The Waldorf Astoria Maldives Is Now Bookable

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I’d argue the most anticipated hotel to join the Hilton Honors portfolio this year is theĀ Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi. This hotel looks absolutely stunning, and isn’t far from Male Airport, so it can be reached by speedboat rather than requiring a seaplane.

Up until now rooms haven’t been bookable, though the hotel has told us to expect rates of $2,000+ per night (including taxes and fees) for a base room, which could make this one of the most expensive hotels in the Maldives.

I wrote in the past about how I was curious how points redemptions would work at this hotel. Traditionally Hilton Honors charges at most 95,000 points per night for a redemption, and almost all hotels are included. In the case of some hotels they may only have one or two rooms you can redeem at, but it’s still possible to redeem.

If prices stick, this is going to be Hilton’s most expensive property, so I’m curious to see how this is handled.

Well, the Waldorf Astoria Maldives is now accepting reservations for stays starting July 1, 2019. Initially, it was rumored the hotel would open in late April, though it could be that they’re just being conservative and taking reservations for later for now.

As expected, rates are really high. The base room here is the king beach villa with pool, which is advertised as being 2,518 square feet and having beach access.

King Beach Villa Waldorf Astoria Maldives

Rates start at $1,833 for the best available rate, though by the time you add the 22% in taxes and service charges, you’re looking at $2,236 per night.

Meanwhile the cheapest rate for an overwater villa is $2,233 per night, or $2,724 including taxes and service charges.

As of now I don’t see any points availability loaded, short of booking Points & Money, where a night would cost 655,000 points. It’s possible that this hotel somehow chooses to be “non-participating,” or something, or it’s possible that they just haven’t gotten around to loading inventory yet. I’m following up with Hilton Honors to find out.

In the event that they do have points availability, I’ll be sure to post again, and I’d recommend booking ASAP, because I imagine base rooms will sell faster than a Cathay Pacific first class mistake fare.

  1. I saw this around 10 minutes ago too. Hope to visit there in August if the points rate drops to 95,000 or would visit the Saii Lagoon.

  2. before booking please note while waldorf astoria are the operator the owner of the resort is a Syrian/Qatari family based in Doha who have allegedly been funding Al-Qaeda linked Islamist militants in During the civil war . If you wish to enrich such individuals please go ahead

  3. I get that the Maldives isn’t going to have many last minute bookings, but requiring 15 days notice for cancellation on a flexible rate is pushing it a bit!

  4. One way or another my 2019 Year-end Asian Escapade will include a 5-night (award) stay in the Maldives. I’ve deferred long enough. It’s time…

  5. @Ex DOH

    Statistically speaking, I’m sure 90% of the families in middle-east muslim countries are somehow related between each other.

    There are worse things that happen within the US yet we give them money.

  6. The “Waldorf Astoria” in my personal opinion is well worth the $ gUaP $. They’re top shelf, located in Manhattan “and yes I’m favoring them because I;m from Brooklyn,” and you can have the most grand experience as a hotel guest, though I never personally stayed there. There’s always something constructive to do in New York City for those who decide to stay at the Waldorf Astoria. For savvy marketers, they could earn all their $ gUaP $ back after staying at the famous Manhattan hotel, by documenting their experience with video, image, and content, and surrounding that content with adverts. This is the beauty of documenting your travels and earning handsome income. šŸ™‚

  7. @Ex DOH
    allegedly? the livelihood of a lot of people working in this resort depends on customers staying in it. You are going to let them and their children starve just because you heard something “allegedly” happened?

  8. @KIA So there is a huge famine in the Maldives, that can only be alleviated if we spend around $4,000 a day for room and meals at a Waldorf Astoria?

    @Impartial Bystander Better to not support any of the various sides, IMHO

    @Tom “There are worse things that happen within the US”:
    What, pray tell, things “happen in the US” that are worse than what al Qaeda has done. World Trade Center destruction just being one of a long, long list. Are you thinking of college students wearing Black face 20 years ago, or what exactly?


  9. @Robert Hanson – Every heard of:

    (a) Sandy Hook
    (b) Gay disco slaughtering in Orlando
    (c) Vegas mass shooting

    Those are just the memorable ones over a few years. Please search for “List of mass shootings in the United States in 2018” and see the carnage for just one year… and how mistaken you are.


  10. @DCS – Never mind the fact that the number of fatalities from mass shootings in 2018 was less than a tenth of the 9/11 fatalities.

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