Amazing Business Class Fares From Pakistan To The US

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While it’s normal to see cheap business class fares out of Pakistan, at the moment we’re seeing some exceptionally good fares, even better than usual. Obviously these could be useful if you’re based in Pakistan, but even otherwise these could potentially be interesting.

It’s my understanding that Pakistan allows you to transit without requiring a visa (assuming you stay airside), so it should be easy enough to position in order to take advantage of one of these fares. Furthermore, on the return portion of the ticket it’s easy enough to throwaway the last segment, and just get off at the gateway (Abu Dhabi or Doha, in this case). Keep in mind that this only works if you’re not checking bags, and only works on the last segment, because subsequent travel will be canceled if you no show.

For example, Etihad has roundtrip business class fares from Lahore to New York for ~$1,220:

Meanwhile if you want to earn elite qualifying miles with oneworld, Qatar Airways has fares of ~$1,400 roundtrip, and that even allows you to fly their new Qsuites business class:

Availability is wide open using these fares, and you can search on either Google Flights or ITA Matrix.

Similar fares are available to other gateways, and you can even get a slightly cheaper fare by booking through

If you do book one of these tickets, make sure you maximize the points you earnThe Platinum Card® from American Express offers 5x points on airfare purchased directly with airlines, which is a great option if you’re booking directly with the airline. Meanwhile the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card offers triple points on airfare purchases, and also offers fantastic travel coverage in the event of irregular operations.

I know this obviously isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a good premium cabin fare, these fares could be worth positioning for.

(Tip of the hat to SecretFlying)

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  1. Sounds great, except for having to “position” to Pakistan.

    I don’t think people with full time jobs or children can quite do that 😉

    Love it.

    Keep the articles coming, I enjoy the blog, Lucky.

  2. Interesting nonetheless for those who can make use of it.
    I’ve always wondered, for instance one needs to position to Pakistan for the deal. How would one get on the positioning flight and convince agents to not deny you boarding if you don’t have a visa? Intention is to stay airside, but if you have 2 different tickets (maybe 2 different airlines), ho would the positioning airline know or care. does that work?

  3. interesting thing is Pakistan Govt charges approx. 300$ in airport taxes for Business/First class flights so getting this rate after taking these taxes into consideration in a steal

  4. BOOK IT Etihad is a steal for all the people confused about positioning in Pakistan you can easily take PIA from Toronto or London,Manchester,oslo,paris

  5. I flew into and out of Karachi airport (KHI) just over a week ago and they require all passengers to go through passport control regardless of onward connections, so unlikely that you will be able to transit without a visa (which I can attest is a pain to obtain).

  6. wouldn’t recommend Etihad, their business class product is very bad, even worse than emirates 777 I would say. had a very bad experience with them on their A380 to New York, surprised the this is what they call their flagship plane. If one wants to take advantage of these fares, Qatar airways is MILES ahead of Etihad and for around 200 USD difference then it is certainly worth it.

  7. The problem isnt getting on the flight from LHE as you will have confirmed positioning tickets and can hopefully stay behind customs without a visa.

    The problem is getting on the plane for the return if you plan on hopping off in AUH or DOH. I dont see any agent agreeing to the fact that you have a ticket to LHE with no visa and plan on jumping off and skipping a leg. Even if you show them a return from AUH or DOH, I see you getting turned away from boarding.

    It seems too risky for approx 14859 RDM, 22,288 EQM, and 2971 EQD

  8. Lucky, you should definitely do this!!!

    Lahore is a beautiful city, and would be rather easy with a German passport.

    I would be very interested in this trip report

  9. The democrats gave Pakistan 1 billion dollars in foreign aid a year and we received nothing in return. They harbor and recruit terrorists and refuse to cooperate with the US. Well no more thank you President Trump for making America great Again. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  10. Don’t do it! I did it before and entering US will be a living nightmare. I got the dreaded SSSS for months, entering and leaving the US. It is a hassle, especially getting interrogated for 40 mins entering the US.

  11. Please, let’s knock off this comical hysteria. I’ve traveled to Pakistan (for work) twice and have never encountered any problems with reentering the US.

  12. @Justin. H
    Yes it’s the same Pakistan who recruited and harbored the terrorists known as Mujahideen’s who fought the US war in Afghanistan against the Soviets and defeated them.

    Yes, its the same Pakistan who allowed the US to use it’s territory and infrastructure for all it’s supplies for the US troops in Afghanistan. Oh and by the way the damage to the Pakistani infrastructure is in the billions.

    Yes, it’s the same Pakistan who has suffered so much financially and in human terms by the terrorists who are recruited and trained in Afghanistan and cross into Pakistan. And guess who is sitting in Afghanistan since 2001? So stop blaming others for your failures. 10 billion dollars over 10 years is nothing compared to what Pakistan has done to support your mission. You have spent trillions in Iraq and Afghanistan and achieved what? Oh yes. Killed Saddam and OBL. But you also destroyed 2 countries. Killed over one hundered thousand innocent people in Iraq. And God knows how many in Afghanistan. Plus Pakistan lost over 70000 innocent civilians and over 4000 service members fighting your war.

  13. Been traveling to pak (KHI) twice a yr, family lives there still. Never get SSSS on boarding pass. However if I am traveling on one way ticket, once I was stopped at immigration after reentry, took 5 minutes to explain what I was doing and all is good. And yes you can’t jump off at auh or doh on your return, airlines will deny boarding due to lack of visa. Nonetheless excellent fares.

  14. I was able to take advantage of this and booked an even better fare a couple days ago. Booked EY business class from Karachi to Washington DC for $950 round trip. Not bad for almost 16,000 miles.

  15. @ Justin H — Michelle Obama is my first choice, but Oprah will do. If any black woman beat Trump, that would hopefully give the racists oaf a heart attack and put us all out of our misery. Of course, the idiot would leave behind another economic disaster that would undoubtedly be Obama’s fault.

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  20. Wow. The level of vitriol here is astounding. I thought most frequent travellers visiting this site were adults.

    I stand corrected.

    By the by, you might not want to throw stones regarding the Democrats’ support for Pakistan when the current administration is giving Saudi Arabia, an even bigger supporter of terror and an even worse human rights violator, money hand over fist (in spite of his campaign’s pledges and criticisms.)

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