Today Only: Buy Choice Privileges Points For ~0.49 Cents Each

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We’re in the second week of Daily Getaways, which is an opportunity to purchase discounted hotel points and travel packages. Daily Getaways go live at 1PM ET every weekday, and the more popular packages sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to be fast, if interested.

Today at 1PM Choice Privileges points are going on sale, so I figured I’d share my thoughts on who should consider buying them.

What does Daily Getaways charge for Choice Privileges points?

There are a few different packages available today:

  • 14,000 Choice points for $80
  • 28,000 Choice points for $144
  • 42,000 Choice points for $205
  • 55,000 Choice points for $265

You can purchase up to eight sets of points per Choice Privileges account (two of each type of package). The best value is for the higher quantities of points, which work out to a cost of ~0.49 cents per point. In comparison, Choice often sells points directly at a discounted cost of ~0.73 cents per point, so this is a great deal in comparison.

Should you buy discounted Choice Privileges points?

Choice points can of course be redeemed for hotel stays, and there are some surprisingly good values — specifically, Choice has an impressive footprint in Northern Europe, where hotels can otherwise be expensive. Travis has redeemed at hotels like the Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret and the Clarion Collection Hotel Bastion, which cost 16,000 points per night

Some may also want to consider this promotion for the purposes of buying airline miles. Choice points can be converted into airline miles at a starting rate of 5,000 points per 1,000 airline miles. Choice has several airline partners, including Aeroplan, Alaska, American, United, etc.

In other words, if you buy the package for 42,000 points, you can convert 40,000 of those points into 8,000 airline miles. At a cost of $205 for the package, that’s like paying ~2.56 cents per airline mile.

That’s not a rate at which I’d speculatively buy miles. For comparison, so far this year:

So in many cases you’ll be better off purchasing points directly from the airline, though in some cases this can also be an opportunity to top off an airline mileage account. Often when airlines have promotions on the purchase of miles, there’s a high minimum number of miles you have to buy to achieve the lowest cent per mile cost. Being able to transfer just a few thousand miles into an account at this rate is decent.

My one caution is that converting Choice points into airline miles isn’t an instant process, so this isn’t useful if you have an urgent need for miles.

Bottom line

Buying Choice Privileges points for under half a cent each could represent a great deal. Generally I wouldn’t buy these points for the purposes of generating airline miles, though for hotel stays I do think it could make a lot of sense.

Do you plan on purchasing Choice points through the Daily Getaways promotion?

  1. Lucky,

    I have been waiting for this deal for a few weeks now since I have a trip planned to Stockholm in late June. I have been checking award availability daily for the last few weeks and there were several options in Stockholm ranging from 10,000 to 16,000 points a night-which is a deal since many of these hotels are upwards of $300 per night.

    However, yesterday, I went to check award availability and it seems that every hotel in Stockholm has now blocked award availability for summer 2019. I sampled several days and can’t find a single day where an award is available. Not sure if this is a glitch or if these hotels are aware that points are on sale today. This is very disappointing.

  2. I can always buy Choice points at 0.75 cents per point without further building up an already very major stack of Choice points that could be devalued massively at some point.

  3. Choice points are not currently any good for redeeming at Nordic Choice properties. All of the hotels in Scandinavia for which I have used my Choice points are no longer a redemption option. And that includes the relevant Norwegian/Oslo hotels mentioned in this blog post.

    Choice has been getting more creative as of late, and that’s not been to the advantage of its loyalty program customers’ point balances and the value we get out of redeeming points.

    All of the Nordic Choice hotel redemption options being blocked at this time was a complete surpirse to me — and I follow this stuff very closely and was already expecting a break-up of sort.

  4. I booked several hotels in April for July stays in Norway with last year’s purchase, but now see them all as SOLD OUT! Yikes. Dont know if I ll be buying any today because of this

  5. I also checked a couple of hotels in Italy that I’ve booked in the past with Choice points and were a great deal. Even when they show availability for cash nights, suddenly they are “sold out” when I search the same dates for award nights.

  6. I haven’t been able to find any international award night availability…anywhere. I’m looking at a trip to Anywhere, Non-USA this fall and the lack of award nights is mystifying to me.

  7. Same issue others are having – it seems Choice is blocking award space at all of its Nordic Choice Hotel properties (different owner – same award umbrella). I called Nordic Choice this morning and they said the block was not on their end, but that it was coming from Choice. Any word on this, Lucky? The points go on sale in about 90 minutes and I’m not sure if this blockage is tied to that. I have called and tweeted Choice several times – but have yet to gotten through to anybody with any actual help.

  8. I can confirm there is no reward point availability at ANY Japan Choice hotel including Yokohama, Sakai, Toyohashi, Towokawa, and Kobe. These hotels almost never sell out and have plenty of availability for Yen. I checked the 5 Tokyo ones for almost every day until August and no reward nights. Something in the Choice water ain’t clean.

  9. Mike,

    They have a booking window of 100 days — can’t book a check-in date with more than 100 days from the day of attempted booking — but the problem for customers is that block applies to properties for even tonight.

  10. I’m a bit surprised I was able to buy my 55,000 points package within a few seconds of the promotion going live. I figured the bots would snatch everything up in a split second as they usually do. Guess it wasn’t worth it to the hackers anymore with the award blocking Choice did.

  11. I am using a free Choice night next week for one overnight on a road trip in Wisconsin. It is a bargain for a 12- hour stopover. I used Choice and Wyndham rewards to lower the cost for my many road trips in the USA. Why spend more when you only need a bed and a shower.

  12. The daily getaways are usually poor value. The good value items are instantly bought up by bots, the mediocre items usually can be purchased at other times of the years for the same price or less without the hassle of diving in at exactly 1pm to scoop up.

    In fact, I think it was last year when I bought choice points for the same price. I was able to think about my purchase, research if it was a good deal and had a 2 week window to make the purchase.

    All the daily getaways are not worth my time. So I won’t purchase. By the way I didn’t check but was this mediocre deal available for more then 15 seconds, at 1:01 pm could you still buy 55K points for $265?

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