Best trip report ever…

I think I’ve finally found the best trip report ever. No, it doesn’t have 400 pictures or 40,000 words, but it’s ridiculously awesome. Check out this trip report posted on FlyerTalk by member macabus, as he recounts his recent Singapore first class journey in terms of his Dom consumption.


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  1. “Dom is truly the “breakfast of champions.”

    I had the chicken curry and it was so hot that North Korea could have used it as nuclear fuel.

    That bottle of Dom was empty in a heartbeat.

    And yes, it was the 2000.”

    Superb…thanks for the link Lucky!

  2. Macabus’ story reminded me of my Alaska Airlines flight. I sat at the first row of Economy Class, so I had a full view of what’s going on in First. One of the First Class passengers consumed 3 bottles of red wine from boarding to mid-flight to landing.

    Lines from Seinfeld’s “Airport Episode”
    Flight Attendant: More anything?
    Seinfeld (in First Class): More everything

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