Breaking: Explosion Reported Near Cairo Airport

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As of now there’s very little information out there, but media reports suggest that there was just a big explosion and fire near Cairo Airport. One Twitter user shares a picture of the explosion.

Some reports suggest that the explosion was near the fuel depot, though that hasn’t officially been confirmed. State media has also reported that the airport is closed to air traffic at the moment, through Flightradar24 doesn’t support that, and shows planes still taking off from and landing at the airport.

I’ll update this post as we get more info, as this is very much still developing. If you’re scheduled to fly in or out of Cairo anytime soon, you’ll want to keep a close eye on any updates. It could be that the airport remains open for now, but if there was an explosion at the fuel depot, this could have big impacts over the coming days.

My thoughts are with everyone at/near the airport, since we still don’t really know what happened here. Hopefully there were no casualties, and this has a minimal impact on passengers traveling to and from the airport.

  1. Granting thoughts and prayers to unknown people who may or may not be suffering from unknown problems seems a bit disingenuous!

    (Not that I’m saying you’re a disingenuous person or anything!)

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