Sub-$1,400 British Airways Business Class Fares New York To Berlin

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At the moment British Airways has some spectacular fares for roundtrip business class travel from New York to Berlin this summer. The fares seem to be valid for travel starting late June through late September. Some dates have a seven night minimum stay requirement, while others don’t.

Roundtrip business class fares start at ~$1,775, which is pretty good to begin with. However, you can knock nearly $400 off that price.

First of all, just for being an AARP member you can get $200 off that fare. Anyone can join AARP (there’s no age requirement) for just $16 per year, and that drops the fare down to ~$1,551 on many dates.

Then if you have the British Airways Visa you can score a further 10% off by using promotion code CHASEBA10. In practice the 10% discount sometimes works if using other Visa cards to pay as well.

That brings down the fare to ~$1,396, which I’d consider to be a spectacular deal for roundtrip business class.

You could credit these flights to a variety of programs:

  • If crediting to Alaska Mileage Plan you’d earn 150% elite qualifying miles and 250% redeemable miles (not factoring in any elite bonuses)
  • If crediting to American AAdvantage you’d earn 200% elite qualifying miles, 125% redeemable miles, and 25% elite qualifying dollars based on the distance flown (not factoring in any elite bonuses)

Also keep in mind that you can upgrade British Airways business class tickets for just 18,000-20,000 Avios in each direction between New York and London, which potentially represents a great deal.

Upgrade availability comes out of the same inventory as award availability, so just book a flight that also has first class award availability and you should be able to confirm an upgrade.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of these great British Airways fares between New York and Berlin?

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  1. Hope this is the first of many discounted J fares — and perhaps some west coast love too. Seems like these dried up the last 2-3 years.

  2. FYI I think if you use the CARDOFFER promo then one cannot UUA; at least that’s been my experience in the past…


  3. Do the flights have to be on BA metal for the AARP and/or CHASEBA10 promos to work? I am seeing some flight options with the far-preferable AA 777 that are BA codeshare.

  4. @Ethan G. Two years ago I bought tickets on BA’s website (accessed through AARP). 2 out of 3 including the transatlantic segments were on AA. So for me it worked. If you go through the AARP website to BA, it shows you the already discounted fares, including those on AA metal.
    As for the credit card related 10% discount, I do not know.

  5. I tried to upgrade with avios with the AARP discount last year and was told it was impossible, so had to remove the AARP discount to process the upgrade. Do people have experience successfully upgrading while using the AARP discount?

  6. Can I book these fares through AA while flying on BA metal??? if the answer is yes, then can I upgrade using Avios once booked???

  7. Thank you for the tip. We booked the flight on AA metal (777) for Sept. The AARP discount brought the price total to $3103 (down from $3503 w/o the discount). The ability to use Avios was blocked so we chose to pay cash and then try to upgrade to first using avios. Called BA and was told that availability was not open to upgrade at this time.
    I’m going to have to assume that the upgrade availability may open up in the future since it was available to book now. If there are tips for accessing the upgrade I’d be interested in knowing.

  8. I just booked two of these and was told by BA that upgrades to First were not available because I used the AARP discount code to book. HUCA gave me the same story. So, unfortunately, this looks like a new policy. FWIW the rep told me that the internal BA code for the AARP discount is 175899.

  9. My last flight booked with AARP discounts was eligible for Avios upgrade, but this was in 2016 going from WTP to Club World, not CW to F.

    As a weird thing to note, my last AARP BA flight was actually on AA metal as a codeshare, and somehow the system assigned my OW Sapphire so I had lounge access – let me tell you that is obviously a glitch since I barely pay to travel!

  10. Well I’m glad I noticed that fare yesterday before all the blogs published about it haha…
    Other than that I have a question, and sorry if it’s a dumb one: is it possible to apply the Visa discount if NOT logged into my BA account? When I tried to apply it, it said that I needed to be logged in but I want to credit those flights to Alaska, so I passed on it… Would I have been able to change it after purchasing?

  11. I just booked, but had problems applying the AARP discount, so called BA. They said the promotional code “AARP2019” has just been withdrawn. On , it says “The offer you are trying to access has ended”. I tried again with internal BA code 175899 from @John above, but the website was giving me the same errors, so I gave up and paid the extra $200. I needed to go to Berlin anyway, so this was a handy deal.

  12. @clem

    You can change where you credit miles right up until departure. Just give the number at check-in or over the phone.

    For changing between one world programmes you can do it online through the finnair website. Search for you booking there and you can change the Number to whatever one word programme you want. Pretty sure it doesn’t work for Alaska airlines though.

  13. I tried to find these fares on and could not locate them…. Does one need to have an account with them? Could someone send a ling – if these fares still exist? Thanks.

  14. I just booked this deal. Got an upper deck 747 seat in August for $1556 round trip JFK to Berlin with a 2 hour stop in London each way with very nice departure and arrival times. THANK YOU!

  15. @Lucky. – Do you get full AA miles (including qualifying miles) when buying this I fare using the AARP discount code? Thanks!

  16. @all… So my partner and I just spent a lot of time figuring out the best way to book these flights. Note to everyone that the discounted AARP fare is NOT with a code as far as I can tell, but through the link available from the AARP website under flights with BA (not the Vacations discount code).

    Originally I had been tracking some flights for NYC – Berlin through Madrid with Iberia Express on the new A350. Not that I could not find this flight available in BA with AARP, but could with American (might be an Ibera Express codeshare thing).

    We did get some great flights though, with the 747 upper deck and paid the extra $115 to do so. The other flight was AA metal 777. Flights cost (in US$) $1667.81. Could not figure out how to get the Chase Visa code to work, but I just thought if an idea: you have to have the Executive Account set up with a saved CC on file so it can process the account with one tab open in BA and the other starting at AARP which brings you to a seperated BA page (the one that specifically says AARP in the top right above the discounted prices). Anyways. We got the $200 off (I think?) For each ticket by booking them separately.

    Anyone else have a similar experience?! Great deal, but hard to navigate the AARP to BA portal with clunky selection interface for flights and class. Thanks to everyone who helped us with comments!

  17. “You could credit these flights to a variety of programs:

    If crediting to Alaska Mileage Plan you’d earn 150% elite qualifying miles and 250% redeemable miles (not factoring in any elite bonuses)
    If crediting to American AAdvantage you’d earn 200% elite qualifying miles, 125% redeemable miles, and 25% elite qualifying dollars based on the distance flown (not factoring in any elite bonuses)”

    Also keep in mind that if crediting to BA this will earn 340 tier points and 4 BA flights ==> instant BA bronze status (OneWorld Ruby), as well as 16,000 Avios (vs 12,000 AA miles) not factoring in any elite bonuses.

  18. Edit to add: it seems you can book an additional stop or two in both directions to earn a total of 420 tier points — almost Silver.

  19. After my original booking, I found a flight on BA1 the Club World London City flight from JFK. The London City flight has only 32 Biz Class lie flat seats (no economy or first class). Since using the AARP discount made upgrades impossible, this looks like a great choice. Still working on trying to get the return flight but there is no connecting flight from Berlin on the same day. Returning flight include a stopover in Shannon Ireland where they preform a US preclearance routine that allows you to bypass JFK clearance.
    Also, if you use ebates there is a 1% rebate on the flight cost so an additional $30 cash back as a bonus!

  20. Yes. I am working in London in August and my husband is going to join me and we’ll spend a week in Berlin. Thanks, Ben!

  21. Thanks for the heads up! I just booked BA2 for 31 July. I’ve always wanted to fly the baby bus. BA1/2 availability is tough to find!
    Flying the Upper Deck on a 747 on my way back (also never done that, only the nose!)

  22. Is there any way to break the outbound (preferably to lower taxes) or return to spend some time in London and make this a two city trip?

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