British Airways Moving To JFK Terminal 8 In 2022

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British Airways is the primary airline at New York JFK’s Terminal 7.

JFK Terminal 7 exterior

The airline has spent $65 million renovating the terminal the past year (and work is still ongoing), given what a big market New York is for them.

New British Airways First Lounge JFK

American and British Airways have a transatlantic joint venture, and the fact that they’re not co-located at JFK has long been a point of frustration for passengers. American operates out of Terminal 8, and the two terminals aren’t connected airside, making connections between the two airlines time consuming.

American 777 at JFK Terminal 8

We’ve seen some other oneworld airlines move from Terminal 7 to Terminal 8 (including Cathay Pacific and Qantas), but British Airways just hasn’t been able to make the move, given how many gates they need.

Well, that’s finally changing… eventually.

British Airways moving to JFK Terminal 8 in 2022

British Airways has announced today that they’ll be moving to New York JFK Terminal 8. However, this will be happening in 2022 at the earliest.

This comes as part of a huge project happening at JFK, where we’ll completely see the terminals reshuffled, and Terminal 7 will cease to exist in its current form (instead it will eventually become part of JetBlue’s Terminal 5). We don’t know where other airlines currently using Terminal 7 will go, though I’d guess they become part of the expanded Terminal 5.

American Airlines, British Airways, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey are investing big time to make this happen.

British Airways says that as part of these changes we’ll see Terminal 8 get additional gates, a new baggage system, new lounges, premium check-in, and upgraded concessions.

British Airways CEO Alex Cruz had the following to say about this change:

“We’re excited to announce our move to Terminal 8, alongside American Airlines, our Atlantic joint-business partner. Offering the best customer experience at JFK now and in the future is a top priority. We look forward to working with the Port Authority and American Airlines to continue building a world-class transatlantic travel experience in our new home from 2022.”

Is JFK Terminal 8 actually expanding?

On the surface this sounds like great news, since it will make connections easier. But there’s a big catch. They’re not actually adding much space to Terminal 8 at all.

Rather they’re going to increase the number of widebody gates by four, which will be done by adding two gates (by introducing really long jet bridges), converting a regional jet gate into a widebody gate, and having one remote stand (ouch!).

Meanwhile Terminal 8 as such won’t be expanding, at least not significantly. As you can see based on the above rendering, it looks exactly the same as before. JFK Terminal 8 already fills up, so it’s going to be really unpleasant if the terminal gets even busier, which it sounds like it will.

They say that they’ll expand the lounges, though I wonder to what extent that’s really possible, given that they’re not adding much terminal space.

Bottom line

The fact that connections at JFK will be easier for those traveling on British Airways is great news. While I would have been excited about this if it were part of a true terminal expansion, unfortunately it looks like the expansion here is only coming in the form of installing really long jet bridges and remote stands.

Terminal 8 already gets busy, so without significantly more square footage in the terminal as such, I’m not looking forward to this change.

What do you make of British Airways moving to JFK Terminal 8?

  1. Lucky,

    “Terminal 8 already gets busy, so without significantly more square footage in the terminal as such, I’m not looking forward to this change.”

    JFK Terminal 8 is one of the emptiest in the airport, largely because AA has been losing share in the market.

  2. When I took the IAD-HKG inaugural on Cathay, the JFK Station manager mentioned to me that they are eyeing extra space in a possible new concourse at Terminal 8 to build their own lounge. It led me to believe that it’s being discussed. That certainly would make sense, but no announcement of it here.

    Also, I agree that T8 seems underutilized. Perhaps if AA builds a regional concourse then all the wide bodies could fit in the main buildings.

  3. The area inside the terminal just after security by those 4 widebody gates is going to be a circus to find seating.

  4. Will this mean that British airways will finally operate the A380 to jfk? It’s about time! They have like 10 747 flights a day and they need to be replaced by bigger aircrafts then the A350-1000

  5. Called it!!!!!!!!!

    Terminal 8 has plenty of room to expand and right now it’s probably the emptiest terminal at JFK, so I’d imagine they could easily move with the existing capacity.

  6. Very strange, especially considering that T8 was originally designed to be almost twice as big. Concourse A was never built, and Concourse B was supposed to extend farther east. The ticketing hall was also supposed to be twice the size.

    There are some weird relics of this, like the never-used escalator to the left as you walk from Concourse B towards the escalators to the underpass to C, and the never-built arrivals lounge advertised on the landside elevators.

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  8. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Terminal 8 is the least busy and most optimal terminal at JFK at the moment thanks to its huge size, American’s smaller footprint at JFK overall.

  9. Back in the early aughts, Rod Eddington (CEO at the time) made it clear that he wanted BA to have increased frequencies with smaller planes than the jumbos; no planes were viable at that point for doing so on many routes BA served at the time.

    The 787 and A350 are helping many carriers move to that strategy, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing BA deploy A380s on the JFK route.

  10. Talking about terminal 7, and connections.
    I have an Iberia flight landing in terminal 7 at 18.30 (in Premium economy) and then connecting (with individual tickets) to an AA flight at 20.25 in terminal 8. I know it is close, but should I worry too much and sprint like hell?

  11. I just looked at the PANYNJ website and it’s surprising how many airlines are listed as using T7, although I suspect most of those are actually codeshares on someone elses’s (probably BA itself) metal. Some of them don’t make much sense (LH is listed as “T1 or T7”).

    It’ll be interesting to see where Aer Lingus winds up – I suspect it’ll go to the expanded T5.

    Any idea yet if the T5 expansion would include expanded C&I capability? If there is expansion, wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the international airlines currently using T7 (Interjet, Air Italy perhaps?) could go to T5. Aer Lingus, Air Italy, and Interjet are all listed as AA codeshare partners, but given AA’s relatively small domestic schedule out of JFK and emphasis on PHL as a connecting airport this probably isn’t a major concern.

  12. Echo everyone else’s comment: Terminal 8 never gets busy at all. At times, it is a dead zone. There is plenty of space. Probably my favorite terminal at JFK based on the fact that it is spacious and even during peak hours, it never feels crowded. Perfect move by BA and looking forward to seeing all these changes eventually. But I think we can all unanimously agree that no one will miss Terminal 1. Good riddance.

  13. So it seems like that T8 will be the Oneworld terminal at JFK, except JAL which will be in the new South terminal currently made up of T1/T2/T4…

  14. I agree with all those saying T8 is sometimes dead.

    As long as they build more lounges this is fine.

    The BA terminal and lounges in JFK are so bad that for NY-LON business travelers this will be much better.

  15. What will happen to AS’s operation at JFK? Will they move to T8 and sub-lease a gate(s) from AA and/or BA?

    Don’t forget the re-imagined AS Board Room on the mezzanine lounge of T7 will need to be packed up and moved over as well – unless AS strikes a deal for continued use of the Admirals Club at T8 for Board Room members and paid first class passengers.


  16. Hmm…It looks like T8 was 50% built (The east portion of the terminal is missing). Wouldn’t it seem logical to build and expand it by mirroring the west portion? Just a thought….

  17. Whilst Jet Blue will build and manage the new T5-7 mega terminal it will not be the only airline to use it. So stop calling it the Jet Blue Terminal

    All those not moving to T8 will still need a home!

  18. I can’t wait for Alaska to move out of the dump that is T7. No TSA pre makes Alaska an airline to avoid on westbound transcons from JFK instead of the top choice it usually is.

  19. T8 usually feels like a ghost town when I’m there.

    But my bigger comment to you @Lucky is why do you think it’s such a win for AA and BA to have better connectivity at JFK? Feels like AA doesn’t have a robust schedule there so it’s not nearly as good a connecting city as PHL or ORD for most north-east/central destinations in the U.S.

  20. @Richi I had a connection like that a few months ago. I had 2 hours and did not make the connection. I was in business class and have the mobile pass app… We sat on the tarmac after landing for 30 mins or so….The security to get back in terminal 7 was what cost me the connection. I don’t think you can make it, but good luck if you try.

  21. not just the hardware need to be upgraded urgently. The workers at JFK from the first line to the back need to be retrained to meet the world standard

  22. Lucky, count me in here as one of the ones a little confused, I’ve never seen terminal 8 get really crowded, although I imagine the Flagship lounge probably does during the evening bank of Europen departures, and AA seems to be shifting ver more of their connecting biz to PHL.

    I am assuming BA will get a fair amount of space here for lounges. I just can’t imagine they’d share a “one world” lounge on their busiest, flagship route. They will definitely want full-size First and Club lounges as well as a Concorde Room.

    @Ron BA is unlikely to shift many, of any, of their JFK flights to the A380, since frequency is the name of the game. This is the world’s most lucrative business route and they practically own it – they’d much rather have hourly departures like a shuttle service. Also think it’s unlikely JFK sees any A350s as they will certainly keep the F cabin on this route.

  23. The expansion of the check-in hall according to the original design is probably deemed unnecessary given how much check-in activity is now online. You can see a little bump on the east side, which will probably be the premium check-in area.

    The challenge will be the Concourse B extension – hard to see how that could accommodate all the required seating and extra lounge space there. My guess is they will end up building more space towards the south (into the space originally designated for check-in expansion), which will not affect the ramp area.

  24. “Offering the best customer experience at JFK now and in the future is a top priority.“ is kind of comical as their home Heatrow is probably the worst place I’ve been. Ever.

  25. @ Tom yes. Terminal 1

    @ Richi. Unlikely. T8/7 are not connected and separated by a large roadway. You cannot “ sprint “ .Allowing for atc/ ground movement delays , immigration, bag reclaim , customs. Then you need to go to the air train or wait for a shuttle ….. pass through security etc

  26. @Tom

    T1 is operated by a consortium consisting of AF, LH, KE and JL. Eventually, it will be operated by the Munich Airport Group.

  27. It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of BA’s lounge in terminal 7. Perhaps Jetblue could make it into their first lounge, seeing as how JFK is their flagship hub. It would also tie in nicely with any transatlantic service, should they ever start it.

  28. @Aaron

    Terminal 7 is going to be flattened under the new plan – totally demolished to make way for a new building.

  29. It is good to read all the interest in the announced BA relocation at JFK. First, it is logical and economical that air carriers with code sharing relationships are moving to share terminal facilities. LHR has certainly moved in this direction with T4 SkyTeam and T2 Star Alliance. LAX also seems to be co-locating in a few cases with new lounges. It is a start in that direction. Regarding T8 at JFK:
    The concourse with Gates 1-16 seems to be the location where some widebody gates will be added. This is the concourse designed for flight arrivals requiring customs and immigration clearance. Once passengers have disembarked the aircraft can be moved to the remote concourse for servicing and boarding. In addition the hard stands identified are crucial for the smooth operation of JFK because the turn-around of many widebody aircraft in not 30 mins like the SWA model. Rather, some aircraft remain on the the ground at JFK for hours or even overnight.
    When I passed T8 recently the view from the Air Train of the tarmac adjacent to T8 look like a dumping ground for empty containers and idle ramp equipment. I fault AA and PANYNJ for that mess.
    I flew AS JFK to PDX from T7 during the Spring 2018 in the morning. It was a mess. The boarding area with its low ceilings, construction barriers for concession renovations, the imbalance of active boarding areas spread across the gates made for an extremely chaotic experience. Qatar was boarding a widebody to Doha while AS PDX passengers were pushed to one side with no guidance. ANA was also also close by and the cabin crew were crushed in a corner doing a pre-flight briefing.
    Anybody remember when AC was the tenant? Farewell T7

  30. A few more thoughts about BAs move to T8:

    I have no factual basis for this but I will present it here anyway. I believe that BA continues to invest in T7 despite the plan to move n 2022 because T7 may well be a profit center for BA The rental income they receive from tenant airlines including AS, AR, among others is probably quite substantial. Moving to T8 will make BA a tenant rather than a landlord.

    Also, the artists rendering of T8 is perhaps just that, a rendering to be developed with more detail over time. I chuckled when I noticed the aircraft taxiing between the landside building and the hardstands. there was no open gate nor stand available in that location.

    any thoughts?

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