Can Orbitz Airfare Alerts Be A Sign From God?

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Now, I can’t really say I follow football much, but my friend AJ sent me a link to an article which made me chuckle.

Via Bleacher Report:

Nothing says “destiny” like a mass email, right guys?

Antrel Rolle thinks so—he says a sign from God guiding him along in his NFL career came Monday morning in the form of an airline deal alert.

“God, I pray that you just give me a level head,” Rolle said, detailing the words of his prayer. “I pray that you just give me a sign to lead me in the right direction, and I’ll follow your lead.”

Rolle said he woke up early the next morning to an email alert on his phone reading, “Orbitz alert: Flights to Chicago, discount fare.”

“I’m like, ‘Wow.’ It just hit [me],” Rolle said. “I never question God’s plan for me, man.”

How much was that contract worth?

Two days later, Rolle signed a three-year, $11.25 million contract with the Bears—solid money for a 32-year-old safety.

Well alrighty then…

  1. Well, it tends to be different with me because Orbitz has been storming me with e-mails for the past week with the same f-ing discount code. They don’t even bother to change it, it’s the same one everyday!

    (Btw, if you need a code for 15% off on 2+ night stays, stay before June 30th tell me)

  2. There were people who believed a grilled cheese sandwich for sale with an image of the Virgin Mary was the work of G-d. It sold for $28,000.

    It’s worth noting, however, that you can buy a grilled cheese maker that will imprint the Virgin Mary on your sandwich.

    So no, I’m guessing that Orbitz fare alerts have explanations better grounded in this world.

    Still, you could put your Orbitz emails up on eBay…?

  3. People who believe God gives them signs are so hubris. If God exists, he never intervened to save all those people from huge natural disasters, nor did he intervene to save the starving and war torn countries in Africa, yet they believe God is going to give them signs about their career? Are you kidding me?

  4. @ M — Well the Orbitz deal “alerts” aren’t really alerts, but cleverly disguised advertisements. Not really a website that sends out good first/business class “alerts,” at least not that I know of.

  5. @M – Your best bet for alerts on award space getting opened in
    The best paid fare alerts are, whereby you give them the destination and cabin of choice (date optional) and they would send you an e-mail once the fare drops under the limit you put on any of the dates.

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