Cathay Pacific day in the life of a flight attendant video

If you haven’t seen it, check out this awesome Cathay Pacific day in the life of a flight attendant video:

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  1. I do love how all the crew stand briefly in respect to the flight manager when she welcomes them for the pre-flight briefing.

  2. If it takes her 20 mins to get to the airport from her home, she probably lives in Tsing Yi, as many CX crew do. My bf works as a CX crew and it pays peanuts: about USD $1500 a month. Really sad.

  3. I have a question living long time in my mind: why most flight attendants in the US are older persons comparing to those of Asian or European airlines? Is there any specific reason? Is FA not an attractive job for young people in the States? Thx and sorry for any misunderstanding or miscommunications. Just curious.

  4. @ Andy F. — The short answer is that being a flight attendant at most foreign airlines isn’t a career, but a job. They sign a work contract for 1-5 years, and it’s entirely up to the airline whether or not they’re kept beyond then.

    In the US when they’re hired they can’t be fired unless they commit an “offense” or the company is laying off, so you can’t fire just to get “fresh blood” like they do at other airlines.

  5. Did you catch the graffiti on the Mona Lisa pic over her shoulder in her apartment opening remarks? šŸ˜‰

  6. @andy- my gf is chinese & lives in china. during my visit there i saw not just the flight attendant but tollway cashier, bus/rail ticket cashier, bank teller are invariantly younger & better looking. my gf works at a large bank (#242 on fortune global 500). they recently are hiring, and she was involved in the process, she heard a manager told a 31yr old girl seeking a teller position that she was ‘too old'(of course this was not mentioned in job posting). to people in usa this maybe a prime lawsuit but over there this is daily life.

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