Cathay Pacific’s cool new ad campaign!

Cathay Pacific has long had advertising campaigns that showcase the lives of their employees. They were going to launch an ad campaign last month, which was supposed to be entitled “meet the team that goes the extra mile”. Unfortunately due to the scandal involving a Cathay Pacific pilot receiving oral sex in the cockpit they had to delay it. In the meantime, they simply renamed the ad campaign to “People. They make an airline.”

Anyway, check out the four ads below:

I really like the ads. I can’t say they’re necessarily all that effective since they don’t really showcase any cutting edge product or call for action on the part of the consumer, though they sure are “feel good.”

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  1. I think you are right that 1,2 and 4 will not be that effective as they don’t say anything other than “we have great people”.

    However, number 3 is a great ad. It shows off the level of service that is provided without screaming it and whilst maintaining that “feel good” approach.

  2. @ David — Totally agree. I think all four ads are “feel good,” though the third one is so spectacularly “feel good” that it’s actually effective.

  3. Maybe I just don’t get it, but these seem like the ads you would expect from a good brand. They don’t make me sit up in my seat and go “WOW!”.

  4. There’s actually more at – click TV Commercials. I really like the “Barbara Lewis” one – it shows what happens behind the scenes onboard Cathay’s aircraft (‘congrats’ notes for new elites) & there’s also a glimpse of their manifest.

  5. The third one is so spectacularly unrealistic that it’s amusing. No crewmember in their right mind would handle a passenger’s personal property that has fallen off a bag like that – it opens the crewmember and the airline up to potential liability in case the passenger turns around and accuses them of theft (this has happened many many times). Also, items left abandoned or unattended in the secure area should not be handled by anyone but rather isolated and a risk assessment conducted to determine that no threat exists.

    The correct procedure in this circumstance would have been for the crewmember to alert the person who dropped the item that the item had been dropped, but to not handle it themselves.

    If anything, that ad just highlights the poor training that CX provides their crew.

  6. Just wanna say I love your blog posts. Honestly, I didn’t know how much passengers pay attention to detail until I’ve stumbled upon your blogs.

    Thanks for your wonderful reviews on CX as I work for the airline. I would like to apologize on my colleague’s behalf for the falling of the baby potatoes on your appetizer. I am not defending her but just maybe it’s her first time serving in F class or maybe her senior purser was giving her a hard time…it could be anything, sometimes we have our bad days too. Nonetheless please forgive our mistakes as it is not intentional.

    I hope to see you on one of my flights! Please do ask if I am on board and maybe we could chitchat a little.

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