British Airways Is Offering Double Avios Through Their Shopping Portal

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Shopping portals can be a great way to maximize the miles & points you can earn, as you can earn points for purchases you’d make anyway. So I always like to share any lucrative shopping portal bonuses that I think people could benefit from.

Through October 8, 2017, the British Airways shopping portal is offering double Avios on almost all purchases. This is available either with their US or UK shopping portal, so if you want to use the US portal, visit this link, and change your country to the US at the top right of the page, and then click on “Offers.”

Bonus Avios will post to eligible accounts within 35 days, and there’s a list of excluded retailers, which can be found here.

Some of you may remember earlier this year that British Airways was also offering double Avios on shopping portal purchases, which created an opportunity to earn 150 Avios per dollar spent by signing up for a subscription. Unfortunately that promotion didn’t end up being honored, though there are still lots of other great deals to be had.

This time around there are over 500 participating retailers, and while there aren’t any bonuses of 100+ Avios per dollar spent, there are still some really solid deals. So if you’re making any online purchases in the coming days, be sure you check out the British Airways shopping portal to see what they’re offering, and compare that to what other retailers are offering using

Do you see any especially good bonuses through the Avios shopping portal that you plan on taking advantage of?

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  1. if you make partial return, the merchant will cancel avios for the entire purchase. even if you return $30 out of $500, you get $0 avios instead of $470.

    also, if you use any coupons, most merchants cancel avios. they say, avios is cancelled for non-verified coupon codes only, but there’s no such list of verified vs non-verified coupon codes

  2. I need to keep Avios from expiring. Is there something I could buy for $1 via the portal to earn a minimum number of Avios to extend the expiration of the account?

  3. Use your best judgement. I purchased Kiehl’s @ 24 Avios / $1 and Walmart @ 8 Avios / $1. I needed soap and I needed cat food so a discount on items I needed.

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