignments and all confirmed with Expedia. I got the insurance; seemed reasonable, and another protection when everything feels sketchy at this point. Plus the insurance is specific to this flight, this airline.
    Anyone know what the baggage restrictions and fees are? The site says “no info” about checked bags, and those fees can be hefty. I also inquired with Expedia about having a longer layover in Hong Kong so that could be an overnight, and also about changing the dates of the flight to February. Any changes would involve taking the current fare for the new itinerary. Whomp whomp lol

  40. Just finished my RT on HX. Got the new A350 with reverse herringbone on outbound. Old style staggered on the return. (Position of fixed TV means no knee room when reclined). Tried 2 configurations of regional on connecting flights. So 4 versions of HX J class in total for $577. It was a decent airline oversll

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