Off to a good start on my flying marathon! Just scored a free ticket (was offered $200 in travel credits, but I find a free ticket to be more valuable) thanks to a weight restricted flight. Two other people were involuntarily denied boarding (IDB’ed), and one of them was livid, as he was connecting to Istanbul on a tight connection. I get to keep my same onward connections, although I’m shooting for another bump on the next flight.

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  1. You would take a free ticket over $200? Maybe Its just me, but I would much rather prefer the $200…

  2. My threshold is $300. As in, less than $300, I take the free ticket. $300 and above, I take the money and run!

    So yea, I agree with Lucky.

  3. You have stated you preference of credits over free tickets for several reasons:



    Your threshold has obviously changed, but am surprised based on the cost of tix these days. I would think especially with the DEQM promotions, and your summer vacation the credit is more valuable.

    Am I missing something ?

  4. $300 is my threshold as well. I never use these free tickets, but friends and family tend to value them at more than $200, so that’s my choice in such a situation.

  5. Are these free tix transferable? And as if you need the extra EQMs, what with 40k BIS miles staring you in the face, lol.

  6. I’d definitely take the ticket over the $200 because I can always pawn it off on someone I know. Also, I could make much greater use of a free ticket towards an expensive $400+ ticket. Now you should have tried to negotiate round trip complimentary upgrades to go along with taking the bump.

  7. Free tix are great for positioning flights, as well, especially for short, high cost routes such as JFK – IAD, and IAD – BOS. I’ve often lamented not being able to begin mileage runs out of cities in close proximity because I couldn’t justify the high cost of the positioning flight.

  8. @ gobluetwo — Yes, the tickets are transferable, which is the nice thing. I would never actually use them, as I’m too much of a mileage whore (no matter how many miles I’m flying in the next couple of weeks). 😀

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