Best place to buy airline galley carts?

During my recent trip to Singapore I was walking through a mall, and out of the corner of my eye spotted two galley carts at the front of a store. Naturally I was intrigued. I’ve seen galley carts for sale before, but I hadn’t given it any thought for a few years now… well, at least since I moved out of my mother’s basement. The carts were Swissair branded and cost 3,000SGD each (~2,350USD). And while that’s expensive, they were so damn cool!


I mean, my living room right now is decorated with Rimowa amenity kits and Asian airline branded teddy bears, so what could possibly complement them better than a galley cart? 😉



Anyway, I’m curious if anyone has any experience with the best place to buy galley carts? From looking online it seems they’re available for less than half the price elsewhere, but a lot of them don’t have airline branding. I’d love an airline branded galley cart, be it Lufthansa or any other cool airline.

Anyone own one of these, or also eying one for their home?

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  1. eBay’s got several in the $200 range…. plus an extra $150-200 in shipping (or local pickup only). Looks like TWA, AA, Malaysia, and All Nippon are all available at the moment. I just searched for “galley cart”.

  2. Alaska Airlines regularly donates them to charity auctions around Seattle. Then the charity typically loads them up with booze and utensils. The last one I was it it sold for about $1000 which was the value of the booze probably.

  3. I think we sell them for $45 in our employee store. Shipping it to you could get expensive, but feel free to email if you’re interested.

  4. i’ve seen them for sale at the Boeing surplus store way back in the day (mid-90s…)

    not sure if it’s still open anymore though… if not, maybe ebay?

  5. The DL museum has them for $45. I’ve got a regular bev cart & a trash cart. UShip is supposedly decent on shipping costs.

  6. Well, what gomike said. Hey, if you want Pioneer or Chicago & Southern, I can fix you right up!

    What’s more interesting: Why do Singapore Airlines pilot teddy-bears have to wear pants, but Singapore Airlines flight attendant teddy-bears don’t? Teddy-bare?

  7. You can buy a brand new ATLAS full cart from manufacturer with personalised branding for around 700 Euros. The ones you have pictured are obsolete KSSU half carts. Message me if you want contacts for the various big players in this field (Driessen, Diethelm-Keller, etc..) and I’ll hook you up.

  8. Also, if you want to descend into the ultimate depths of true airline geekdom, there is actually a small group of “galley cart spotters” who note the serial numbers of various galley carts and then try to spot them on as many different aircraft/routes as possible. I ran into them once at a catering facility in Gatwick and they went delirious with excitement when they spotted a refurbished South African Airways ATLAS cart, but with Ghana International Airlines branding!

    To each their own I guess!

  9. Ben – Do you know if there’s any way to get a Lufthansa Rimowa kit? Are there any routes that still offer them?

  10. I have never before considered the possibility of owning one of those. But it would be a great for keeping on the back porch in the summer with all of the outdoor dining stuff. Now, where can I get one of them near Chicago?

  11. Delta hangar sales! Anywhere between $25-75 depending on quantity and condition. We tend to have them every couple of months.

  12. Shipping shouldn’t be a problem. Just buy them and wheel them onto your next flight home. Just remember to announce that you’ll be coming down the isle and fellow passengers should watch their elbows as you come through. 🙂
    Sounds cool to me but I’m not sure what I would use it for at home.

  13. @ VroomVroom — Ebay would be the best place. They don’t have them on any routes right now that I know of.

  14. I got mine on eBay for $250. It’s branded Astraeus, but you could always just paint it.

    Anyone have a source for the trays/shelves that go in it? It’s the smaller CRJ-sized one.

  15. We carry a large selection of used Airline carts and we manufacture new products.
    All goods are held in our warehouse in Nuth the Netherlands and available for sale. We have Atlas half size/full size as well as KSSU together with PP drawers and Aluminum drawers, we have carry stocks for the Airline industry.

  16. This is the business I am in and have all types of equipment. Give me a budget and I am sure I would have something to suit. I also have galley boxes and drawers plus full and half trolleys. I have Concorde bits and pieces in my private collection.

    Check our FB page – Dyers London Limited.

  17. I have them for sale on ebay please look for item numbers 181341760826 & 181366188129

  18. I have a custom Half size cart in great condition, willing to part with for $300 OBO
    I have pics if interested…

  19. We have galley carts and galley sections (yes the entire area where the flight attendants whip up those amazing reheated meals) for sale. Along with multiple interior, composite, and flight surfaces. We have realized that many people are becoming increasingly interested in purchasing these items for furniture and display pieces. In fact we turned an MD80 wing into a great conference table for our Executive meeting room. Can you imagine converting a galley section into an entertainment center for your living room or bar for entertaining?
    If you are interested please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    Sargent Aerospace Aftermarket Services a division of Sargent Aerospace and Defense is a large aircraft parts supplier to Airlines and the military. We purchase entire airplanes and tear them down refurbishing there components for use by airlines and the government. This process keeps your ticket prices and taxes down while maximizing the use of these engineering marvels.

  20. Just follow the Delta Flight Museum, and they post on Facebook when carts are for sale, and only $75 but you have to get there early

  21. Check out
    They sell all types of airline carts, branded or otherwise, and will customise carts to your needs.

  22. I just got a full size cart from Varig Airlines at the Pima Air Museum Gift Shop for $200. Awesome!! With all the boneyards and refurbers in the Tucson area, there seems to be lots of fun parts available in the area.

  23. Delta will be selling some on October 3, $125 a piece and these are nice ones. You have to get to the flight museum early, as it will be first come first served.

  24. We might be able to help you – we sell them. We’re based in the US and we provide custom graphics. Give us a call : 888 386 5020.

  25. I desire a half cart, pre owned is fine with me. Live in the Seattle area. I teach Kindergarten and would like to purchase one to use in an airplane center in my classroom. Thank you for any leads!

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