Booking an around the world ticket for two days from now!

I’ll be flying on ANA, Singapore, Thai, United, Asiana, and Lufthansa, all in first class, I’ll get to visit Singapore for a couple of days (a city I love), and will spend a couple of days with my brother in Seoul (a city I don’t care for much, but it’s family time, so hey). Stay tuned!

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  1. Are you booking a RTW for two, days from now? Or are you booking a RTW ticket for 6/15? Not clear from the post.

  2. Assuming you are starting and returning from Tampa on a westerly routing all in First Class, how many miles is this costing you?

  3. How did you get the AC miles? You seem to have miles in every program. Is there a double trick?….

  4. Same question as Bob. How do you have Aeroplan points when you seem to fly UA almost exclusively?

  5. Why don’t you care about Seoul? It’s a great, fun city, if you know where to go eat and hang out. I know it’s really crowded and crazy… But if you can keep up, you’ll be amazed that the city does not go to sleep.

    Was there any particular reason you chose Park Hyatt instead of Grand Hyatt in Seoul? I plan on staying at Grand Hyatt Seoul next month. It’s supposed to have a great scenery and have better location.

    I hope you will enjoy Seoul stay and change your opinion about the city. 😉

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