British Airways keeps it classy and offers bonus miles!

Who said potential strikes can’t be good for the traveling public? British Airways is offering bonus miles to those traveling during the period where cabin crew were going to strike but aren’t anymore (December 22-January 2). Those traveling in first and business class will be earning 25,000 bonus miles, while those traveling in coach (including their premium economy product) will earn 10,000 bonus miles.

This is a very generous offer on the part of British Airways. Kudos to them!

(Tip of the hat to Dan)

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  1. While this is very generous to the flier, I find how BA handled the situation in general to be very poor….their first PR attempt was to ‘blame the worker’ as oppose to focus on how customers could be accommodated. (Which is something different than their court fight…of course any company would have done the same thing.) This made it a bit more clear why BA has labor issues.

  2. While a nice move for some, there are many reports on FT of people who have BA flights during the planned strike period and who did not get bonus miles. That leaves a sour taste.

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