Chase Freedom Will Offer 5x Points At Wholesale Clubs, Department Stores, And With Chase Pay

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The Chase Freedom® Card is one of my favorite no annual fee credit cards, as it offers 5x points in rotating quarterly categories, for up to $1,500 of spend per quarter. Most people use this as a cashback card, meaning the 5x points really translates into 5% cashback in these categories.

The best part is that in conjunction with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® CardChase Sapphire Reserve® Card, or Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card, points earned on this card can be converted into Ultimate Rewards points, and be transferred to the Ultimate Rewards airline and hotel partners. Since I value one Ultimate Rewards point at significantly more than one cent, that’s my preferred use of those points.

For this quarter (July 1 through September 30), Chase is offering 5x points for the first $1,500 of combined purchases for Lyft, Walgreens, and gas stations. Registration for this bonus category closes Friday (September 14), so if you haven’t yet registered, be sure you do so soon. You’ll continue to earn 5x points through the end of the month (assuming you haven’t maxed out the bonus category), though only if you activate the bonus by September 14.

Up until now, Chase has kept the 5x points category for the fourth quarter of 2018 a secret. That has finally changed, as Chase has finally revealed what that category will be.

Between October 1 and December 31, 2018, the Chase Freedom® Card will offer 5x points on the first $1,500 of combined purchases with wholesale clubs, department stores, and on Chase Pay transactions. Registration for this category will open on September 15.

I loved the Chase Pay bonus that was available in the first two quarters of the year, and I’m thrilled to see it return again in the fourth quarter. That’s a bonus category that’s easy to max out, given how many companies accept Chase Pay (including Starbucks, Uber, etc.).

I also think a lot of people will get value out of being able to earn 5x points at wholesale clubs and department stores. The department stores category will be especially popular for holiday shopping.

If you don’t yet have the Chase Freedom® Card you can still apply and take advantage of the fourth quarter bonus category.

What do you make of the Chase Freedom fourth quarter 2018 bonus categories?

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  1. Do you think Chase Freedom will ever introduce a category for when you book private jets?

    Until that date, I’ll find it hard to switch from my cent card.

  2. @ Marcus — It’s an app you can use to pay by touching your phone rather than swiping your card. Similar to Apple Pay or Android Pay, but run by Chase.

  3. How do you get Ultimate rewards points for this credit card? How do you link it to the cards that accrue ultimate reward points?

  4. @Tiffany – Not entirely correct. With Chase Pay, you are not using the phone’s NFC capabilities at all. You have to open the app and have it display a QR code which is scanned by merchants.

  5. This is huge and the category I have been waiting for since we converted my Sapphire Preferred to the Freedom card. We spend A LOT of money at Costco. Plus, I can see using Chase Pay some if I do not max this out at Costco. Since my wife does the majority of our Costco shopping, I am going to put a piece of tape on that card and write “COSTCO” with a Sharpie! LOL! She’s pretty good at keeping up with what card should be used where, but I try not to overwhelm her with too many short-term promotions. This is not her passion like it is mine!

  6. Also Chase Pay allows you to pay at a Shell gas pump and you can link your Fuel Rewards card/discount to it so you can still redeem your discounts. No scan required, you’ll just use the phone app to activate the pump. I use this to reduce the risk of card skimming at gas stations and also have electronic receipts.

  7. Lucky,

    How do you use uber with ChasePay? I can’t find an option for ChasePay in the Uber app and when I go to the ChasePay app I don’t see uber as an option either. It also isn’t on the ChasePay website as a participating merchant. Starbucks is no longer listed on the ChasePay website either.

  8. A better strategy I have found to get amazing use out of Chase Pay is launch the app and then search for establishments around me to find restaurants that accept Chase Pay. I’ve tried tons of new restaurants that I wouldn’t have even known about thanks to Q2 when Chase Pay was a 5x category. Funny though, a lot of times the staff at the restaurants have no idea what Chase Pay is, even though the technology to scan the Chase Pay QR code has been at the register the whole time.

    This is gonna be an easy 5x max out for Q4. I’ll just buy a ton of wine and beer at Costco with the above strategy, as well!

  9. I wonder if Costco gas would trigger the bonus? Anyone know? I know I’ve been getting the current gas bonus when I fill up there now.

  10. I for one am glad to see Chase Pay back for Q4. It was great using it the first two quarters.

    @Mark P, as of July 2018 Chase Pay is a form of payment with Samsung Pay. This is awesome because it expands the number of merchants you can use for the 5x…to almost anywhere you can use NFC. Consumers that link Chase Pay to Samsung Pay are able to earn both Samsung Rewards points and for eligible Chase cards, Chase Ultimate Rewards points, for the purchases they make.

    For press release see:

  11. Now that Chase Pay can be linked to Samsung pay for those of us with a Galaxy or Note, this essentially opens up payment at any merchant that accepts touch pay. Anyone know though whether opening up the Chase Pay app and paying with this card linked to Samsung Pay would still trigger the bonus?

  12. @TBH, when you use Chase Pay on Samsung Pay, it basically creates a CP card in the Samsun Pay wallet. During Q2 when Paypal was a bonus category, I used Paypal as an option on my Samsung Pay. With my Chase Freedom as the default payment for Paypal, I was able to get bonus points whenever I used Paypal. Chase Pay should basically work the same way for Q4.

  13. Help me out on this….

    What is the difference whether I use my actual Chase Freedom card at 5% bonus places (Costco, Sams, etc.) during the 4th quarter OR if I use Chase Pay during the 4th quarter at those same places?

  14. @Maverickmom31- Samsung Pay is the only Pay app that actually uses 2 different technologies – NFC and MST. MST (Magnetic Strip Transmission) allows you to use it anywhere you have to swipe your credit card. I have used it at many different places with different types of card readers where the cashier said their terminals don’t support Pay apps – with MST I have never failed to show them they were wrong.

  15. @TBH – I can confirm that linking Chase Pay to Samsung Pay and using it to pay with the Freedom card definitely DOES earn the 5X bonus. Used it to make a small test purchase on October 1st and today the purchase posted with the 5X points.

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