Chase Freedom Offering 5x Points With Amazon In Q3 2020

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The Q3 2020 Chase Freedom bonus categories have just been revealed…

Why I Love The Chase Freedom Card

The Chase Freedom® Card (review) is one of my favorite no annual fee credit cards, as it offers 5x points in rotating quarterly categories, for up to $1,500 of spending per quarter. Most people use this as a cashback card, meaning the 5x points really translates into 5% cashback in these categories.

The best part is that in conjunction with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card (review), Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card (review), or Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card (review), points earned on this card can be converted into Ultimate Rewards points, and be transferred to the Ultimate Rewards airline and hotel partners.

Since I value one Ultimate Rewards point at significantly more than one cent, that’s my preferred use of those points.

Revealed: Chase Freedom Q3 2020 Bonus Categories

Chase has revealed the details of the third quarter 2020 bonus categories. Third quarter 2020 registration will open on Monday, June 15, 2020 (tomorrow), and will be valid for purchases between July 1 and September 30, 2020.

In Q3 2020, the Chase Freedom will offer 5x points on the first $1,500 spent with Amazon and Whole Foods.

My Take On Chase Freedom Q3 2020 Bonuses

I think it goes without saying that for many people earning 5x points on Amazon and Whole Foods will be hugely popular. This is an unbeatable category, in my opinion, given that during this pandemic spending with Amazon and grocery stores is reaching new highs.

Reminder: Last Chance To Register For Q2 2020 Bonus

This is a reminder that registration closes for the Chase Freedom Q2 2020 bonus categories today (Sunday, June 14, 2020), so if you haven’t register yet, this is your last chance to do so.

For those who register, the card is offering 5x points on the first $1,500 spent on grocery stores, select streaming services, and fitness club & gym memberships (obviously this category was developed before the current pandemic shut down the US), through June 30, 2020.

How To Register Your Chase Freedom Card

Registration is easy — just go to the registration page and enter your last name, billing zip code, and the last four digits on your card, and you’ll be registered.

How To Make Chase Freedom Point Even More Valuable

To recap, you earn points on the Chase Freedom, and each point can be redeemed for one cent cashback.

However, if you have this card in addition to one of the cards that accrue Ultimate Rewards points, you can transfer these points to Ultimate Rewards. Cards that accrue Ultimate Rewards Cards include the:

So 5% cashback converts into 5x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar with one of the above cards.

Chase Freedom Bonus Summary

The Chase Freedom is one of the best no annual fee cards out there, and I do everything I can to max out the 5x points category every quarter.

If you haven’t yet registered for the Q2 2020 bonus category, this is your last chance to do so. That should be useful for many, as you can earn 5x points on grocery stores and more.

We also now know that the card will offer 5x at Amazon and Whole Foods for the third quarter, which should prove useful for many.

What do you make of the third quarter 2020 Chase Freedom bonus categories?

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  1. Honestly, Chase has crushed it with the Freedom card this year. 5% on Amazon, and for many, this is the second consecutive 5% grocery quarter through Whole Foods. Does Chase frown on temporary conversions (say could I convert my Freedom Unlimited to a second Freedom for three months, then convert back)?

  2. Amazon + Whole Foods = a good combo for Freedom.

    The next mystery, however, is what Chase will do for the Sapphire Reserve after the May-June 5x points on groceries ends in two weeks. Travel is still a long way off for most of us, so our decision on whether or not to keep the Sapphire Reserve is likely to be influenced by our ability to earn 1x points on one or more non-travel categories.

  3. The preceding comment should read “our ability to earn greater than 1x points.” The blog apparently does not accept use of the “greater than” symbol.

  4. It is easy to get 5x at Amazon with an Ink 5x card by purchasing amazon gift cards at office stores. This is convenient and eliniates a step but I sort of wish they had done a different category.

  5. I’m actually hugely disappointed with these categories. There is a good number of people who don’t want to support big business, especially with Amazon’s cutthroat culture and not so great treatment of its warehouse employees. I would have rather that Chase just repeat Q2 categories again. It could have to driven spending with the struggling small businesses and open up the groceries stores to more than just whole foods. This really just feels like they struck a deal with Amazon and didn’t care about local small business spendings.

    I hope that they pair this with better Chase Sapphire preferred and reserve benefits.

  6. LOL, so I’ll be using Freedom for Amazon, and my Amazon Chase card (2% until 8/31) for non-bonus spend next quarter… The world turned upside down….

  7. Meh, won’t matter much for me. Being a Prime member I have the Amazon chase card already with 5% cash back… and prefer other/ better grocery stores to shop from compared to WF.

  8. Disappointed! No Whole Foods within 100 miles and minimal spend on Amazon. I was hoping for another gas quarter.

  9. Thanks! I guess I won’t bother getter more Amazon gift cards from grocery stores for the 5x bonus then!

  10. Agree that we are a long way off before travel, but I hope that Chase can consider something besides supermarkets because it’s conflicting as there are other Chase operated cards with better supermarket bonuses.

  11. Agree with Adrienne. Both categories are supporting the mom-and-pop-destroying, corporate slave creating Amazon and prime member or not, Whole Foods is a freaking rip off. This is the worst chase freedom category quarter I’ve seen since opening the card.

  12. I’m really disappointed with these categories as well, Amazon obviously paid Chase for the deal. I do my best to shop anywhere but Amazon, hopefully they add additional categories or extend 5X groceries on the CSR.

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