The World’s Best Airport Lounge Shower For AvGeeks?

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I’ve always thought that the world’s nicest airport showers are located in Cathay Pacific’s “The Wing” First Class Lounge in Hong Kong. Generally it’s nice to get a hotel-quality shower at an airport, though I’d argue the showers in The Wing are on par with the nicest hotel showers you’ll find anywhere (if not nicer).

However, those might not even be the most fun showers at the airport that you can use. Reader Shaun shared pictures of the shower rooms at the Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong (the one near gates 40/60, where the terminal splits). Check out the views!

What a view!

Now, while it does look like there are blinds for privacy, I do wonder how well tinted the windows are in the other direction, or else the pilots are getting quite a show (for better or worse). I guess there’s no easy way to find out either.

So the shower itself might not be as luxurious as the ones in The Wing, but as an aviation geek I actually think I’d rather use a simpler shower room with views like these, than use the luxurious shower in The Wing with no views.

Anyone know of another airport lounge that offers showers with a view? Would you choose to shower in The Wing or Plaza Premium Lounge?

  1. There was a time when everyone didn’t have pocket cameras and women weren’t as masculine and everyone liked to have some innocent fun. I am sure in those times some women would “forget” to draw the blinds on purpose.

  2. I am a regular HKG airport visitor due to my numerous first class flights. I heard that Plaza Premium lounge were not that good, overcrowded and with poor food selection. Not sure I would bother since they are not for First class passengers. By the way for the haters, I always pay for my First class tickets

  3. Personally I would draw the blinds when showering though if there is no plane at the gate then I would keep it open.

  4. @Endre

    Are you a poor or something? I can’t believe you’d publicly admit to flying commercial–how embarrassing! I only fly private and wouldn’t deign to mix with hoi polloi like you. But please let me know if I can send you some non-perishable food or clothing.

  5. Does ‘The Wing’ shower have a door keeping the water in or is it open (I understand that this is common in Asia).

  6. @Endre tryna be @Debit but without the humor. This time though I’m not a personal fan of @Debit’s comment. Usually I find them hilarious though

  7. I’m not sure what “masculine women” have to do with this post, or how it’s anyone’s business what body shape women have…

    What I do wonder is why they are not mirrored one-way windows so that there’s no need to draw the blinds. Or perhaps they are?

    I agree with Lucky that it is great having a view which you don’t get in the Wing showers. That said, I’m still a massive fan of the Wing and would not pass up the opportunity to shower my manly body there if needed!

  8. I’d shower at Plaza, then over to The Wing for a long bubble bath. No tight connections in HKG please!! How do I smuggle someone into the Cabana with me, again?

  9. Wing nice but air conditioning weak. Nothing like sweating in a hot bathroom and never able to get totally dry when donning fresh clothes and rushing to next flight. Effective better than nice. I like Qantas lax for that reason

  10. If it’s during the day, it’s impossible to see inside even without blinds, since it’s darker than outside (on sunny days).
    At night time however it would be brighter than the outside, so everything will be visible.
    Thanks for the humor. I’m sure your manly body rocks!

  11. @Endre if your comment is true it makes you incredibly stupid. If you pay for first class tickets most the time okay that makes sense but not “all” of the time. Are you saying you never do anything with all the frequent flier miles you earn? People don’t just do nothing with them. If you are telling me that you are too rich for frequent flier miles then you are an idiot. You could be saving thousands upon thousands a year by using them for some of your first class tickets.

  12. @DenB There’s no restriction on more than one person using the same cabana. My GF and I go in all the time, you can bring food in there too. We always try to smuggle a bottle from the champagne bar when the attendant isn’t there and bring it in.

  13. When are people going to learn that people making provocative statements WANT attention, even if it’s negative? It’s like you’ve only just started using the internet today!

    Katie, there’s nothing remotely perverted about enjoying seeing people naked (with their permission of course, which is what Debit described). In fact, if you don’t, then I’m afraid you’re the weird one in this scenario! (Though each to their own of course)

  14. The new Day Suites at CX’s The Pier First Class lounge at HKG has these views. Not the great shower/tub Cabanas as in the The Wing, but on my last connection from PVG I had 4 hours to kill so I used both! Also I think the Restaurant experience in this lounge is better as it’s not as cramped as the one in The Wing.

  15. I’m with Emily, DenB, and Peter B. Bring in the bottle:-)

    I’ll need to check if the PP lounge is a Priority Pass Lounge.

    JimB. No door but plenty of space for splashing. 🙂

  16. I think that’s a new low in the percentage of comments that are on topic and not just trolling or responding to trolls. Although admittedly some of the responders, like @Emily, were brilliant.

  17. This is a cool bit of information, thanks for sharing. I will have to check that shower out next time through HKIA.

    Shame about all the trolls here.

  18. Indeed sad to see this thread coopted by all the trolls.

    Katie, there was a time when young women like yourself, to rebel against their parents, “loved” old perverts. Nowadays you young people are too lazy to even rebel. No matter, when you decide to rebel the old perverts will be happy to take you in.

  19. Is the toilet shielded behind its own stall? Otherwise the only thing provocative anyone will glimpse through those open blinds is some guy forgetting and taking a dump in full view.

  20. It’s fun to compare lavish airport experiences, sitting at home and typing away. But I’ve got to say that the very best shower, when you’re between 10 hour flights and about 9 hours jet-lagged, is available, clean, and comes with soap and a towel. Even full-blown av geeks will probably agree.

  21. HKG quarterly x 19 years.
    Confirm that Cathay is superior (Polaris coming soon) for showers and food. Plaza is just awful with crowds and sub-par food.

  22. I think the article title and the content are mismatched. I think the best airport bath/shower in the world is at Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. Granted, there is no view from the bathroom — but that’s fine by me.

  23. If there are any sane readers who have got this far in Comments, how long is considered reasonable to spend in a bathroom if (a) showering and other needs, and (b) taking a bubble bath or the like? Does the bathroom attendant helpfully tell you what is expected?

  24. Endre is too poor in quality and taste to reveal his true self. Any one who actually has that much wealth does not need to advertise. A lot of my crazy rich friends let the wealth display themselves.

  25. What is it with AVGeeks and their shower fetish????

    First it was in the departure lounge, then it was on arrival. When EK made it in the sky, they went nuts. Now you can (literally) stick it up in front of the pilots.

  26. I visited these shower suites twice within a one week period last month. It looks like half of the suites have this view, while the other half don’t have any windows at all (I experienced one of each). Priority Pass allows access to the Shower Suites (which are part of the wellness lounge, separate to the Premium Plaza Lounge which is a short walk away on the mezzanine level). I had to book a time at the Premium Plaza lounge first, then they gave me a stamped ticket to take to take to the wellness lounge. They did mention that they were renovating their shower facilities, so I’m not sure if Priority Pass will allow access to the wellness area once their renovations are complete.

  27. Do check out the showers at KUL airport. Forgot the name of the spa. I paid $13.00 to use the space for 45 minutes. A shower, a lounger, WC etc. Along with floor to ceiling windows offering the most amazing view of the Tarmac.`

  28. CX lounge showers often smell musty and are not well ventilated. Bring think rubber sandals to prevent foot fungus.

    Watch your bags as former colleagues and clients of mine got their laptops or bags stolen. Ditto for the SQ lounges at SIN.

  29. I’ve showered in many of the best lounges in the world (Qater, Quantas, Cathay, etc.) and they all have the same problem: Non ventilation! You end up in a humid hotbox and you feel absolutely disgusting putting your clothes back on, the last thing you feel is refreshed after these showers.

  30. The lounge used by BA (Comair) at JNB has bathroom/shower suites similar to this that look onto the apron. The window, though, isn’t as large; it was maybe 2 or 3 feet across. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it’s called, though. Perhaps someone else in the comments can help out. Regardless, the food spread was incredibly good with lots of salads, fruits, finger sandwiches, and desserts. And all presented very well. It was a great place to spend a couple of hours between our HKG-JNB and JNB-CPT flights.

  31. I’ve had showers at the other HKG Plaza lounge, because this one has always been crowded. Guess I’ll just have to line up next time.

    I would definitely use it without the blinds. I doubt it is possible to see anything from outside. And, even if it was, why should I care?

  32. @ Endre
    I know a few ppl travel F as long as the route has F, they have no time or interest to play points game, or the time to troll on the internet. Please go slay some internet dragons.

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