What Benefits Do Chase Sapphire Reserve Authorized Users Receive?

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There are a lot of great benefits to the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card — I reviewed the card a few days ago. The card has a $550 annual fee but offers perks like a $300 annual travel credit, triple points on dining and travel, the ability to redeem points for 1.5 cents each towards the cost of a travel purchase, a Priority Pass membership with guesting privileges, a Global Entry fee credit, and much more.

While the benefits for the primary cardmember of the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card are straightforward enough, I often get questions about what the situation is for authorized users on the card.

What much does it cost to add a Chase Sapphire Reserve authorized user?

The cost to add an authorized user on the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card is $75 per person per year. So you could pay $75 to add one authorized user, $300 to add four authorized users, etc.

What benefits do Chase Sapphire Reserve authorized users get?

Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card authorized users earn triple points on dining and travel, much like the primary cardmember (the primary cardmember gets all the points in their account). This is significant since that’s a very generous return on spend, so if you want to maximize the points you earn for your spouse, family, etc., adding authorized users is a great way to do so.

Another significant benefit of being an authorized user on the Chase Sapphire Reserve is that you get a Priority Pass membership with unlimited visits and unlimited guesting privileges. For many, getting a Priority Pass membership (which gets you access to 1,000+ lounges around the world) for just $75 per year is an exceptional value.

A Priority Pass membership can be extremely valuable, even for the occasional traveler

Beyond that, authorized users receive the same car rental coverage and travel protection (delay protection, baggage protection, etc.) that the primary cardmember does when using their card for the purchase. That’s potentially really valuable.

Sapphire Reserve Visa Infinite BenefitsDetails
Baggage Delay Benefit• You can be reimbursed up to $500 when some or all of the cost of a common carrier ticket is charged to your card (therefore award tickets should be eligible if the taxes are charged to the card)

• You can be reimbursed a maximum of $100 per day for emergency purchases of essential items at a destination other than your current residence
Lost Luggage Reimbursement• Receive reimbursement for lost or damaged checked or carry-on bags and personal property

• Maximum reimbursement is $3,000

• You must report the loss or damage to the Common Carrier immediately as soon as you exit the Carrier. You will need to provide proof that you submitted a report to the Common Carrier, so be sure to keep a copy of the report for your records.
Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance• Receive the non-refundable amount of the passenger fare or $10,000 (whichever is less) in the event of a trip cancellation or interruption

• The cancellation or interruption must be caused by death, accidental injury, disease, or physical illness of the passenger or immediate family member

• This also covers you if your airline goes out of business or tickets are otherwise cancelled by the carrier
Trip Delay Reimbursement• Receive up to $500 if your trip is delayed for more than 6 hours or requires an overnight stay

• The trip has to be delayed by an equipment failure, inclement weather, labor strikes, or hijacking
Purchase Protection• Receive up to $10,000 for personal property that has been stolen, damaged, or lost within 120 days
Return Protection• Receive up to $500 per item ($1,000 per year) if you are dissatisfied with a purchase and the retailer won’t return the item within 90 days

• There are lots of exclusions, including items purchased overseas, and all items have to be returned to Chase as part of the process
Warranty Manager Service• Extends the free repair period under the original manufacturers repair warranty up to one additional year on eligible warranties of three (3) years or less, up to a maximum of ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars per claim, and a fifty thousand ($50,000.00) dollars maximum per Account.

• Motorized vehicles (boats, cars, aircraft, etc.) aren’t included

Lastly, most perks that you get through Visa Infinite are also extended to authorized users. For example, authorized users can receive 30% off Silvercar rentals of two days or more using promotion code VINFINITE, and also get access to The Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection.

What benefits don’t Chase Sapphire Reserve authorized users get?

Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card authorized users don’t receive a $300 annual travel credit or an additional Global Entry fee credit (the primary cardmember gets a Global Entry fee credit once every four years). Those are probably the two most significant benefits that they don’t receive, though both of those seem fair enough to me, given the modest cost to add authorized users.

How does this compare to the Chase Sapphire Preferred authorized user benefits?

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card has an annual fee of just $95 for the primary cardmember, and on that card you can add authorized users at no additional cost. This is potentially a benefit to having the Preferred over the Reserve:

  • If the people you’re adding as authorized users greatly value a Priority Pass membership, then having a Sapphire Reserve and adding them as authorized users is your best bet
  • If the people you’re adding as authorized users are using the card primarily for modest spend, then it may make more sense to have the Preferred and then add them as authorized users on that, since there’s no additional annual fee; based on my valuation of 1.7 cents per Ultimate Rewards point, you’d need each authorizer user to earn an incremental ~4,500 points per year to justify the added fee of the Reserve over the Preferred

Bottom line

The ability to get Priority Pass memberships and triple points on spend for Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card authorized users for just $75 per year is an excellent value. However, if you’re still deciding between the Preferred and Reserve, there may be some advantage to having the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card if your plan is to add many family members who don’t spend all that much, assuming they don’t value a Priority Pass membership.

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  1. Is there a document you can point to to show that AUs get travel insurance benefits? Currently having some difficulty getting them to honor since the statement only shows primary cardholders name.

  2. What about the evacuation insurance as well as the medical and dental insurance? Those are, for me, two of the most important benefits of the card. Even without other benefits those insurance policies make the card worth more than the $75 fee. The other benefits probably wouldn’t matter as much

  3. Would the primary and AU get 10,000 each in coverage if their travel plans are booked separately but they are traveling together

  4. AmEx has a much MUCH better additional cardmember program. Additional members get their own card number, portal login, and all benefits afforded to the primary including their own Hilton Gold status, SPG Gold status, Global Entry fee, Priority Pass, car rental memberships, etc.

    What I really like about AmEx is that it’s very easy to see charges by additional members. With Chase and Citi, this is not the case as it’s the same exact card number and all charges appear in-line with absolutely no distinction whatsoever.

    For the record I do have an AmEx Platinum with additional cardmember as well as both Citi and Chase Sapphire Reserve with added users. If looking to give someone a truly great experience I’d stick with AmEx Platinum. The only main real benefit I see to Chase is that if using the card they will trigger the car rental insurance. Just beware that charges by additional users are not designated on the statement so you’ll be going line by line to identify them, and there is no tagging feature to designate them.

  5. I currently have a Freedom and a Sapphire Preferred which lets me transfer points earned on the Freedom to the CSP and then to airline/hotel partners or transfer them to my husband’s account.
    He has the Sapphire Reserve, Freedom and Freedom Unlimited.

    My CSP is coming up for renewal in 2 months. I’ve had it since 2012. If my husband added me as an AU on his CSR, and I then downgrade my CSP to a Freedom Unlimited, could I still transfer points earned on the Freedom cards or would I be stuck with non-transferrable points? If transfers are allowed – which would be allowed – only into his CSR account? what about airline/hotel partners?

  6. AMEX Platinum or any other AMEX CC does not offer trip insurance which is a big deal if you travel a lot. For myself and my wife it is the reason we forgo using the AMEX Platinum for airfare and instead use the CSR.

  7. I know Chase doesn’t provide separate card numbers for AUs, but is it possible to link my friend’s bank account to pay Chase directly? (rather than transferring money from her checking into my checking and then paying) She is an authorized user on my Chase Preferred card. Or would it be better to just have her mail a check to Chase to pay her portion of spending?

  8. If I sign up for CSR and add my wife as AU, presumably the card will show up in my chase.com profile – can I get it to show up in hers as well? Or will she have to log into my account or somewhere separate to see CSR transactions?

  9. Another significant advantage to having a spouse as an authorized user, can be portabilty of points. For example, with my spouse being an authorized user, I can also transfer my Chase Ultimate Reward points to their rapid reward points account with Southwest Airlines. This really comes in handy for us, especially since I already am flying free on my spouse’s Southwest companion pass, so while my spouse burns more points, I continue to earn more points which he can also use!

  10. so do we know if these are covered for an authorized user traveling without the main card holder?

    What about the evacuation insurance as well as the medical and dental insurance? Those are, for me, two of the most important benefits of the card. Even without other benefits those insurance policies make the card worth more than the $75 fee. The other benefits probably wouldn’t matter as much

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