How To Use Chase Offers Program To Save Money

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Many people are probably familiar with the Amex Offers program, which gives American Express cardmembers the opportunity to earn cash back and bonus points for purchases with select retailers.

Well, many probably aren’t aware of a similar program offered by Chase, which I wanted to cover in more detail in this post. This can offer savings with popular Chase cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card (review) and Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card (review), among others.

What is the Chase Offers programs?

With the Chase Offers program, Chase credit card members can earn cash back when making purchases with a constantly changing list of retailers. Here are a few general guidelines to be aware of:

  • Chase Offers is available both on cards earning Ultimate Rewards points, as well as on co-branded credit cards, including those issued for Hyatt, IHG, Marriott, and United
  • Chase Offers promotions are targeted, and each card will be eligible for different deals
  • You need to register for any Chase Offers deal that you want to take advantage of before making an eligible purchase, and you need to use that same card to make the purchase
  • It can take 7-14 days for statement credits to appear on your account after making a purchase, though in practice statement credits often post faster than that

How to access Chase Offers on your credit cards

If you have a Chase credit card then you’re eligible for the Chase Offers program, but you may not even realize it.

You can access your targeted Chase Offers either through the Chase website or the Chase mobile app. If you’re on the Chase website, simply log-in and go to a specific card account.

At the bottom left of your account you should see a small box that shows the Chase Offers deals, and you can expand that by clicking “See all offers.”

At that point you’ll be able to see your Chase Offers across all cards:

  • There’s a dropdown that says “Choose account,” allowing you to see which offer is available on each card
  • You can further sort by category in the “Choose an offer category,” with the choices of dining, entertainment, services, shopping, and travel
  • At the very left you’ll see the amount of money you’ve saved with the Chase Offers program for a particular card

To add a Chase Offers deal to one of your cards, simply click the “+” sign at the top right of a box (the “+” symbol will turn into a green checkmark once you’ve registered). That will bring you to a page confirming you’ve registered. This also displays the terms of the deal, so make sure you read the terms carefully.

For example, in the case of a 10% statement credit on Hilton purchases, you’ll notice that:

  • You receive 10% back when you spend $200 or more, but there’s a maximum statement credit of $40 (which you’d get with $400 of spending)
  • This lists the expiration date, which is when the purchase needs to be made by
  • It clarifies that only certain Hilton brands are eligible for the offer

The process of adding Chase Offers through the Chase mobile app is similar. Just log into the app, and then scroll to the very bottom of your account where you’ll see Chase Offers.

You can click the “See all offers” section, and then you can see all the deals, sort by card, etc.

Tips for maximizing Chase Offers program

With the logistics of the program out of the way, here are a few tips for maximizing value with the Chase Offers program:

  • If targeted, you can add the same Chase Offers deal to multiple credit cards, so that you can take advantage of it multiple times (this is in contrast to Amex Offers, which only lets you add an offer to one card)
  • For online purchases you can stack Chase Offers with online shopping portals to really maximize value, since all that typically matters is that your purchase is made directly with a retailer
  • New Chase Offers deals are constantly being added, so I’d recommend checking at least once every week or so to see if any new valuable offers have been added to your account
  • Ideally use a card that also maximizes points on your purchase:
    • If there’s a Chase Offers deal for a statement credit on a Hyatt stay, ideally use The World of Hyatt Credit Card (review), which offers 4x points for Hyatt spending
    • If there’s a Chase Offers deal for a statement credit on Starbucks spending, ideally use the Chase Sapphire Reserve® (review), which offers 3x points for dining spending (and that includes Starbucks)

Bottom line

The Chase Offers program can save you money on purchases you’d make with select retailers anyway. Admittedly the program isn’t quite as robust as Amex Offers in terms of the number of deals available, though the program is also newer — hopefully it continues to expand for the better over time.

I’ve used the Chase Offers program to save money on a Hyatt stay that I would have paid for with a Chase card anyway, so it was basically like free money. This is yet another perk that can add value for Chase cardmembers.

If you have a Chase credit card, what has your experience been with Chase Offers?

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  1. For some, there are no offers. On my CSP there is a “check back” message. I don’t use the card much so I’m not surprised. On Amex I see more offers on my busier cards than on my less-used cards. And then after I followed Ben’s advice on adding offers to keep the “available” list below 100, I started seeing more relevant ones.

  2. I can confirm that you do not always have to add the offer to be reimbursed. When these were launched, we made a purchase at a retailer for which there happened to be an offer available and we were reimbursed. But I still add them anyway for avoidance of doubt.

  3. The offers you get are based on your spending. I have no offers on my Sapphire and IHG cards. Both say “Use your card and check back here for offers from various merchants.” I have no incentive to use these cards when AMEX has given me numerous useable offers. On the other hand, my MilePlus card has 17 meh offers like 15% off Piercing Pagoda. AMEX is doing a great at getting the majority of my spend.

  4. I’m assuming that gift card purchases at a drug store, let’s say, would qualify for the rebate, or is that an issue for Chase?

  5. Totally agreed with Greta. I see all of these “Save 10% offers which get me excited until I see “$1.50 max” limits.

    Why bother?

  6. Agreed, there’s no comparing Chase offers against AMEX ones. Chase offers are generally peanuts.

    That said, they both need to do a better job making offers searchable. Also, why in the hell do I have to click through multiple card accounts (multiple times to choose the right card sometimes)? It’s 2020 guys.

  7. “isn’t quite as robust” is a massive, massive understatement. Chase Offers are usually 10%. Amex offers are usually 20%. Amex 90% of the time sends you an email letting you know you got the offer and a statement credit comes within days. The timeframe for notification and reward with Chase is glacial. You clearly aren’t as familiar with this program as you pretend to be.

    Sometimes Chase will have super nonsense offers like 10% off, max $2. Why even waste our time???

  8. Chase Offers are a joke!

    I have 7 Chase cards with total 12 offers but only 7 different ones and the only usable is Lowe’s 10% up to $13….really? I will buy some B&N or Amazon gift cards but have it on 2 different cards so make 1 trip and get both

    I have 6 Amex cards and probably 500 offers..many duplicates of course.

    Last Lowe’s was 10% back up to $100 refund – so again bought GCs

    Obviously Chase is HUGE supporter here – pay for posts

  9. I’ve had some decent offers for Alaska and United as well as some crap offers for random fast food… my biggest gripe is that Chase offers usually have a period of less than a month while Amex gives you 2-4 months

  10. Chase offers are goddamned terrible compared to AMEX Offers, but at least Chase offers seem to be slightly tailored to what you use the card for. I really wish AMEX Offers gave you the ability to say “I don’t want this offer” to clear the space for another offer you might actually *want*, rather than forcing you to take the offers that expire the soonest to open up slots for new offers.

  11. @david

    Unfortunately it’s not that simple – despite what AMEX says, you can only “claim” 100 offers at a time. Once you claim more than 100, there’s no guarantee they’re still loaded on your card, because you’re only going to *see* 100 of them. It’d be way easier if they just allowed you to select “I don’t want this offer” to nix it from the list entirely. Better yet, give users the ability to designate a specific subset of offers they’d *prefer* to receive over others.

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