Cathay Pacific day in the life of a pilot!

I’ve quite enjoyed Cathay Pacific’s “day in the life” series, whereby they’ve followed around various employees to show what they do on a daily basis. Two weeks ago they had an awesome day in the life of a flight attendant video. Last week they had a day in the life of an airport staff video. And this week is the one I’ve been waiting for with bated breath — day in the life of a pilot!

You can find the video here:

I do wish they’d follow him on the flight, but it’s pretty awesome nonetheless! Until I was 18 all I ever wanted to be was an airline pilot, and Cathay Pacific was always the airline I wanted to work for. So I watch this both with happiness at the awesomeness of his job and sadness at the fact that I chose not to pursue it.

(Tip of the hat to @KLMnieuws)

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  1. You’re not too old to pursue it! You know, the mileage game will die/disappear at some point (before you’re 40?)

  2. I think it’s very interesting that he characterized the onboard computers as watching over the pilots to make sure the pilots don’t do anything wrong while flying, like big brother. I think I’d be much more comfortable if the humans were watching the computer, but maybe that’s Cathay’s thing to assure its audience that computers are in charge? Somehow I just don’t see a US-based pilot ever saying the same thing.

  3. thanks for the posting–time to compare this with EK pilots–I believe they also get a set of perks like housing, rent, health insurance, etc…..

  4. @bangkokiscool – His reference is specific to Airbus planes. A pilot cannot make a maneuver that the computer “disagrees” with. Boeing planes operate differently.

  5. I always wanted to be a train engineer. Eventually I discovered flying and wanted to be a pilot as well. In the end I found a new love in computers but in a weird way that may be a good thing in the end. I am far less likely to get sick of trains and planes since I’m not constantly working on them or with them. I used to love working with computers but after a decade or so it had become just another job no different than any other.

  6. Cathay USED TO BE one of the top places for pilots to go. But recently in the last 5 years they have been on a steady but steep decline in terms and conditions. Of course none of you care about that as long as you get you diet coke and nuts or Dom in 1st class, but they recently suspended hiring of experienced (4000-5000 hour pilots) for the entry level second officer positions, and started recruiting zero experience 250 hour fresh pilots so that they could slash the housing allowance and benefits down to less than 20%. Enjoy your next flight :o)

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