$1,500 Cathay Pacific First Class Tickets From Portugal To Hong Kong

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Update: These fares are no longer available, but will be honored by Cathay Pacific.

These fares aren’t quite as good as the first and business class fares we saw recently from Vietnam to North America a couple of weeks ago, but this is otherwise the best Cathay Pacific first class fare that I’ve seen in years.

Cathay Pacific has $1,500 one-way first class fares from Portugal (Lisbon or Porto) to Hong Kong. This requires an intra-Europe connection, and that connecting flight will be in business class. It seems like the most popular routing option is through London Heathrow.

As you can see, the longhaul flight books into the “A”  fare class, so you can check wheretocredit.com for details on how many miles you’d earn with various programs for that.

Availability is wide open through the end of the schedule, and you can find the fares through Google Flights or ITA Matrix, then can book through an Online Travel Agency like Priceline or Orbitz.

Happy booking, for anyone who may be looking for a one-way premium ticket from Europe to Hong Kong at a very reasonable price!

(Tip of the hat to YHBU)


  1. Is there any way to build in a stopover in London or in the alternative book this flight from Portugal to HKG via London but just take the second segment? I’m assuming the answer is no but thought I would ask.

  2. @CoreyL Where do you get that the long haul is operated by BA. Seems pretty clear that only the intra-europe portion is BA according to the example shown.

  3. Amazing how these sometimes cause such irrational consumer behavior. I just couldn’t justify this one for myself

  4. Same. I considered it, but looking at positioning options make it prohibitive to me. I was thinking it could give me a boost to help with EXP requalification, but even as an A fare at 30% EQD it’s still roughly $1/EQM. Maybe if it was roundtrip I’d bite.

  5. Thanks for the update Mr. Lucky .

    Lucky , you have really been on top of things lately!!!

    Thanks to you I have scored some VERY sweet , “front of the plane” seats ” ……..,especially during this crazy 2019 in the airline miles game!!!

    What a year it has been , and its not even a month old!

    I want to personally thank you for giving me the opportunity to purchase these tickets and also enjoy such lavish comfort, I otherwise would probably miss out on…

    #teamlucky #navidnavid

  6. @Willem; for this one I can’t find a cheap work around to travel; but since i’m in Jakarta, the Da Nang to JFK flight works out perfectly. I think I can even fly from Jakarta to Da Nang and back with KrisFlyer miles with a reasonable schedule. Alternatives are LCC’s like AirAsia and Scoot. Knowing that already, I didn’t hesitate booking that one.

    This one is single trip as well; adding to the hassle of using this error fare. ooh, first world problems… gotta love them.

  7. Thank you SO MUCH for posting. I missed out on the Vietnam fares and was bummed out for awhile. But because of this post, I’m back! My “regular Joe” husband and I booked and now can have many firsts: First time to visit Europe and first time to go on first class (with Cathay, no less)! We get to fly back to HK to visit aging family members before flying back home (hopefully on Cathay as well). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. @Bill, I was looking in December earlier. Everyday had 2 seats left, and CX flight from LHR to HKG operated by BA. and now those seats are gone.

  9. @Bill, based on the fare rules stopover in European gateways can be made for 150 EUR but you’d also have to pay the UK passenger duty charge so it is getting pricier. Seems like the bookings have triggered BA protection zeroing our the inventory (why else would there be 0 availability on biz or eco one year ahead). Routing via other gateways works with feeders on TAP or other airlines incl. Swiss, LH. I booked for Next Dec unfortunately that was beyond OTAs available schedule so had to book directly via Cathay that showed limited routings (maybe because BA flights were not available). After doing more research, the website stopped working but I managed to book via Cathay app, however no stopovers bookable (wanted to Route HKG-BkK-Sin).

  10. I’m coming to a conclusion that these are all but mistakes, including the ones for 800$ and 1000$.

    I Rather see it as a marketing stunt and I recall Cathay isn’t new to these. Between 2011 and 2012 I used to fly Cathay in Business between Dubai and several Asian destinations for 1500 $ and did so for quite some time. As a result I wouldn’t consider any other airline for my Asian trips.

  11. Yeah. I don’t think they were mistakes either. The mistake was cathay let it get away from them. It was a very big coincidence it happened at the beginning of the year. They probably wanted to make a splash.

    Or maybe the variable cost for first class isn’t very high and this was a way for cathay to sell the seats, make a tiny profit, call it a mistake and thus not dilute their brand. Maybe they aren’t making a lot of money in premium classes?

  12. The economy is going down the toilet soon, and airlines all need cash flow to head a very slow 2019 and beyond.

    I don’t buy these fares and activities (CX, NZ, WN with Chase) as mistakes. Airlines know what they are doing.

  13. Hi Ben,
    I have purchased the recent “discounted” Cathay Pacific first class roundtrip ticket from Hanoi to JFK. My question is, which airline partner should I credit the mileage to get the most value? I’m a member of many airline awards but do not have elite status – Alaska Airline Mileage, Asia Mile, Aeroplan, American Airline AAdvantage, BA Avios. Thank you.

  14. Thanks for publishing this. Worked out very nicely for us as we had award tickets with SQ in C, but booked this in F instead. We were able to add a flight to BKK in C for just 150 EUR….
    Great deal, especially considering we get 350% miles with AS plus 5x points with the Citi Prestige. CX F has been on my bucket list for a while.

  15. I knew about this fare before Lucky did and I know whether or not it is a mistake fare (I am a regulator), but I’m not allowed to tell anyone. Happy speculating flyers!

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