Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones On Sale

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Funny enough I was working on a post last night entitled “7 Travel Gadgets I Always Have In My Carry-On.” Two of the things I have in my carry-on are the Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones and the Bose QuietComfort 20 Headphones. Maybe that’s excessive, but that way I have both on-ear headphones and in-ear headphones. I prefer the on-ear headphones when on planes, while I prefer the in-ear headphones when I’m walking around a city, at the gym, etc. Between the two I’m pretty well covered, and combined I’d say I use them an average of several hours per day.


I had looked up the price of the headphones yesterday, and they were normal price. This morning View from the Wing posted that the Bose QuietComfort25 Headphones are on sale on Amazon, at the lowest price I’ve ever seen:

The normal price is $299, while right now they’re on sale for $269, which is 10% off. That might not seem huge, but Bose products rarely go on sale, in my experience. Furthermore, many of us are eligible for even larger savings at Amazon right now, thanks to some recent promotions:

Assuming you’re like me and value Ultimate Rewards points earned in conjunction with the Chase Sapphire Preferred at ~1.6 cents each, that lowers the “real” cost of these headphones to under ~$230.

Bottom line

There are certainly other good headphones out there, but I’ve always had Bose and been very happy with them. These are the headphones I use, and while they’re pricey, I use them a ton. Bose also has excellent customer service, and in my experience if there’s something wrong with the headphones even out of warranty they’ll get you a great deal on replacing them.

So if you don’t have a good pair of headphones (or have a loved one who would appreciate a good pair in time for the holidays), the Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones are a great option.

  1. Apple headphone? does it mean I can;t use it on the plane’s seat video outlet? I have mine for about 5-6 years. It is falling apart. the thin black leather cover over the foam around ear is all gone and the foam is about come off too. I’m ready for another one.

  2. The best place to buy them is Japan. Bose warranty is international, and it costs 30,000 JPY (which is about 248 USD) before tax-refund.

  3. @ Endre — Yep, still works on the plane. Certain features are just customized for Apple products, but should work with anything else as well.

  4. Thanks for saving me $30! Just bought these headphones off Amazon last week for $299. So I called Amazon and i less than 5 minutes they issued me a $30 credit!

    Amazon is the best!

  5. Right now many American Express holders are enjoying $15 off if you spend at least $60 on Amazon! Just add the discount to your card on the AmEx site if you’re eligible!

  6. I thought you recommended Sennheiser. I bought some of those in the past but not the full, over-ear ones–I would definitely go over ear for airplane flights.

  7. Sure would be nice if they offered some kind of trade-in credit to those of us who have older models. The ear pads on the ones I have are totally deteriorated.

  8. This is about as cheap as you can find them. It does go down to this price around the holidays. I believe it was also this price on Black Friday.

    Most online retailers are matching in case Amazon charges tax in your state.

  9. @Jeff R – they do offer trade in discounts. I’ve done that now a few times. Just go into a Bose Authorized Store and they’ll do it for you. I’ve seen discounts up to $100.

  10. The new Bose use throw away batteries (AAA), where as the older models have rechargeable batteries – so more or less what you prefer. If you go with rechargeable battery headset – I would only recommend buying spares from Bose direct – as some cheap copies are reported to not fit right nor hold their charge as well. And they run about $50 per battery.

  11. Are you kidding me?!?! I decided last week that I wanted these. I was at the mall yesterday and saw there was a Bose store, but before I went in I pulled up Amazon to see if they were still the $299 price that they were at Bose, and they were. So, I went in to Bose and bought them because they were the exact same price as Amazon and now they went on sale, damnit!!!!

  12. It’s too bad that entry prices for Ultimate Ears custom molded monitors are close to $1,000 because they blow Bose away in every single measure, and once you buy them, you would never even contemplate Bose. Something to think of for the next list!

  13. Bought some a few months ago and returned them after a 4 flight vacation. The noise cancelling is top notch, but sound reproduction lacked a little. The worst part was the microphone that runs the noise cancelling is located badly on the earpieces so if you lean back on your headrest you get major noise feedback it causes a rumble as loud as take-off during flight…so my cheap sony’s worked better unless I leaned forward the whole flight.

  14. Anyone want to guess when I bought my pair of QC25’s?

    Anyone know if the Bose store does price matching?

  15. Currently on sale at for A$298.99, approx. US$210.
    Not sure about o/s postage.
    At least one benefit of the lower A$.

  16. Amazon prime, you are evil. Saw the sale this morning and I am already enjoying the headphones tonight. The sound is great. I cant wait to take them on my next flight.

  17. I am a serious audiophile. Bose is ok. Great for same $ is PSB. Over ear noise canceling $299 and in-ear buds $249.

  18. And if Amazon offers Amazon Prime Now in your area and the headphones are on sale, you get additional $20 off your order.

  19. This is not a deal for your Canadian readers. Up north here where the US dollar is about 40% on our Kanada Peso, you can get them much cheaper.

    If you live in a city within 500 miles served by AA or Alaska Air, redeem 4500 avios (by getting the Avios credit card in your link) and fly up north and buy a pair at the Bose store up in Canada for even less!

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