Booked another one!

Well folks, booked another mileage run since the great fares keep coming. I’ll be flying TPA-IAD-SFO-SEA-IAD-TPA this Wednesday. The seatmaps look quite full, which surprisingly the inventory doesn’t reflect. I’m guessing they’re willing to overbook quite a bit, since they’re pretty desperate.

Now I find myself wondering how far I want to go this year with UA. After this trip and then Chicago two days later I’m sitting at 150,000 EQM’s on United. I’m obviously going for 200,000 EQM’s for the two extra SWU’s since I have nearly six months to achieve it, but is that really where I should stop? If I go to 225,000 I qualify for the last “Elite Choice” milestone, where one option is 25,000 redeemable miles. That would basically mean that I’m earning a 200% mileage bonus for the 25,000 miles I fly over 200,000.

But then why stop there? If I’m at 225,000 EQM’s I’m only 25,000 EQM’s from another two SWU’s, which are worth 60,000 more miles.

See my dilemma? Obviously I won’t go beyond that, but up until that point it’s a challenge choosing when to stop, since the good deals keep coming….

Oh, and for those wondering what I’m saving miles for right now– well, my mom’s dream has always been to visit Egypt, so right now I’m working on enough miles for two first class tickets to Egypt (of course flying Swiss, at least from Europe to Egypt, since Lufthansa flies two cabin planes FRA-CAI).

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  1. Living on the coast is a huge advantage for mileage runs and miles in general… from the middle of the country every domestic trip is fewer miles (rarely over 1600 OW) and creative routings are harder.

  2. What, you’re not going to take advantage of Egypt Air joining the *A, and fly on them? ;^)

    Seriously, what a nice thing to do for your mom! I’ve been to a lot of places, and Egypt is still one of my absolute favorite countries. Be sure to get out of Cairo for some of the time, and try Aswan, Luxor, etc.

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