Captain Sullenberger’s “Highest Duty”

Well, it looks like we’ll finally have a book about Captain Sully soon:

In January 2009, the world witnessed one of the most remarkable emergency landings in history when Captain Sullenberger brought a crippled US Airways flight onto the Hudson River, saving the lives of all of the passengers and crew aboard. The successful outcome was the result of effective teamwork, Sully’s dedication to airline safety, his belief that a pilot’s judgment must go hand-in-hand with—and can never be replaced by—technology, and forty years of careful practice and training. Highest Duty is the intimate story of a man who has grown up to embrace what we think of as quintessential American values—leadership, responsibility, commitment to hard work, and service to others. And it is a narrative that reminds us that cultivating seemingly ordinary virtues can prepare us to perform extraordinary acts.

Now all we need is a movie. 😉

I’m being sent a review copy, so this might just be the first book I’ll be reading cover-to-cover in a while. I’ll report back.

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  1. I have a buddy who’s a pilot, and late one night when we were talking about crashes and whatnot, I asked about his take on the Hudson ‘splashdown.’ I started off by saying that Patrick Smith of Salon’s weekly ‘Ask the Pilot’ column opined that a pilot would never claim it was an heroic act, that it was all part of training.

    However, my pilot buddy (flew 737s, not 321s), said that he made a critical error by not spooling the one good engine to max thrust immediately after the strike…my friend claimed this may have been enough to get him to Teterboro (sp?). It was interesting insight. That said, my friend said it was a tough situation all around, and everyone makes mistakes.

    He did mention that in his circles, the Iowa cornfield UA crash was the most amazing, heroic act in crashdom.

  2. A FYI – Was at Mall of America yesterday and saw a sign for Capt Sully book signing on Oct 17 at Barnes & Noble.

  3. The new Sullenberger title Highest Duty is available right now from BooksOnBoard as an ebook with 100% money back as rewards dollars you can then spend on additional books. Basically, it looks like they are giving this title away for free, or at least for $0 net cost. It came out today and I downloaded it. Can’t get an ebook signed, but no trees are killed.

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