Boyfriend’s First Time In Emirates First Class

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I recently took my boyfriend, Ford, on his first ever trip to the Middle East. And of course I did so in style — in Emirates first class. He’s the furthest thing from a miles & points hobbyist (which is oddly refreshing, I must say, as someone who is otherwise pretty insulated to our miles & points world), and this was his first time in international first class.

Below he’s sharing his thoughts on the experience. Suffice to say we had an amazing time.

For more of his pictures from the trip, you can follow him on Instagram.

As someone with my sensibilities famously said, “a luxury, once sampled, becomes a necessity.” This certainly applies to Emirates A380 First Class, which I flew for the first time about a week ago from Dallas to Dubai.

How does one begin to enumerate the details and nuances of the experience that make it so incredibly pleasant, enjoyable, and frankly – fun?

To get them out of the way, I’ll start with the things I found slightly unappealing (I suppose once could say “dislike” but that sounds a bit harsh and hyperbolic):

Five minutes of water in the shower isn’t much, and I felt rushed and ultimately finished my shower in fewer than three! I live in LA, so I’m familiar with water conservation efforts, although I doubt the water policy is an effort at environmentalism. Given that there were only three passengers in First Class, including me and Ben, it would make sense to allocate a bit more water to each passenger. Emirates may want to consider a sliding scale for water allocation…


Some of the DFW-DXB passengers were odd, especially the Business Class passengers throwing back drinks in the bar – some of the older women were up past their bedtimes and drunk out of their minds, to the point that they took pics of me and Ben with their iPads (it’s a very mom and grandma thing to do), but they were sweet and having fun, so who can blame them, really? I hope to be that awesome in 40+ years. I make the distinction between Business and First Class in the bar only because Ben and I were the only ones from First to venture back and take advantage of the bar.

No size SMALL PJs?! I’m actually a medium, but I’m 6 feet tall, so that leads me to wonder about what smaller passengers do? Do they drown in beige cotton?

I can’t speak much to the entertainment system on board, as I was busy eating, drinking, napping, and later looking out the window as we approached Dubai (I moved from Suite 3F to 3A for landing). However, I can speak to nearly everything else.

The cabin was incredible. Certainly on the blingy side, with the gold, polished maple, and leather fixtures and finishings – not how I would personally decorate, but still pretty fabulous. In fact, I kind of love it for the very reason that it isn’t my style. The “Suite” aspect was the highlight for me, though. I loved shutting the doors and creating a cocoon where I could stretch out on the fully flat bed, look up the glowing stars on the ceiling, and tune out.

Processed with VSCOcam with 7 preset

The service was impeccable. The Purser introduced himself to us before takeoff and assured us we would have a blast. He later followed Ben and me back to the bar with a bottle of Dom Perignon ‘05 to make sure it was stocked for us. The flight attendants were also extremely attentive, arriving within seconds of whenever I pressed the call button.

My champagne glass was literally never empty, my Perrier and Voss were replenished in the minibar regularly, and they brought me back from the brink with paracetamol and pancakes when I awoke with a headache. They also were quick to engage us, chat about Dubai, and share a few quips. They also coordinated a birthday surprise for me (spearheaded by Ben) and brought out a red velvet cake complete with glowing electronic candles and a few fresh roses. Their kindness and sincerity was evident in the act. Thanks ladies!


Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

The bar, as Jennifer Aniston has shown us recently, kind of makes the experience. When you have 14 hours to kill, the opportunity to stretch one’s legs with purpose (as opposed to wandering up and down the aisle to prevent embolisms) and head back to the bar is key.  While we didn’t chat much with other passengers, I did enjoy standing at the bar as well as sitting on the couch while sampling a few different cocktails: a sip of Ben’s Hennessy Paradis and Dom, a Ketel One Filthy Martini, a Flamingo – a sweet cosmo with cherry liqueur courtesy of the innovative and beautiful Irish bartender.


The food on flight was likewise impressive. I found myself craving the Salmon Wasabi Burger more than once while in Oman. The portions were on the small side, so that several items could be enjoyed as a meal rather than just one item.


The caviar, which I ordered twice during the flight, was smooth and creamy. While Arabic Mezze isn’t something I would normally think to mention because of personal taste, the presentation alone makes it worth ordering!


Finally, the bathroom and shower… For some airplane aficionados, the shower is the most exciting and exhilarating aspect of Emirates First Class. I most enjoyed that the bathroom was spacious, well lighted, modern, and very clean. Since there were only three of us in First, the bathrooms were more or less private. I often end up dehydrated after a flight, even while flying in Business or First, because I’m reluctant to drink too much water for fear of having to use the crowded and often unclean bathrooms! It’s not so much a conscious decision as it is one that is subconscious – informed by each trip up the aisle to the cramped little bathroom that I often find gross. The bathrooms in Emirates First Class couldn’t be more of a departure from this experience. I arrived in Dubai better hydrated than when I departed Dallas. I also loved the full-length mirrors than run along one side of the bathroom make dressing and grooming simple.

In summary, if you haven’t had the chance to fly Emirates First Class yet, move it to the top of your priority list. I relished the experience and would even say it is worth routing a trip through Dubai, if you have a little extra time. It certainly didn’t feel like a 14-hour flight. Perhaps because it wasn’t so much a “flight” as an immersive flying experience!

  1. This blog is going seriously downhill.

    First the mess with the guest blogger, which all of them provide low quality content compared to the posts of Lucky.

    Now, a photo report of your boyfriend?

    Seriously Ben, get your act together.

  2. Aw! I stumbled upon him on my Explore on Instagram and he tagged you in a photo and i was like “wait, is this?” By the way i flew CX first class yesterday and i really did not see how many people “worship” it. I think it was an isolated accident but the FA working my aisle was downright rude.

  3. What a Great Review from a person not accustomed to the 1st class life style.
    Also being that I live in the DFW area this flight is on my traveling bucket list.

  4. Did the crew and other passengers realize you two were a couple? I’m guessing if they did, it didn’t negatively affect how you were treated? I’ve been reluctant to consider ever flying a ME airline, especially with my boyfriend, because I’m worried how well be treated, especially with homosexuality still being illegal in that part of the world. At least all the US 3 are outspoken Allies.

  5. @ Mike: I cannot disagree more. I think Tiffany and Nick provide great content and insight. Really enjoy the “guest” posts. And any new, additional insight is totally welcomed. I think it’s really cool that Ben feels comfortable having his boyfriend provide his thoughts on this flight. Many people who read OMAAT do not travel as frequently as Ben, so it’s nice to get perspective from someone like us who is in Int’l First Class at most once a year.

  6. paracetamol and alcohol in excess is not a good idea if you want to keep your liver in good shape… just saying.

  7. Hey Ben, I will be flying Qatar’s A380 First (DOH-BKK) on my birthday, with my wife. Any suggestion on how to get a super amazing cake like that one?

  8. Hey. The guy has been providing a service to you all free of charge. This blog is run by an actual human.
    If you want incessant number crunching, go prowl FlyerTalk or ITA.

  9. @Mike , pieces of turd who make trolling comments like yours need to get their act together. Get. Over. Yourself. He wanted to share an amazing experience with someone he loves, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s his blog, he can post and share whatever he wants so stop acting like an entitled Troll.

  10. Lucky, you guys look so happy. Awesome! Love the Instagram photos of the two of you in various locales.

    I have a question for you. Recently, I’ve been thinking about traveling to UAE with my husband. I’m a bit concerned though about traveling there as a gay couple. We’ve been together 15 years, so it’s not like we’re going to be hot and heavy in the street. But, things like checking in together, getting a room with one bed, etc. make me nervous. Any advice for traveling to Dubai or Abu Dhabi as a gay couple?

  11. @ Lucas — You might want to phone up Qatar Airways and see if they offer birthday cakes. Don’t have any experience with them specifically, but I know Emirates and Singapore gladly offer birthday cakes. Enjoy the trip!

  12. @ TJ — I would assume they did, and absolutely didn’t negatively impact the service. Keep in mind that virtually no Emirates crews are Emirati. A good percentage of male Emirates crew are even gay. Our two primary crew were from the UK and France. So the onboard experience as a gay couple is no different than on any other airline (and perhaps even more accepting than many).

  13. I thought this was a nice post. Other bloggers have long had spouses / significant others post reports, so why not Ben?

    I was also curious about the other Anthony’s question – Emirates and the Middle East has a reputation for conservatism that seem to potentially put some passengers at risk (you hear of stories of people arrested for alcohol upon deplaning, for example). How do / did you navigate that when you travel? Was it clear to the staff that you were a couple? If you are OK with going into this more in a future post, it would be very interesting

  14. @Lucas: Just let them know that it’s your birthday and you want to have a cake onboard. They will make one for you. Even British Airways bought 2 pounds of strawberry for a first class passenger because he wanted to eat that. Of course it was complimentary.

  15. Lovely post. Love the different viewpoint. And Ben, you better watch out, cos this new boyfriend has a nice way with words. Look forward to more posts from Ford. Well done.

  16. Ben! What a fun trip report. I also commend you for not responding to the negative comments. I love this blog, and seeing (or reading) a different/personal perspective is really nice. I hate to think it, but maybe the negative comments are from people who aren’t comfortable seeing two men in a loving, committed relationship. Also, at the end of the day, it’s *your* blog, so you can do whatever the F you want.

  17. What a bunch of jackasses commenting above. The guest posts have been wonderful because they have allowed a higher volume of content to be shared on this blog. No one complained when Ben’s parents wrote lengthy trip reports and this one is definitely cute. Also, seeing that Ben has a boyfriend makes me feel better about the fact that he ignored my attempt to ask him out over Facebook 🙂

  18. @Mike

    The problem is not the photo report of his boyfriend, but the fact that we should read AGAIN another report of Emirates 1st class! This product has been around for years, there’s nothing more to write about it. Everytime the same photos, the same words about the bar, the shower, the service. And everytime the same food and beverages too, Krug, Dom, Caviar & Mezze. This is a routine, not travelling!

    It feels like the 90% of Ben’s reports in the last year are just about the same 3-4 carriers on the same routes between USA, UK and UAE. It starts to feel boring, this is not a travel blog anymore, this feels more like a “commuting blog”.

    I would like to read something different, for example about Air France new La Premiere Suite, or Garuda First. Even Business class would be ok. If he doesn’t have anymore the opportunity to fly more “exotics” airline to different places in the world due to his life commitments i understand it, but this blog will become boring and useless to me and maybe someday i will even stop to read it.

  19. I agree with Mark. Emirates First has been done to death here. We get it, it’s awesome.

    Let’s have an Emirates Business Class review on one of their super long flights please.

  20. You usually flew premium classes alone. It’s nice to have someone special flying with you. Congrats and I love the story. Hopefully I can get my partner to do the same but he’s so scared of going to Middle East lol

  21. A nice trip report From Ford. Good to see you happy Ben and I agree with others that it’s helpful to hear from someone who doesn’t fly all the time like me. I have never understood the folks who complain about what you write in the blog,my thought has always been if you don’t like the content don’t read it. Hopefully, this post will help other gay couples decide if they want to go to the Middle East. I can certainly understand their trepidation. Good luck to you and the BF ignore the haters 🙂

  22. Ignore the haters Ben – as has been said, you and your guest writers do a fantastic job offering us all this free blog, and each of us is free to choose to read or not read as we see fit. Tiffany has been wonderful – loved the stories of trips with her mom having experienced that myself this year (with my mom, not HER mom :)), and Nick’s posts have offered some unique perspectives as well. I agree with some of the sentiment above that we have certainly been well informed about EK and it does get a bit redundant without any particularly unique twists to it, but hearing from Ford for the first time did make it interesting! Most of us are very happy for you both, and look forward to your continued travel adventures together. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see more of your smiling faces together!

  23. Yeah, there have been a preponderance of reviews of first class on LH, EK & CX. But, you know what? I still love reading them. And I also really enjoy Tiffany’s, Matt’s and Nick’s observations.

    SFO777, on his blog, has a great review of Air France’s La Premiere and the Shangri-la Hotel in Paris.

  24. @Joe Don – Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. Your readership won’t be missed. Go back to trolling Focus On The Family’s travel section for trip reports to Paducah in the good ol’ Ford Country Squire.

  25. @Joe Don, really? How very ignorant for you. You might as well join Kim Davis and her bandwagon of hate.

    Lucky, like Taylor Swift says, the “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate.” Good to see you’re just going to ignore them.

    You and Ford are “lucky” 🙂 to travel together. I hopefully me and my boyfriend can travel in style like you guys one day!


  26. Nice post. I enjoy having guest bloggers and getting other people’s perspective. In addition, I enjoy reading not just about the travel product but also having an injection of who you’re traveling with makes it more interesting.

    If people don’t like guest bloggers, they don’t have the read it.

    PS – very attractive boyfriend! 🙂

    I’m sure Ben has provided his great insights into blogging on the web and how it can bring out the ugliness in some people. Courageous on your part to accept Ben’s invite to post, and guess what – you did a fantastic job. Perspective – regardless if we ‘like’ or ‘agree’ with it or not – is always a good thing. A first-timer’s perspective on EK F is priceless for other readers of OMAAT who haven’t tried EK F.

    Another person commented, and I’ll echo this: you’re a great writer with a great choice of words in describing your experience. Like Travis, Tiffany, Nick, and Mike, I find the guest posts refreshing in concert with Ben’s posts, which is why I read.

    As a Gay Dad with kids who has traveled with them in F overseas: Welcome to great travel experiences and savor the journey!

  28. Ford – Welcome to OMAAT – great report! This is my first comment on the blog and wanted to make it count so we supporters can far OUTNUMBER the haters here… can’t wait to hear more from you.

    Ben – As a newbie, thank you for all of the content. Congrats on having your bf join you for one of your favorite experiences. As a single man, there are a few places and experiences I’ve dreamt of returning with a bf someday…

    and now for my inner fifth grader comment… Did anyone else look at the picture of Ford and Ben with the birthday cake and notice how happy Ben appears with the napkin/blanket? (giggling as I head run back outside to recess…)

    Best of luck to you both!

  29. I feel as though this chap Ford should have signed off as Motor Car – enough with the self-conscious literary affectations!

  30. Good for you, Ben
    Glad to know you are happy. 😉
    Ford, welcome to this madhouse 😛
    (Though I disagree in principle with homosexuality, I don’t stop reading a blog over that…)

    Though, like others, I do suggest something else than CX, LH, or EK.
    I do enjoy happy faces and new perspectives, but yawn.
    How bout Alitalia? Aeroflot? A startup?

    I do enjoy guest writers, though I don’t really like babies 😉
    I don’t mind pictures of ones though…

  31. Ben, one question – how good is Emirates to open award space in F close to departure? My family of 3 flying from SIN-DXB-JFK in March 2016. There are only 2 F seats for both flights. A third person should sit in coach/business on these flights. I know if I pay for business seat and seat in coach, Alaska can move up to F seat for free (I pay a difference in miles). From your experience, what are the chances that EK will open more space on these flights?

  32. @legoboyvdlp: I disagree “in principle” with bad grammar and bacteria.

    @Lucky: Good call. He’s a looker, he’s articulate and his column has probably upped the numbers.

    I second the suggestion that you find contributors who can cover different carriers and destinations. Garuda, EVA, VN are fast growing and relevant. But don’t stop what you’re already doing! Just add the new stuff.

    Nothing wrong with waking up the trolls, cuz the anti-trolls come out and swat them. You can see clearly that you guys are in our warm embrace and we’ve got your back. I feel more, not less, loyal to your brand after reading Ford’s well-written contribution. And after checking out his pecs on Instagram 😉 So naturally I look forward to reading more from him and from you.


  33. First up, did anyone pay for this service?

    Right! I thought so… So just ignore the site if it bothers you so.

    Fact: The content of this site is a bit B average lately. If I read another review of Emirates F, I’m quite sure I will vomit.

    Fact: This is Ben’s site and he is entitled to spew as much verbal diarrhoea as he wishes. If the rest of us don’t like it we can switch off. At the end of the day, if readership drops, his business model goes down the pan.

    But hopefully he reads the tea leaves before then and not diminish the effort he has put in and the goodwill that he has built up.

  34. Glad you had a great trip. You and Ford seem very happy together. I enjoy reading about first time experiences………..on International First Class. It brings back memories of my first time. It also brings a smile to my face traveling with others and seeing them experience International First Class for the first time.

    Please ignore the haters and keep doing what you do best. If readers don’t like what you write, then don’t read it! No need to be nasty.

    Lastly, nice review Ford and welcome to Ben’s crazy world.

  35. @JoeDon – what a goose – so up until NOW you enjoyed the blog, nothing has changed except you are now aware that the writer is gay.

    what do you think – you are going to be tainted by reading something

    Get a life – seriously.

    Meanwhile Great to discover who Ford is, and to hear what he thinks from his perspective.

    Lucky – you are lucky to have a significant other who you can share your life with, ignore the haters, and keep up the amazing work

  36. Really, people?

    Please stop your moaning and complaining about the content of Ben’s blog… Don’t like it? Then stop reading it…

    Dang, you guys are thick sometimes…

    Ben: Your boif and you make an adorable couple. So happy you could share your passion with him. Just enjoy the moment and each other… You deserve it!


  37. @YYZgayguy
    While I don’t think homosexuality is right, I respect people’s choices, unlike a certain JohnDoe with a misspelled name. 😉 Also, I don’t stop talking with them or reading/listening to what they say.
    I cannot agree more with puckjeff in regards to trolls
    “Please ignore the haters and keep doing what you do best. If readers don’t like what you write, then don’t read it! No need to be nasty.”

  38. AWWWW you guys are so cute! I’m happy for you.
    I also love the guest bloggers, especially Tiffany. She’s my fav!

  39. While I’ve only been in Emirates Business Class, I would hope that they would either provide free “samples” of the shower to the elite members or elongate the shower for those in First. Heck – maybe even let some points be cashed for a quick shower in the sky!

    That assumes that they did bring extra water of course. If I were working at Emirates, I guarantee there would be a formula including the FC Pax count to avoid loading more water than needed.

  40. Ok, this seems to be the thread for some overall reviews for Lucky, so I’ll jump on :). I am a daily reader who completely understands this is an open blog, but that said a little customer feedback never hurt anyone! Here’s what I think:

    – I honestly hate the new Ask Lucky page. I used to check the old one daily and catch up on what everyone was saying and your responses. Now I never go there. It’s too hard to navigate and I don’t click into the topics. You surely have data on this page, so go off that, but I personally much prefer the old one.

    – Whenever I access your page from my iPhone, it ALWAYS asks me to share my location. It is ultra-annoying and this just started a few days ago.

    – Love that you have someone special and are comfortable sharing it on the interwebs. Do realize it may color your reviews (Best SPG ever, LA is the best city, etc.). You may be sporting some rose-tinted shades! I also want to point out that I called this on your “I want to move to LA post.” Just sayin.

    – I agree that you seem to be slightly more on cruise control than usual. The deep analysis and interesting reviews seem to be down, while, as people point out, the Emirates F reviews are up. For example, I was desperately hoping for your analysis on LifeMiles (best uses, availability, etc.) in deciding if I should buy them, but we never really got into the deeper analysis there (or I missed it).

    – For people that are posting what they “believe” is “right,” you are embarrassing yourselfs. Please stop.

    Thanks for everything, Lucky. I just wanted to provide some feedback.

  41. I have been following your blog for many years now. I met you at a couple of FTUs.

    Congratulations! And thanks for sharing the boyfriend news with us. I am very happy for the both of you.

  42. Hi Ben glad to see you post with your bf- you guys look so happy together. So my question is how is it traveling as a gay couple on gulf carriers to Arab countries? Is there any weirdness from the staff at hotels or airlines? My bf and I have zero problems while traveling in Asia but we are flying Qatar to Sri lanka (on the a350) next March and were wondering if we should be concerned?

  43. Ford!! Hubba hubba. I’d give him a mileage run any day. He can ride me one mile at a time. Would love to review his hard product. And so on…

    Lucky, the personal side of your blog is a great balance to the useful (but obviously dry) posts about credit cards etc. Keep it up!

  44. Congrats Ben on being yourself and showing your other half! I have been a long time reader and anyone else who has read your blog since the beginning and can read between the lines knows that it isn’t a surprise that you have a boyfriend. Hmmmm…now the rumours can fly about you and thepointsguy can begin! 😉 jk

    Now I hope that you can do an updated post for couples travelling together to see which J and F classes are best for sitting together and enjoying the flight! (though I am on board with others saying that my dollars and my points will never go to a ME 3)


  45. You guys are adorable. Great post.

    Though let me echo others who’ve said they would love to see some new airlines and, in particular, more J and premium economy products reviewed. Come on, do it for your readers. 😉

  46. I echo the questions about traveling in the Middle East as a gay couple. I’ve been alone, but would love to take my husband to Dubai, but worry about it. Thoughts on the experience?

  47. Ben,

    A few years back I said these trips would be more enjoyable with a partner, and you two seem happy! I think we all remember our first time in international F class, whether as a child or an adult. As a child it was nothing, just a bigger seat…at 20 it was beyond awesome.

    More importantly you’ve changed his life, and he will never be able to see the world as it was before.


  48. Yeah Lucky!! Finally!! Well you are so popular now just on the shear numbers on this blog you had to get another Frank or two. Who still does RTW J or F for points?

  49. I always thought educated people and people who travels a lot had seen the rest of world could be more open minded. However, after read so many hate comments just because of being homosexual, I am speechless now. They are happy and cute couple. I like to read your blog, entertaining and educational. GREAT JOB!!!

  50. First off, I’m so glad Ford enjoyed the experience! EK First was my first ever international First Class experience in a 3-cabin plane so I can relate.
    Secondly, I guess you can never please everyone. I recall the days when commenters yawned and complained after several reviews of CX F and LH F… but I guess nowadays it’ll include EK F as well. It’s funny how back before 2013 redeeming EK F was challenging whereas now it seems to be quite common. Anyways, I’m glad you both enjoyed the experience and I’m happy for you guys! I’ve flown EK in economy, business, and first and even though EK gets a lot of criticism, their hard product and service is world-class in all three cabins.
    Quick question — did Ben bring that birthday cake onboard? or did EK arrange all that? Pretty neat!
    As for guest writers on this blog, I’m totally ok with that. I love reading the different perspectives on the *same* flight that Ben flies since, at the very least, we have Ben’s review to compare it to. I do wish when guest writers review a new product (i.e. jetblue mint or one of the skyteam carriers) that Ben would eventually review them too so that we have something to compare them to.
    Happy belated birthday Ford!!! Enjoy! I’ll admit there’s not many airlines that can top the EK F experience. 😉

  51. @Chao

    Those comments are just from the trolls; no matter what Ben or some of the new bloggers posts, someone will post some crap. They are the same haters posting under a different name.

  52. Unfortunately, I agree that Tiffany and Nick add a bit of the generic blogger feel to it as opposed to when it was just Lucky, as Lucky provides reviews and insights with an energy and excitement that comes thru his writing. However, I think this was a very good first post from Mr boyfriend and looking forward to future posts

  53. I’ve been to the UAE w/ my bf and haven’t been treated differently, at least I don’t think we have. (There have even been times we’ve held hands, which we typically don’t do at home in the USA, but we wanted to make a clear statement that homosexuals were in their land…)

    We’ve only been for work, and that’s really the only way I’d ever go to the UAE. Put simply, I prefer to not contribute to a society that hates me, treats women like 72nd class citizens, and steamrolls any dignity out of its workers.

    I’d rather go to civilized places that embrace diversity. But that’s just me.

  54. Great first report by Ford, who seems a natural at blogging. Congratulations!

    I do agree with several others, however, that raving about Emirates’ first and business classes has been done. There are so-o-o many other airlines out there.

    Living in the south of France half the year, I frequently utilize Air France’s services, which I find consistently superb, flight after flight. (See blogger SFO777’s recent report on La Premiere service between Paris and New York.)

  55. @Mark – Regret to report that you may not have been making as much of a statement as you might have thought you are – I’m not sure about the UAE specifically, but in much of the Arab world it’s common for men to hold hands, it’s not considered sexual at all. Guess it might occur to a few people it’s odd to see non-Arabs to do it.

    @Sean – “embolisms” has become widely accepted in general use, just as “stadiums” has largely replaced “stadia”. As something of a grammar fanatic myself, I regret to report this, but it’s true. Also, “emboli” sounds like some sort of Italian dish. 🙂

    As for the general Ben-bashing going on, I do agree that if you had asked me a week ago if I wanted to see another Emirates F review or article, I’d have said “well, not really.” However, this one was a nice intro to Ben’s boyfriend, so I enjoyed it. I would say I’d like to see some reviews of new (to Ben, at least) products sometime soon.

    One suggestion: Ben, have you considered visiting Vietnam? I’ve seen several articles/shows on it (P.J. O’Rourke’s article and the Top Gear Vietnam special both come to mind), and it looks both beautiful and friendly.

  56. @ Ford Great job in your first blog post! Very entertaining. Hope to see more of you here.

    Take good care of Ben. He’s our boo too. 😉

  57. I’m surprised that a couple of gays decided to go to Dubai of all places – i thought being gay was illegal there?
    Also, the blog really has hit rock bottom. Just remember to have regular check ups cos you guys are statistically more likely to get infections with your dirty practices (I’m just looking out for you here)

  58. Loved the post and just added another follower to his Instagram account. Great that he also posts more photos of you on Instagram and the blog since you have always been a bit camera shy. 🙂 Now next time fly Emirates J on the A380 and take the middle two seats. You guys get to sit even closer together and we get a different kind of product reviewed. So happy for you 2!

  59. Come on, @Bill
    How do you know what they do?
    Maybe they just live together and don’t do whatever you are referring to?
    So, I would retract your troll comment.

  60. For god’s sake this is a travel and miles blog. For those of you who really feel the need to comment on the writer’s [possible] sexual practices, no one really gives a damn what you think.

    Everyone single other reader

  61. Really good article – I think it’s great getting the opinion of someone who isn’t jaded by the champagne and caviar lifestyle and gives a blog like this a breath of fresh air. I personally travel +130k a year and love taking a friend / bf / whatever along with me who doesn’t normally do this, as it reinvigorates my enjoyment of the experience – much like this article.

    Well done.

  62. I enjoy reading Ben’s post. It’s because of Ben’s blog; my boyfriend and I were able to redeem miles to Dubai. Boy, to say that flight was outstanding would be understatement. I mean, they cater to your every need. We enjoy our flight so much, we sent an email to Emirates Management and named the individual flight crew of their exceptional service they provided us. They informed us they would pass on our comments to their respective supervisors.

    Also, Ben is correct the Emirates flight crew is from many backgrounds and no problem with gay travelers. They made us feel very special.

    It’s nice that you felt comfortable enough to introduce your boyfriend with the rest of us and he did a wonderful job with his review.

  63. @Bill – your comments are insulting, bigoted and unnecessary. In case you forgot, this is Lucky’s blog so he can pretty much write whatever he chooses, including allowing his boyfriend to do reviews (which by the way I think is amazing). As

    for the comments about getting more check-ups, WTF? As someone in a stable, long-term, monogamous same-sex relationship I don’t see how I am statistically more likely to get infections than you are. Perhaps you need to get yourself checked (possibly your brain too while you’re at it).

    Bottom Line – Stop trolling and go back under your bridge – if you don’t like this blog, don’t read it, simple.

  64. I am late to the comments on this subject. I am am a retired (early) 26 years with TWA/AA and we fly first class on EK to Africa and have stayed in Dubai many times. EK does hire gay men and women and of course gay people do live in Dubai without issues. Public affection whether gay or straight is frowned upon especially in the Muslim districts. Dubai is very safe and people for the most part are not judging you. Cabin crew on EK are the best. We always travel first on them as well as SQ and we travel a lot.

    My husband of 21 years has a birthday coming up and I ordered a cake with no issues on our upcoming trip to South Africa. EK is delighted to provide such a surprisie and we have a big party planned at Royal Malewane in the Krueger. The A-380 is a fun plane to be on if you are in business or first. The aft bar can be quite fun if you are social which we are. We both paid our dues over the years and don’t deny ourselves anything. Do I miss flying….not anymore with American carriers as they have all turned to shit.

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