Awww: British Airways Flies A Special Dog To London In Style

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British Airways does an incredible job with their marketing, and in particular with their BA Magic campaign. The campaign was launched in 2017, and sees British Airways arranging once in a lifetime travel experiences for people for a variety of reasons.

Well, they just shared their latest BA Magic surprise, and it should make any dog lover’s heart melt.

This week British Airways helped to fly a dog from Washington to London to receive an “Animal OBE” on Friday, October 4, 2019.

Ex-US Secret Service dog Hurricane (also known as “Cane”) was awarded a PDSA Order of Merit, so British Airways rolled out the red carpet for him.

Cane was awarded a medal for devotion to duty by the UK veterinary charity PDSA, and he’s the first foreign animal to receive that honor. He received this for protecting President Obama and the First Family from an intruder who attempted to gain access to the White House back in 2014. The intruder was incredibly tough on him and tried to fight him, so Cane went through a lot.

The video of the surprise is absolutely adorable, as Cane is picked up in a limo from his house, he has his own dedicated check-in and boarding lanes, and he gets to fly Club World with his “dad.” He even gets a personalized blanket, toys, and a dog bowl (we’ll call it his amenity kit).

Marshall Mirarchi, who is a former Secret Service agent and Cane’s “dad,” had the following to say:

“Hurricane was such a legend within the Service. He loved working and his talent for the job impressed me every single day. That night, he stepped up and delivered under circumstances that no amount of training could prepare him for. I have never witnessed such violence towards a dog before but it didn’t stop him from doing his job.

I am so proud of him and extremely thankful to PDSA for honouring his service and actions in this way. We are very pleased to be in London to receive the honour – Hurricane has travelled in style with British Airways and is receiving the full VIP treatment with just as he deserves.”

Here is the video:

Well done, Cane!

  1. Thanks Ben for sharing a remarkable service (Secret Service) dog story. Kudos to BA for rolling out the paw (err mean Red) carpet for Hurricane.

  2. Tears of joy. Really hard to watch that guy hurt Cane. Glad he’s being rewarded and living a better life.

  3. Now back to typo?
    He received this for protecting President Obama and the First Family from an “introducer” who attempted to gain access to the White House back in 2014.

    So someone who stole the White House key is introducing the President and got bitten???????

    Now back to sarcasm!!!
    Guns also protected the First Family and our freedom.
    Should we 1. award medals to AR-15? and 2. carry them with honor onboard?
    Long live 2nd amendment.

  4. Great story and the way Cane dived into the limo looked like he knew it was special and just for him.

  5. Obama..Obama…Obama…name rings a bell…Oh! Yes!

    He was president back when America had LEGITIMATE presidents instead of an unstable moronic racist with his crooked family! He wasn’t impeached.

    We remember him well, and he is sorely missed.

  6. Meaningless marketing, from an airline that has a very strict no dogs in cabin policy. They way they treat their customers’ pets couldn’t be further from what is shown in the video.

  7. “Keeping it real” simply cannot grasp the concept in theyr’e feeble mind that this is a travel blog not a political forum. There is no place here for moronic babble regarding his or her political views!

  8. Excellent story, Lucky.

    Point of order. “Ex-US Secret Service dog Hurricane” should be “Former US Secret Service dog Hurricane”, as I assume he was honorably discharge from service. 😉

  9. Too bad every canine companion can’t get this type of royal treatment. But even if it’s just for this one dog, I say kudos to BA for doing something well, one dog at a time.

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