Cathay Pacific adds fourth daily flight to Los Angeles and additional 3x weekly frequencies to Chicago

Cathay Pacific announced some additional frequencies on a couple of their US routes today, which is especially exciting for those looking to redeem miles.

Los Angeles gets a fourth daily flight

As of June 1, 2014, Cathay Pacific will be adding a fourth daily flight between Hong Kong and Los Angeles, which will operate with the following schedule:

CX892 Hong Kong to Los Angeles departing 9:30AM arriving 7:55AM
CX893 Los Angeles to Hong Kong departing 9:40AM arriving 3:25PM (+1 day)

This flight will be operated by a four cabin aircraft featuring first, business, premium economy, and economy, the same configuration as the other three daily frequencies to Los Angeles.

Award space on the route is excellent so far, and best I can tell Cathay Pacific is releasing two first class, five business class, and two economy class award seats on most dates for the new frequency. That’s more valuable than ever before, given that Cathay Pacific is cutting back on first class award space.

Cathay_Pacific_Award_Space1 Cathay_Pacific_Award_Space2

Chicago gets an additional 3x weekly frequencies

Even though they just introduced this route a couple of years ago it must be doing well for them, since they’re adding an additional three frequencies per week as of August 2, 2014. The schedule on this one is awesome since it’s a redeye ex-Chicago, and will operate as follows:

CX800 Hong Kong to Chicago departing 6:25PM arriving 8:20PM
CX801 Chicago to Hong Kong departing 1:15AM arriving 5:50AM (+1 day)

The Hong Kong to Chicago flight will operate Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, while the Chicago to Hong Kong flight will operate Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

This route will be operated by a three cabin aircraft featuring business, premium economy, and economy, though for what it’s worth Cathay Pacific does have a top notch business class product, so I don’t mind that one bit.

Cathay Pacific business class

Award availability on the route is also good, with five business class award seats and two economy class award seats available on most flights.

Cathay_Pacific_Award_Availability2 Cathay_Pacific_Award_Availability3

Very exciting additions, in my opinion! If you’re looking for first class award space on Cathay Pacific the second half of next year, snag those seats out of Los Angeles while they’re still available!

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  1. @ caveman — While San Francisco is a big market for them, keep in mind they don’t a partner airline hub there, so most of the traffic in San Francisco is actually originating there. Meanwhile they have plenty of feed from American on their Los Angeles flights, given that many people are connecting.

  2. Ben-“The schedule on this one is awesome since itā€™s a redeye ex-Chicago.” Why is eating dinner at 2:15 am awesome!

    Also, arriving from Hong Kong to Chicago at 8:20 pm means that many of us won’t be able to catch connecting flts and will probably have to overnight in Chicago. I wish this flt would arrive earlier.

  3. Cathay currently has four cabin service out of O’Hare – are they pulling those aircraft in favor of three cabin with only J and no F?

  4. @ John — Eating dinner at 2:15AM isn’t awesome, but sleeping in a fully flat bed on a flight without wifi at 2:15AM is. šŸ˜‰

    If you want to catch a connection there’s always still the daytime flight. This flight is great for those that want to spend part of their day in Hong Kong, because with the other frequency the day is kind of “wasted” on both ends.

  5. @ Ben — The daily service will continue to be operated by a four cabin plane, it’s the additional three frequencies that will be operated by a three cabin plane.

  6. CX also recently added flights to EWR! Wow! Do you know whether they’re all new planes for these additional flights or are they cutting back flights on other routes?

  7. @ Joey — I believe they’re still taking delivery of some 777-300ERs. Don’t believe they’re eliminating any routes.

  8. @ Mr. Cool — In miles? Your best bet is going to be American, which charges 55,000 miles one-way in business class and 67,500 miles one-way in first class.

  9. Lucky, As always thanks for being the first to give us this heads up (as with the new Etihad flights to LAX starting next June). This is awesome news for flyers from LAX, like myself. Thank you!

  10. Lucky, Thanks for the useful information.

    I was looking for information on whether the economy class seats on HKG-LAX flights are the “new economy class” seats. I have heard from friends who traveled more than a year ago that the seats are not comfortable. Thank you !!

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