Bling it on, Burj Al Arab!

I’ll keep this brief as I only have two days in Dubai, though you can expect a full report upon my return home.

Last year when I was in Dubai I had afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab, the world’s most ______ hotel (you can fill in the blank just about any way you’d like, and it’ll be true). It was a seven course affair and totally worth every penny, as you can’t visit the hotel unless you’re staying or dining there (and this is about the cheapest option there is). Last time I was only able to get a table at Sahn Eddar, the hotel’s lobby lounge, and not the Skyview bar, where I really wanted to have afternoon tea.

Anyway, this time around I managed to get a table at the Skyview Bar, and it was probably ten times awesomer than the lobby lounge. You can find a few pics below, with a full report coming in a week or so.

Lobby of the Burj Al Arab (no war on Christmas here, oddly enough)

Burj Al Arab or 1980s cruise ship?

Afternoon tea, er, champagne, with a view

One of the many courses of afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is outrageously expensive at 450 AED (~$123USD) per person, though I think it’s something that should be experienced at least once if you’re in Dubai. I probably won’t do it again now that I’ve had the experience, though I won’t soon forget it.

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  1. I’ve been twice and wouldn’t mind going back one more time. Atmosphere’s Bar in the Armani Hotel is great spot to see the view at the Burj Khalifah.

    Wish we could meet up when we are both in DXB at the same time.Have fun!

  2. Something about how that hotel is designed makes my head ache. I know you’re taking real pictures but they still look like computer renderings.

  3. Re: “racist” comment… I think Steve may be under the impression that the title is in Engrish, and therefore mocking Asians. I’m pretty sure this is not the case.

  4. I was in the UAE in 2007 as part of an small education exchange and my group (five of us) received an incredible tour of the Burj (suite, restaurants, Skyview lounge, the works) from someone in the hotel’s PR/marketing team. It is certainly a spectacle.

  5. This is really weird because I took almost identical pictures to the ones you have above! The only difference is mine didn’t have nutcrackers in the lobby!

  6. @Steve and @Robin – There is nothing racist or insulting about the title. It’s quite clever, actually. I believe what Lucky is referring to when he wrote “bling” is all the money and wealth concentrated in Dubai, and for that matter, most of the Mideast. It’s not making fun of the accents some Asians may have when speaking English, and it’s definitely not racist. It may be a generational thing though, as it’s more of an MTV demographic term. šŸ™‚

  7. @ Romsdeals — Dubai. Hands down. I actually can’t imagine there’s a better afternoon tea experience than at the Burj.

  8. I stayed there. Total waste of cash. Personal butler? Yeah right, you must mean a lowly paid immigrant slave who doesnt know how to do anything. Concierge? Ha, called them to get us a rez at gordon ramsays place and they told us where to find the number in the book. Spend cash if you want to look like a baller but if you actually demand value for those dollars look elsewhere like emirates towers where we switched to after 2 wasted days at burj.

  9. I went to this hotel… I agree! This hotel in bling bling and more bling! I ordered a signature martini which was $50 … no joke!

  10. looks like perfection to me! I can’t wait to go! My girlfriend from the states moved there 4 years ago and really enjoys it.

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