Why I Reported My Driver to Lyft

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As I briefly mentioned in my previous post about using Lyft at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, I had a bad experience with my driver on the way back to the airport.


It started as soon as I got in the car. A woman was crossing the street in front of us and the driver kept talking about how he couldn’t wait to check out her ass. Sadly for him (I guess), she had a jacket that was long enough to cover her backside. Then I got to hear about all of the wonderful sexual harassment he yelled out to the female pedestrians of Las Vegas.

I have two young girls and a wife who I admire for not taking any crap like this. And in almost any other situation I would have immediately called the guy on being a pig. But, when you’re a passenger in a stranger’s car, it’s hard to know what to do or how they’ll respond.

Our next fun adventure was when he decided to race a cab driver who was two lanes over. The cab driver was unaware we were in a race. But, that didn’t stop my Lyft driver from weaving in traffic and driving at unsafe speeds.

Just as my driver decided he’d won said race, he started telling me about his plans for the day. He was apparently really looking forward to getting high before picking up his next fare. That’s not the most reassuring thing to hear from a guy who was just racing through traffic.

Thankfully we made it to the airport and I was very happy the short ride (less than 7 minutes) ended safely.

While I don’t use drugs, I don’t care how people choose to spend their spare time. If getting high is fun for you, that is fine with me. But, if you endanger others when using that goes way beyond acceptable behavior in my book.

One of the best features of ridesharing apps is the fact they reduce the number of impaired drivers on the road. So, the last thing you expect or want from your Lyft or Uber driver is for them to be more messed up than you are.

It seems Lyft agrees. They advertise a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use on their website.

lyft zero tolerance intoxicants

So in addition to giving the driver the lowest rating possible, I reported the experience to Lyft. I finally received a response today.

Follow-Up from Lyft Trust & Safety

Hi Michael,

I am following up on the incident that you reported regarding your ride on November 23, 2015. I am so sorry to hear about this experience, and I sincerely apologize for the delayed response.

This sort of behavior by a driver is something that we do not tolerate on the Lyft platform. Safety is our highest priority, and your feedback is something that we take very seriously. We want every Lyft experience to be a positive one, and we want you to be comfortable with every driver that picks you up.

I want to reassure you that the concerns you have brought to our attention have been investigated, and that we followed up with this driver upon creation of this report and took the appropriate and necessary actions. In the meantime, please know that you will not be paired with this particular driver again.

I have applied a ride grant for up to $25 onto your account as a small thank you for alerting us to this situation. This credit will be good for the next 60 days and you can check the status of your credits by going into the Payment section of the app.

Please let us know about any sort of behavior in the future, as your feedback is one of the best tools we have to continually improve the Lyft community.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. To ensure that I receive your response, please reply directly to this email.

While I’m sure the $25 credit is meant as a gesture of goodwill, I personally think it cheapens their response. I didn’t report this to get a free ride. I reported it because the guy shouldn’t be driving for them.

More concerning to me is this doesn’t make it clear whether the driver is still working with Lyft. Telling me I won’t be paired with him again still leaves open the possibility this guy is picking up other people. I’ve replied to Lyft asking for clarification of how they investigated this (i.e. a drug test) and what the driver’s status is with Lyft.

Given the incredible liability involved if this guy did something after being reported for his behavior, I can’t imagine Lyft would still let him work on their platform.

But, if they’ve ended their relationship with him, why wouldn’t they just come out and say that? I suppose there could be privacy concerns. But, as a passenger, I want to be reassured they really do take safety seriously.

After all, knowing my next ride will be safe is more important than knowing it will be free (up to $25).

I’m curious how you guys would have responded in this situation and what you think of Lyft’s response. Please let me know in the comments. And if I get any additional information from them, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Has anyone had an experience like this? What would you have done?

  1. Reporting it was the appropriate thing to do. I expect it is obvious as to how Lyft would handle the situation, and I don’t think you need to play 60 Minutes here. Offering a $25 credit also doesn’t cheapen their response, that is just silly.

  2. Well, that was a rough driver…

    I think the response is reasonable. They probably need to open a case and make some investigation before blocking drivers. And I don’t think that the voucher makes it cheaper – it’s just a gesture that they value customer feedback, in my opinion.

  3. Unsafe driving, harrassment and he says he’s gonna get high before next fare? Damn if they don’t kick him off the platform that’s a huge issue.

  4. Guaranteed he’s still driving. Here in NY there is such a shortage of drivers – Uber, Lyft, Yellow cabs, livery cars – I’d bet it would have to be far worse than this to get bounced.

    I had an Uber driver last week who kept yawning – big, giant yawns – telling me he’d been up for 24 hours, was so tired, couldn’t wait to get home IN A FEW MORE HOURS, etc. What do I do? If I ask to get out, I get a low rating. If I stay in the car, I don’t feel safe. And when I reported him to Uber, I got a canned email reply telling me how important I am to them and how safety is their first concern. At least Lyft said something about an investigation. Uber didn’t even say that.

    Caveat emptor.

  5. It’s completely unreasonable to fire him after your 1 complaint. You could have some grudge against the guy and have made the whole thing up. It would be a your word against his. Now if he gets additional bad rankings/complaints, then Lyft should release him.

  6. Every time I have had an issue with Uber (which has only been a handful of times), I get a canned response and they keep giving me $5. I try to explain to them that I am just bringing up a concern and I don’t want free money, but they keep giving it to me. Guess I shouldn’t complain but it shows that they are not taking my suggestions/issues seriously, they just want to pay me off.

    I have only had two issues with Lyft but each time their response seems more genuine. Or at least someone read what I said and took it under consideration. (And both the issues with Lyft were very small compared to yours)

  7. Though you did the right thing, it was your word vers the drivers word. Like any other investigation the out come is none of your business. Now if they continue to get reports about the same driver he would be dismissed.

  8. I would have have started the video. Maybe would have carried more weight with Lyft and could have shared it with the local news to get more traction.

  9. I think it brings up an interesting point regarding Lyft and Uber employee (um, contract worker) policies. Do they require mandatory drug testing to be a driver? If not, do they advise that there will be random, or targeted drug testing? Since there is a lot of legal uncertainty as to whether these drivers are employees or independent contractors, it seems to be up in the air as to what they can legally require the driver to do. While I appreciate the ride sharing services, the law has certainly not caught up with the concept yet.

  10. I guess the driver would be innocent until proven guilty by Lyft. I’m sure they followed up but it would be hard to prove allegations and fire the driver on the spot.

  11. Chances are he denied the accusations, which would have resulted in it being merely your word against his. As Tom said, unless they can establish a pattern of similar offenses, I assume the guy gets mostly good ratings (or he’d have been dropped). To expect they sack him over a single unsubstantiated complaint is just absurd.

  12. While I agree with we also have due process in this country. I would hope lyft would do a thorough investigation. I mean if a person went to my work n said I did xyz the company better make sure I did it and the person didn’t just make it up before they fire me.

  13. You did the right thing. They seem sympathetic, however, as far as they know you could be an as*hole who has an attitude problem. Unless a crime has been committed, nothing can be reported to the police and they have taken appropriate action. Americans do think they are the centre of the world.

  14. The $ credit is universal standard. Every customer interprets service issues differently and gestures of refunds or investigations all carry different weight depending on the recipient (most appreciate the refund). As others stated, this instance is surely being noted on his internal file and won’t bode well for him going forward.

  15. Mike doesn’t suggest the driver should have been fired based solely on his word. It all comes down to what kind of investigation they did. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to require a drug test under the circumstances. If the guy passed it, okay, but if he didn’t then he should be fired.

    I realise I’m in the minority here, but I don’t think the response was adequate. Just saying Mike won’t be paired with the guy in the future is an insult.

  16. I think you did the appropriate thing by reporting the issues, and you were right to be concerned. I definitely would’ve handled the situation the way you did OR have done less, not more. Ultimately, the company is trying to please its customers and most people want some kind of reimbursement. It is almost expected these days. I don’t believe it cheapens the response. It is just commonplace.

    Regarding you following up with the actions taken, I don’t blame you, but I don’t think it is something that you should be concerned about. It is a for profit company. I’m sure if they were offering, on the whole, an unsafe product they would take actions to change that; however, if we assume that you are the first complainer and your ridership produces less revenue than the driver’s, I don’t think anyone should expect the company to move a mountain as a result. It’s just not practical.

  17. Mike, thanks for posting this. You were absolutely right to report the driver and I think Lyft’s response was appropriate. I do think there are privacy issues as to employee relations, so would not have expected details on how they followed up. Understand that you were being altruistic in reporting the incident, but don’t think that Lyft’s giving a credit cheapens their response and could encourage others to continue making such reports when justified.

  18. You did the right thing. Maybe he doesnt get fired after one complaint (maybe the customer is holding a grudge or just wants to be a dick) but if he always exhibits this behavior then certainly others will complain/have complained and no doubt that will get him fired.

    I reported a driver to Uber once. Was in Myrtle Beach and headed back to my hotel from the bars (solo). Driver opted to use this as an opportunity to try and pitch me on a timeshare. He could offer me 3 nights in a hotel and some comp. golf on a future visit for $99. All i’d have to do was attend a presentation. “lots of claims about how this wasnt a typical timeshare and would be a great investment and i’d have no obligation to buy just attend a 90 minute presentation, yadda yadda” Despite being VERY drunk i opted to listen to his shpiel and politely refused to pay him the $99 on the spot to lock in this vacation package. I told him i’d think about it then asked for his business card so i could call him in the morning after i’ve thought more about it.

    I promptly left a 1* review and sent a formal complaint to uber. They sent me an apology and a $50 credit. I told them i wasnt interested in the credit, was just doing them a favor since i love uber and thought they’d want to know what their drivers were up to. They reciprocated with another $50 credit.

    No idea if that driver is still on the road and certainly a timeshare pitch is different than DWI but either way i’ve found that they do take serious complaints seriously since their reputation is on the line.

  19. The sharing economy .Well from bad drivers with Uber and Lyft to bad rooms in people’s homes ..It is a crap shoot 🙂

  20. The sharing economy .Well from bad drivers with Uber and Lyft to bad rooms in people’s homes ..It is a crap shoot 🙂 People using their own vehicles and bad attitudes while trying to make a buck . How’s that working for ya ?

  21. If one wanted action taken one could report the driver to his insurance company. If one could learn what company that is, if he has one at all.

    If we had some ham, we could have some Ham and Eggs!
    … if we had some eggs.

  22. You don’t say what his driver feedback rating was. I would assume if this was habitual behavior he would at least have a low rating, and one could use the info to make an informed decision on whether to ride with him. I’ve always thought of Uber and Lyft like I do about eBay – never deal with people who have few ratings and/or low ratings. It’s a tough call for Lyft – zero tolerance for such dangerous practices vs. it coming down to one person’s word against another. Hindsight is 20/20; I agree with the previous post I would have started recording video or audio.

  23. Any credible company would not immediatly terminate someone based on what someone “said happened.” They would need two or three witnesses. I suppose they may use a few “secret shopper” riders to validate the complaint and then terminate the driver.

    When he said he was going to get “high” how do you know he wasn’t just kidding? Could have been some warped sense of humor???

  24. My .02 on the $25 is that it is but a gesture of goodwill on their part. However, they should be pressed on about the follow-up action about the said driver, which is pretty much the point here.

  25. those 25usd were not a gesture of goodwill but their reinsurance that you will use their service again, and about dealing with the situation it depends of your bodymass and your attitude, people in this parts of Europe tend to solve their problems by themselves so at the moment I feel I’m endangered I’m reacting, by telling the person to stop or starting physically to solve the situation.

  26. I’m not going to comment on whether or not he should be fired, that seems to have been well covered in the thread. But as to your note that the $25 cheapens the response:

    Consider things from the standpoint of Lyft (or Uber, or Postmates, Doordash, hell even the restaurant you review on Yelp). As a customer who has already chosen to use their service, your lifetime value to them is significantly higher than someone they have yet to recruit. And while the $25 may make you less inclined to give you a bad review to friends, the real point of the credit is to float you in the period where you are less likely to open the app.

    Lyft knows they have some hefty competition out there. The $25 is meant to keep you opening THEIR app and (ideally) having positive experiences so you continue to be a customer and, once your credit is up, continue to drive up your customer lifetime value, plain and simple.

    Apps have staggeringly high churn rates (download, open, use twice, never open again). Businesses like Lyft give you the credit because they know with a bad experience, the likelihood that you will stop opening the app will shoot up exponentially. So does it cheapen the response? Possibly. But remember, by simply being an accountholder you have a dollar value attached to you. And just like any business-client relationship, that value can often equate to power that is yours to yield.

  27. Sounds like you’re a snitch. And also a bit naive, if you think Lyft will be doing anything about your snitch report.

  28. People here is missing 1 thing. This is a case of “he said, she said” they cant can someone from a complaint, small or big without evidence. Was there video/audio recording of these said actions? Otherwise, they cant just can someone.

  29. “After all, knowing my next ride will be safe is more important than knowing it will be free (up to $25).”

    Couldn’t agree more. This is where in-vehicle security cameras (or mobile phone footage) would come in handy.

    @Jay Miles – Sounds like you’re the driver.

  30. Thanks everyone for the input; I really appreciate it. I didn’t think about recording in the car while it was going on. It might be something to do in the future but I share @Stvr’s concern about whether it’s kosher to record without permission.

    I fully appreciate the predicament Lyft is in here since I’m just some random idiot complaining about a ride. As a company, I’d bet their bigger concern is what happens if this guy wrecks his car while driving for them because he’s too high to drive. The liability of that happening now that a complaint has been filed is amplified even more. I imagine that’s why they have a zero-tolerance policy in the first place. And that’s where I think a drug test could go a long way to settling whether this guy is using and driving.

    While it might come across as “playing 60 minutes,” my real goal in asking more questions is to figure out if the feedback loop with ratings and complaints actually matters at Lyft. That’s the biggest asset the rideshare companies have when you compare them to cabs. But, ratings and complaints are worthless if situations like this aren’t treated seriously.

    Thanks again for your input. This was a really odd situation and I was looking forward to seeing what you all would do if you were in my shoes.

  31. The way of the world now… companies don’t want to resolve problems, they just want to pay people to shut up. I’ve taken advantage of that a few times, and in my most recent case (with ATT), came out with $240. But when the corporate rep told me that he hoped he had restored my faith in the company, I flat told him no, it hadnt. It made me satisfied enough not to escalate the issue further, but my opinion hasn’t changed. But to terminate the contract with the driver based on one customer complaint would not be responsible of them.

  32. @Mike: There is nothing wrong with objectifying women. Indeed, for the sake of your daughter’s future happiness, I hope she grows sufficiently attractive to entice males to sexually objectify her. If a girl has to pick between being objectified or ignored, deep down, you already know the answer.

  33. I gave a bad rating to an Uber driver the other day — it was the first time I’d ever not given a high rating. I explained that the driver had executed two unsafe maneuvers, and had also made some vaguely racist remarks about Muslim women. Uber responded very quickly and professionally, and they refunded my trip. I thought that was a pretty good response. Refunds do seem a little more appropriate than a payoff, but I don’t think your $25 credit was a bad move on their part.

  34. I requested a Lyft ride last night for my friend, who is black. My boyfriend and I are white. When the driver arrived, I stuck my head out the window to yell down that we’d be right down (since my friend hadn’t made it outside yet).

    He patiently waited a couple minutes until the three of us arrived downstairs. My boyfriend and I said goodbye to our friend, and our friend started walking toward the Lyft car… The driver then began pulling forward.

    I took a step toward the car, and he stopped. Until I indicated that our friend was the passenger, not us. The driver started pulling away again, yelling, “I can’t,” and “He is smoking a cigarette!” before accelerating and high-tailing it down our street — as if that were some sort of excuse, since he was clearly okay with driving me and my boyfriend, who also had lit cigarettes.

    I don’t typically use ride sharing services (though I have made a few exceptions for various reasons– this time was one of those exceptions) due to a number of issues I take with them. Primarily, lack of regulation.

    Had a taxi snubbed my friend like this, I would have been able to file a complaint with the city. In this situation, the only option I have found so far is a generic “contact us” form to email Lyft from their website. I am forced to trust Lyft to investigate my complaint. If the company doesn’t have much interest in doing so, I am pretty powerless in terms of recourse. I have no way of even knowing if they keep a record of complaints or if they have some system to identify problem drivers.

    There is a reason we have regulations, laws, taxes, etc. Rideshare services are all well and good until something happens that leaves you (or even the driver, it works both ways) in need of the protections afforded to us by those regulations. Clearly it was my choice to use Lyft instead of taking a cab, which I will no longer be doing. Convenience isn’t worth the frustration of not having a functional, dedicated, established system to handle incidents.

  35. Hi, I think this post made my crappy day, in the sense that I am not alone in feeling that there are so many things wrong about the “sharing economy” system. I got a lyft Line today and shared a ride another woman passenger. While the experience was great until she was on the ride but as soon as she was dropped off, I was attacked with verbally abusive racist comments. The driver exited his vehicle to get to me but I ran away before that. I called Lyft’s “critical response team to report but I got a similar email response like yours. They werent able to confirm if that driver will be still driving on the streets. They compensated with $15. I think it was a cheap gesture and inappropriate action. But i get the point that a rider could be crazy and going bezerk. So, how about equipping a recording device on these cars. Wouldnt it be safer for everyone..

  36. I had two negative experiences with Lyft so far. One lady accepted the request only to take longer and longer to arrive. We called her twice to see if she was even still coming. When she finally did come, she drove on the wrong side of the road for a good distance, entirely oblivious to the car behind her honking up a storm. Then a couple of days ago some guy ran a couple of yellow lights, almost hit a median but slammed on the brakes to avoid it, backed up in oncoming traffic lanes to get around it, ran over various speed bumps without slowing down and ran a stop sign. Neither driver was rude but I do not have a deathwish and bad drivers should not have driving jobs. I did not even report the first girl because she seemed more ditzy than anything else, we just gave her a low rating. That guy, I just reported, Lyft gave the usual credit but I wish there were a system similar to the dash cams on police cars. So Lyft and Uber can see how their drivers are actually driving. I have yet to have an issue with Uber but it seems their standards for their drivers are higher than Lyft’s.

  37. While that sounds like a terrible ride, and the driver clearly does not need to be driving professionally. It’s not your business how they handled it. And while they most likely ended their relationship with him, they can’t disclose that to you. All they can say is that you won’t be seeing him anymore, which they did say. They also want you to give them another chance to prove they do provide safe trips 99% off the time. The only way to do that is offer you free rides, for your inconvenience.

    Not sure how any of that lessens the response on your eyes, unless you don’t understand business, and or law. Sounds like you understand neither.

  38. My bad experience is with Lyft as the driver was riding too fast and ignored all path holes. When asked to slow down he dropped me off in middle of no where. I gave him bad review and call lyft supporT. Kurt said they will investigate further and contact me.

  39. As a now former Lyft driver i will say that some issues are valid but sometimes people are nasty, spiteful and outright complainers. A passenger made a bogus claim that I was “under the influence.” I neither drink nor do i do drugs. I was deactivated shortly after. If you got that email then yes your driver was fired. This is our livelihood and because you guys dont like one thing or are suspicious of something you choose to have a driver fired while you go about your life. Its your word against the driver. I was deactivated by a bogus complaint. These are peoples lives. Your little pussy pet peeves just devastated someones career. We have kids and families too. Speak up and say something to the driver if its a problem and stop being a pussy. You would rather stay quiet and have them fired.

  40. I want to report a Lyft driver. How do I do this? It wasn’t exactly a safety concern so I do not know whether to call their safety helpline. The driver made me feel very uncomfortable throughout my 15 minute ride, asking me very personal questions like my age, where I go to college, where I live, whether I had a boyfriend (he wasn’t just being friendly) and continuously kept asking me out for a movie and for my number. When I refused, he kept insisting that I have his number on my phone. Even though I kept repeatedly telling him that I wasn’t interested, he kept asking me why Indian girls were interested only in Indian boys and that I should consider dating him. I just couldn’t wait to get out of the car. This is very inappropriate behavior and made me feel very uncomfortable throughout my ride.

  41. My fiance had a bad experience with a Lyft driver but never an Uber driver….knock on wood. An older man kept flirting with her the whole ride.

    When she arrived home she then realized 10 minutes later that she left the charger in the mans car and the charger was made for her particular phone. She called the driver and he was more then willing to return her personal property.

    When the man arrived she asked for her charger and the older man gave it to her. He then asked her several times if she would like to get into the car with her. He also kept asking if she was single and she told the man she was cooking dinner and her fiance was inside waiting. After that the man still asked if she would get in the car and my fiance politely said no and walked away.

    She still rides Uber and she might give Lyft another try but now she carries a knife, mace and a small taser.

    I plan on buying her a car ASAP.

    She reported the driver to Lyft and they did give her a credit but I have no idea if the driver still works for the company.

  42. Absolutely right to report this driver. I use Lyft exclusively because I refuse to support Uber’s constant surge policy. I have had bad experiences on both services, but just rate low enough to not be put with that driver again, most of the time. However, I have had two experiences where I had to call Lyft: one, I smelled gasoline and the driver got rude and blew me off. The other, the driver got verbally abusive with me because he was not willing to follow instructions to pick me up where I was actually at. I am a disabled vet with mobility challenges and this was definitely not okay.

    If someone is acting a fool, being a creeper or being dangerous, definitely contact Lyft or Uber immediately. No one needs that nonsense.

  43. If this is true, then it is obviously a legitimate concern . However, riders can say any awful thing they want and do not have to justify it. I had a complaint about smelly car, yet had 3 ladies say they loved the aroma of leather, no air fresheners used. I have had complaints for friendliness, yet others say I am just so friendly. I get complaints for navigation, yet use Lyfts supplied navigation. Riders, especially the drunks are mouthy and arrogant and will rate low. Black women are the worst, being the most racist. I can always tell which ones are going to send a bad rating, just about immediately. They remind me of online bloggers that are very brave behind the keyboard, because they are guaranteed to get by with anything. They will say car is filthy, yet it was just swept out. They want Town Car service, but at chicken truck prices, and I have had people complain about $10 being too much, and I have to give 20% of that to the Lyft leeches, buy insurance, gas, maintenance, 15% self employed tax, and still try to profit. Don’t get me wrong , 95% of Lyft riders are cool, and some riders are so fantastic I hate to see their ride come to an end. But it only takes a small percentage to ruin a good thing. Some are just too stupid to take a simple ride from A to B, and think they are so special and privileged that they can rate you low because you failed to kiss their ass properly or supply homemade cookies. ( yes, some riders expect candy, mints, bottled water, phone chargers, ect. All to be supplied for a 5 minute ride, at these crappy rates, I don’t think so) Yeah, at a third of the cost of a basic taxi, they want caviar service, at bologna price. To sum it up, drivers are treated like crap and have no recourse against lying riders, or bloodsucking Lyft.

  44. All this happened in 7 minutes? Sounds like someone is seriously over exaggerating their experience. Probably a stuffy cheap passenger who just wanted a free ride, up to $25.

  45. Mike Scott from the details this passenger mentioned I doubt his information is fabricated. Not every passenger who complains is being stuffy. A lot can happen in 7 minutes and some things happen under less time that is much worse.

  46. I only work as a Lyft driver and I take pride in taking my passengers to their destinations in the most friendliest, safest and professional way possible. I do believe Lyft needs to take more security precautions. Either start requiring cameras in every car or hire mystery passengers to eliminate unsafe drivers.
    I think this is a great example why some people feel unsafe driving with Lyft. In my opinion I do believe this should be an automatic suspension or termination.
    However to protect both parties precautions must be taken. The driver was rewarded $25. Hopefully they can monitor the driver by asking questions to the drivers future customers. Without more security measures we won’t know the answer.
    In my situation I have been a great driver but had 1 passenger say I ran 4 red lights. This really upset me because I would never jeopardize the safety of my passengers. I was contacted from Lyft by email and this is what they said:
    “Hello driver about a week ago a passenger left a bad review on your profile. It says you ran 4 red lights and were an unsafe driver. We have a zero tolerance policy, please reply back to us as this may jeopardize your account or terminate it.”
    I did reply back as quickly as possible explaining that I would never jeopardize ones safety and that I never ran 4 red lights. To recall I might have ran a yellow light going red but never would I do such a thing. I was dissapointed and discouraged. I was fortunate to loose my job with Lyft and don’t understand why such comments would be left.
    In the end there is lack of evidence when either the driver or passenger could be lying. Until more security measures are taken for Lyft drivers and passengers we will never know the real story behind the curtain.

  47. I have a simple solution that would easily prove if you run a traffic light or not but it does require a small investment of about $50. On Ebay you can buy a good DVR car recording camera for $50-$100. It’s good to research which DVR’s are best. Not only would DVR provide proof that you did not run any light (or break any driving laws) but it could also be used as evidence when your not at fault during an accident. A good DVR will record the exact date and time. Drivers lie and so do passengers but in order to provide truth there is nothing like a video and sound recording to reveal the truth.

  48. I think in the future or now we need a recording devices in the car because none knows who said what. Sometimes drivers are bad othe times passengers are too. But in this case it is insane and trust me lyft doesn’t play games even if is a lie they disable the accused driver until they’re sure he is innocent and be reinstated but if he can’t prove his innocence then it’s bad goodbye for him. Now in this case I would add that some passengers are also happy to see someone’s kids go hungry by reporting false incidents that’s why I think lyft or States governments may oblige anyone who drive people from one place to another as a business should have visual and audio recorded during the start and end time of the journey as it is too much of this and that.

  49. To Abel not always is bad sometimes passenger have their issues and they make you pay for that. Example I know a driver who never touched alcohol and drugs and any other controlled substances of any kind.
    But he was accused by a passenger that he was intoxicated while driving her or him.
    He is on suspension he has even contacted an attorney for defamation and he released his Medical tests and he underwent other tests all the results were clean on all substances. Now the passenger is awaiting the court hearing for defamation and more. So it’s not always the driver it’s whoever is wrong some people feel comfortable to ruin other’s reputation and take away your kids bread just for fun.

  50. THIS IS TO ALL, who is not happy with the cheap ride aka lyft or uber!

    Call a cab next time!! You think you’ll have a better experience?
    First, you are to cheap to call a cab, and/or like the convenience of the platform…

    While this incident above sound legitimate, there is a lots of cheap, bad character riders as well, who are picking on the drivers leaving bad feedback and ratings, and using them as punching bags! Shameful.
    I’m driving occasionally -as probably figured- but oh boy…
    I suggest to start drive before you ride, you may have a different approach to the concept.
    Only if you think this is not beneath you….. Many riders do… Just saying.

  51. I only had one Lyft driver who was so crazy. He had been drinking and smelled like alcohol and cigarette smoke.What bothered me most is that he was snorting speed from a small bag using a straw. I never turned him in but I did change my cellphone number. I also look at who’s picking me up to make sure it’s not him. I never want to be in a vehicle whereas someone is inebriated and high on speed ever again.
    I’m sure he will eventually be pulled over as he drives erratically.

  52. Yesterday afternoon (03/20/2017) I booked a lyft from fremont to great mall with my 3.5 month old baby. The lyft rchd to me at 2.18 pm. I asked my driver Patricia to help me to fix my baby seat in the car but she rudly refused to do so.. then we startd and in between she get a call to pick another passanger and my baby start crying to calm up my baby i played poems for her in my language on my phone and very loudly she demand me to off this music and that very moment i swiched off my phone and we rchd the place where may be she needs to pick another passanger but she could not able to find that passanger at that spot and tried to cancel that passanger ride nd doing that she canceled my ride also . I said dear may be by mistake you cancelled my ride also as i have got the massage (pic given below for your ref. Below) i dont know what happen to that lady she just startd screeming and schoting that i havent cancel you i cancelled that other passenger but i said i received a msg that you cancelled my ride also. And she startd abusing me and said you Indians are all same you distracted me first that you played a music in your own language. And i said i was not aware of that my baby 1 minute music will distract you and when you told me this i immediately swich that off..she start screeming and said you Indian You indians. This is a racism.and thiis just not the end after all this she stop the car and said leave my car in between the road and it was daining heavily outside.. I was shocked after hearing this and I was my baby and said if you want me to drop so drop me at the same place where you pick me from.she said dont tell me what to do this is my car and i dont want you to drop.. and continously she abused me.. its a horrible ride for me.and then again she got a call to pick a another passanger and then she asked that guy how to follow google map and this was a big shock for me that she is a driver and she ecen dont have idea of google maps.. she said i dont know how to operate google maps and that guy helped her to do so. And after all this struggle and harrased trip she droped that guy first and then me at 4.00 pm. Though its just a half an hour ride. as she was not aware of operating google map , three four times she took a wrong route. I am gonna take a legal action this as this is very unprofessional and racism . Most importantly i was with my baby and this is a matter of my baby safaty also . We trust and believe the drivers but if they done like this with their passengers without any reason so its really very shocking .She abused me and my baby for that music i played for my baby in my language and that music was so low as my baby is just 3.5 month old and can not bear a loud music. I end up this trip with teary eyes.Horrible trip ever i had..will definitely take a legal action againt this.

    This was by far my worst ever experience with Lyft.

  53. Yes John! Cheap asses want their butts kissed, and expect drivers to subsidize the ride. I call it ObamaRide, just like an Obama phone. People love their Obama phone as long as someone else is covering the cost. Same with Lyft/Uber. Drivers are subsidizing the cost for these entitled riders. The rates are too damn low, the Lyft cut is too big. And Lyft loves to send us too far. Example. Last night, Lyft sent me on12 minute pickup. Against my better judgement I took it, and should have known better than to pick up in that area. 5 miles there, to get a ride that was 9/10’s of a mile. Five miles back, since there were no pings on the way home. 10 miles, for $4.00, 20% to Lyft Leeches, =.$3.20. A buck twenty goes to gas, and another buck to insurance. $1.20 +$1.00 insurance=$1.00 for me and car maintenance. Now, combine that, and the attitude and lies the entitled pax have, …..well you get the point. I am stuck with this job for the moment, but can’t wait to get better ( health wise) ), then tell those parasites at Lyft and riders, ( the crappy riders) to go STRAIGHT TO HELL!! The only bright spot about this, is staying off my back for now, and actually, some riders that make it fun thing.

  54. Wanted to start off saying I didn’t read any of the other responses. I stumbled upon this when researching for inappropriate Lyft rides. Very recently I experienced an uncomfortable situation with a driver. Not to the extent that you did but the incident has made me extremely nervous. I took a Lyft from my newly purchased home to a hotel. As I do with all my drivers, I started a conversation about how their night was going, etc. He asked me where I was from because of my southern accent and I told him. He asked me what brought me to the Midwest and I told him it was because of my husband. He asked if I was a stay at home wife or if I worked. I replied I had a job. I have always felt safe with my Uber and Lyft drivers. Now I will be extremely careful. This man asked to keep me company the night of this drive because he knew I was alone. I did not feel in control of the situation and so I politely declined and made up an excuse that I was extremely busy that evening. He said “I can keep you company another night as a friend.” I don’t know if it was innocent or not but I can say it was extremely inappropriate. I am nervous of what may happen since I did report him. The man does knows where I live. I have yet to receive a conclusion from Lyft but and won’t be offended if they extend a courtesy credit or not. The Lyft answer service was extremely professional and made me feel better about the issue. I just hope that his repercussions include probation.

  55. It just happened to me too, but worst. Driver called me “bitch” and such. I couldn’t believe it, I still can’t believe it. So upsetting. Don’t ever use Lyft, please – it’s not right for them to treat people disrespectfully.

  56. I’m personally done with Lyft/Uber, etc. I’m going to try really hard to use them only when it’s absolutely necessary… It seems like I just end up using them when otherwise, I would simply plan differently, maybe walk more, and not need to call a ride. Fuck Lyft and Uber!

  57. I am sure lyft ended the relationship. They are the best rideshare provider. They are a serious company ho are safety focued

  58. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sorry about what happened. I just started driving for Lyft. I am very safety conscious driver. However, today I received an email with a safety flag and the following comment:“
    I felt very unsafe. Driver was not sober and made all passengers feel unsafe. I will never take Lyft again”
    I found this false accusation quite shocking! Fact is that I don’t even drink.
    After reading your response from Lyft, I have now come to conclude that this rider is a real scumbag piece of garbage, who is simply trying to scam a free ride credit with Lyft.

  59. Try to remember some of these riders believe they are a god. Lyft has created these monsters, along with too many drivers that kiss their butts. A rider can tell any lie they want about a driver, just for fun, and Lyft will believe them. Lyft needs a total reboot at this point. There are too many things wrong, that have been left to fester, and now Lyft is becoming an absurdity because of it. I would love to go to San Francisco and point out these things. But, most likely their head, at this point, is too far up their butts to listen.

  60. Mike is a entitled idiot!!!! As well as the rest of you oppressors who support these half ass legal corporations such as Uber and Lyft . I wish Uber and Lyft shuts down so you wanna be slave masters can get into a taxi cab and get some real… shut the fuck up and shove your rating service!!! It sounds to me the real issue was the driver was not white! Undercover racist Bottom line is allot of people just need a good ass kicking! Grow up Ike seriously grow up you grandiose prick

  61. Lyft treats its drivers like garbage, you get a cheap ride and people bitch about the stupidest things, I quit driving for Lyft, passengers lie all the time for free credits, the rating system is made so you fail.

  62. You did exactly the right thing, but I wouldn’t expect the driver to be fired after one bad report unless you took a video of it. If, however, Lyft receives several complaints detailing the same behavior, they will consider it strong enough cause for dismissal.

  63. If by banning the driver from their service would reduce the company’s ability to make money, you can rest assured they won’t do anything more than give him a warning, if even that. That’s the mindset of the American corporation; profits come first.

  64. Man up you sissy. If you really think he’s endangering you tell him you need out.

    You could say you’re gonna puke if you don’t want to tell him he’s driving like a fool.

    Tell him you have daughters and his comments are a bit over the top.

    Not too hard. The drivers are crim and driving background checked. Telling you he’s gonna be driving stoned sounds like B.S. to me but I wasn’t there.

  65. I agree with you that a driver like that should be terminated upon investigation, however riders aren’t all tulips and roses either.
    I started Lyft less than a week ago. Picked up a Taco Bell employee and his coworker/girlfriend to bring them to work. When they got into my car I immediately offered them cold bottled waters and began small talk to get a sense of whether or not they felt like talking. He replied with short answers and I decided they didn’t feel like chatting. No problem, yet..
    The first issue began when Waze tried to take me down a temporarily closed street due to a vehicle accident. Waze knew about the accident but for whatever reason didn’t know the street was closed. Waze then did not want to reroute me as it thought that main road was still open despite the accident. So it wanted me to make a u-turn and use that road. I couldn’t get it to find an alternative route for the life of me. None of which was in my control. I just moved to Sacramento (and California for that matter) last year and advised the couple I’m not that familiar with their area yet and my GPS was not helpful and asked them for manual directions.
    The guy tells me to go up one light and make a left. I followed his directions and it put me on the interstate the opposite direction of where we want to go! I immediately told them I would deduct this error from their total (even though he was the one responsible for the error). We finally get to the Taco Bell after I had to take the next exit and turn around. I didn’t have cash on me so I told him I would walk to the gas station next door and grab some via the ATM.
    I did just that (paid $3.00 to get cash out!) and reimbursed him half of the ride fair only to find out later the asshole gave me a crappy rating even though he agreed that it wasn’t my fault!!!
    I don’t think I will be reimbursing anyone out of pocket again thanks to this guy. I went above and beyond imo after everything that happened was not in my control and this is the thanks I got?

    So in conclusion.. riders can suck too.

  66. It’s cheap passengers like you who lies to get free rides and put Lyft drivers and their families out on the streets . I say hey to my fellow Uber and Lyft drivers let’s take action don’t drive for these companies anymore. Half of these passengers sound crazy we have no idea if this passenger above is crazy has mental health issues or is a convict they don’t check people like this passenger above but they sure do background checks and driving checks on us . I hope that driver sues your ass for defamation of character! It’s miserable low life people like you who will run all us drivers away from Lyft and Uber they will not have anyone to drive for them anymore so you can’t pay your cheap fare to cart your sorry ass .

  67. Why are you calling her a cheap passenger? She obviously had a bad experience with a driver. She is not getting anything by discussing her experience on this blog. Maybe your driving an attitude sucks so that’s why you don’t get any tips. Stop being a squeaky baby and learn some manners!

  68. Jackson Jackson Jackson! Screw that POS rider! Never give them any cash, if they want to whine and cry, let them whine and cry to Lyft. These maggot riders are just too out of control, and Lyft, has created this growing problem. Never supply anything to these riders other than a safe ride. Water? Why, so they can dump it in the floor? Who came up with this idea that drivers are to supply chargers, cords, water candy or homemade cookies to these cheap ass people? They get the ride for bus fare, and still want to cry and whine. The ratings system is absurd, and is stacked against drivers. And as an an above poster said about racism, well, it works the other way too. Be a white guy, and work with some of the ghetto riders. They will screw a white guy in a second for no damn reason. Lyft needs a total reboot, a reboot of common sense for that liberal, political correct company. Remember, to hell with riders, all they have to do is sit there and shut up, but think they are entitled to entertaining ride, lots of jokes, homemade cookies, and hey, make some balloon animals for them too, for that less than minimum wage fare. Again, never ever give freebies and cash to these cheap ass, entitled bastards!

  69. Late to the party but riders like you are destroying the platform these days. Too many leaches have learned that if they complain about any and everything they will eventually be given free ride credits and refunds. As a result drivers are leaving the platform everyday and wait times in certain areas have tripled. There’s also less reliability and quality on the platform now because all the good drivers have left and moved to more stable and lucrative delivery platforms. How can you blame them. Drivers are already under paid and in addition to trying to be professional and earn a living they have to deal with slanderous accusations from a few bums who want free movie passes or their next ride share comped.

  70. It took me about a week to realize ride share was a losing game. The rating system is designed to make you fail. Do you drive in downtown areas? At night?? Near College campuses?? In low Income neighborhoods?? If yes to any of the above, your chance of getting terminated for low rating within the first 3 months goes way up. I used ride share to supplement myself while I got a commercial license and now I have a real driving job where I don’t have to kiss ass and work for slave wages and deal with assholes who will lie cheat and steal for a free ride credit. Lyft did this and eventually there will be automated cars anyway so it doesn’t even matter. If you’re seriously about a driving career get a CDL. That’s the only job security in this field anymore

  71. This story is pure BS or very over exaggerated at best, these guys come to work to make money and that’s it most of these drivers have passed background checks that you yourself could not pass. More than likely you were on drugs yourself or perhaps you really needed that credit. Just be grateful that the guy picked you up and drove you where you had to go at the cheapest price possible you ungrateful piglet.

    Don’t believe this liar.

  72. Hi Mike,
    Don’t be discouraged by the email from Lyft because they cannot legally tell you they are deactivating this driver. Every company knows if you lose 1 customer, you lose 1000 customers among friends, family, word of mouth and social media post. Before becoming a Lyft driver I’ve worked in the corporate world and can tell you they have to watch everything they say in print because of wrongful termination/deactivation suits. Guaranteed they put undercover riders with this driver several times, (the reason it took so long for them to email you} and took the appropriate actions since their reputation (LYFT name) is on the line. Also since no company is required to gift a customer, doing so is a very generous way to say thank you, especially since they didn’t offer you the $25 to write a complaint. The only way they know if something is wrong is if good people like you tell them. The saying one bad apple can destroy the pack applies here for the rest of us rideshare drivers who are trying to do a great job for our riders. Thank you for trying to help remove a possible bad apple.

  73. I don’t want my lyft driver picking me up in a taxi car if I wanted a taxi I would have call one…thanks you

  74. He may be telling the truth but maybe not. I was let go by Uber as a driver because of low ratings. I bent over backwards for my riders. Offered bottled water, snacks, candy, and a safe ride. I never speed. People just like to bitch to get free rides. What will eventually happen is that there won’t be enough rideshare drivers and everyone will have to pay more and take a taxi. It will be unfortunate to the honest people who want to save money on a ride and will have to pay more.

  75. Ex Lyft Driver here:

    YES, Lyft DOES care and they DO investigate!

    I spent most of my time as a driver with a rating of 4.9 to 5.0. Most riders were extremely nice and extremely fair. That said, it only took “ONE, not-so-nice” rider to change your rating. Once someone rates you a one, it tanks your rating. While Lyft states they use your last one hundred rides, it does show almost immediately. I was sure to monitor my rating because I had the displeasure of experiencing “unfair” ratings. When I state this, I State this based on my “opinion” of the ride experience I provided, not theirs. Clearly they thought it wasn’t a good experience. They’re entitled to rate their ride experience as they see fit (as long as it’s not made based on lies!).

    HOWEVER, there are riders out there who aren’t very honest in their ratings. They have an objective, a motive. What is this objective or motive? They know for FACT, Lyft DOES investigate! Lyft does one better when someone makes a report of concern of safety, they (Lyft Critical Care Support Team) “deactivate” the drivers account for the duration of the investigation. IF they find the driver is NOT in violation, they WILL reactivate the drivers ability to drive.

    Now, as for the investigation, I am unclear on this process? I can’t tell you “how and what” they do in this process? I can tell you that I did experience this as a driver. I received an email telling me they “deactivated” my account due to a safety concern reported. About 15 minutes later, this email was followed up with another email stating this was a “mistake” and they have now “reactivated” my account. Needless to say, I’d not done anything wrong for my account to be deactivated, and I had zero earning ability. And although they said they reactivated my account, it had not been reactivated. As a result, I spent the remainder of my day/evening emailing support trying to get help. It took countless emails to find someone who was finally able to reactivate my account. I lost almost one full day of work! I rented a car through their Hertz rental program, lost money and was unable to meet my rental goal that particular week. No one credited me for their “mistake!” Sadly.

    But that’s not the point here. The point is: there was a deactivation of my account due to an investigation of “whatever” safety reason was reported? I still don’t know what the reason/report was to this date? I can tell you that I have encountered riders falsely stating things “just to get a free ride!” It amazes me people will make false reports for a “free ride!” My one false report that I am aware of is, a rider who exemplified despicable and repulsive language, total disrespect of women and humankind in general. This man spoke unbelievably inappropriate and held nothing back. He had just quit a job and had cursed out a woman supervisor before exiting and quitting his new job. What was my response to this rider? I tried calming him down, encouraged him to seek another Job, to keep his head up and push forward. I sympathized with him — DESPITE my wanting to eject him from my car! I even shook his hand once we arrived at this destination and wished him well.

    This rider happened to be my last ride of the evening. And because I take pride in my rating, monitor it after every ride, I took immediate notice to my score going from a 5 Star to 4.9. I also received an email the next morning with a note in the email stating: “bad driver, I WANT a REFUND!” I was shocked and amazed this inhuman individual had the audacity to FLAT OUT LIE!! It happens folk. Everyday! He quit his job and wanted his ride for free! Whether or not he did get it for free, I’ll never know? I can say that I did report his behavior and he, too, was investigated for his behavior. I’m glad I reported him, because this very well may have saved me from being kicked off the platform. The unfortunate problem is: some don’t write comments and simply tank your score unfairly. I will add that IF you have mostly “5 Star” ratings, Lyft will reverse bad scores once they have established your majority ratings are 5 Star experiences. Again, AFTER they establish your overall ratings are 5 Star AND if there isn’t a reason indicating why they did. Rest assured, they WONT adjust this score IF a bad review is added, And IF there is a written reason there WILL be an investigation to follow! Make no mistake about it.

    Furthermore, because of the riders who do score unfairly, coupled with Lyft deactivating accounts for the duration of investigations, I am no longer a Lyft driver. I can’t afford to make Lyft a full time earning position with the “black cloud” looming over my head as to whether or not a rider “may or may not” make a false claim? Therefore, I took any job I could find to make sure I won’t be handicapped from earning a living at the end of any given rider who had my earnings fate in their hands.

    I enjoyed Lyft and their platform. I enjoyed MOST riders and appreciated them just the same. Without them, I’d not have lasted for as long as I did. I was able to earn a lot of money in LA from May through December of 2017. I had moved to Phoenix late December and had only been driving in this market beginning January of 2018. It’s unfortunate the Phoenix market is where I encountered more poor ratings and unfair ratings (in my opinion!).

    So rest assured, Lyft does care. They actually care about both the riders and drivers. I would have stayed a Lyft driver, but I can’t risk being deactivated (unjustly) for any amount of time as this was my full time job. Now, I’m back to work where I can earn without worry. I supplement my income with UberEats, which is far less stressful, thus far.

    I hope this helps people who are in the opinion Lyft doesn’t care? They do. I’ll miss the fair and kind riders. I completed over 3000 rides and met thousands of great people who are kind and fair. As for the unfair riders, my only comment to them: “I hope you realize when you make false claims, you are preventing good people from making an honest living. I hope you can live with yourselves and your false reports and the repercussions thereafter!”

    Finally, riders who have negative experiences, I would encourage you to report each and every incident to have them removed. Lyft does not condone any behavior that isn’t of 5 Star driver quality. Nor should you, as a rider, ever have to experience anything less than 5 Star rides.

    Signed by a former driver who actually did take my driving job seriously, and truly cared. I’ll miss the great riders. The unfair riders, not one bit. I’ll add that “when or if” I felt as though I didn’t provide 5 Star experiences, whether during a navigation error or otherwise, I reported this on my own so Lyft would have the ability to follow up to try and make this experience a better one, and also to make the rider know, despite an error made, they did matter.

    Disclaimer: This is my experience as a Lyft driver and it’s riders. I don’t represent every driver Lyft has on its’ platform. I don’t discount every riders experience with me as poorly or unjust as to their experience, rather my own opinion of the experience I provided. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as to their experience AS LONG AS THERE ISNT A FALSE CLAIM to follow!

  76. I’m wondering were your wife and Daughters with you at this time or were you solo? Now if your wife and kids were with you and this guy did and said what you say he did then you should have told him to watch what he was saying in front of your family and I definitely with out hesitation would have asked him to show down and to drive in a safe manner if not for you for your kids. But it sounds to me you were alone so I don’t know why you even mentioned your wife and kids. Of course you should report any unsafe conditions and as for being in someone else’s vehicle you could request that he pull over and allow you to exit the vehicle but you didn’t do this but you were afraid of a bad rating? What’s more important your life or your rating from Lyft? I tried to hold a conversation with my driver one time. That guy wouldn’t say crap if he had a mouth full. . I was just trying to make small talk to pass the time but he did answer my questions but that was it which isn’t a bad thing it is just that awkward Silence is all. Do I played a game on my phone the rest of the way. Lol

  77. This passenger seems to be lying. No Lyft driver will EVER do anything to risk his job. Specially using such an explicit language in front of a child can get him into trouble. I don’t understand why the father did not cancel the ride. I would.

    This seems more like a made up story just to take revenge against the driver and get free money. Remember, drivers had been increasingly target of assaults by passengers.

  78. This all falls on the Company. There should be guidelines in place across the board where drivers have to behave in a professional manner. No passenger should have to put up with abuse from a driver. I have had very good drivers and a couple of very rude ones. Whatever day they’re having should not be taken out on a passenger. Their job is to drive and get you there safely. My only obligation towards them is to be courteous like a greeting and about my destination.Their obligation is to be courteous and to get me their safely. You did the right thing in reporting the incident. I had an incident with a very rude driver and they basically sent me the same letter, reimbursing my fare which was nice, but it still doesn’t make up for the abuse that no one should be subjected to. I just want my ride to be peaceful and safe.

  79. I would suggest you find another use another service Here in Youngstown Ohio Lift is ghetto as it gets.

  80. Lyft deactivates all drivers permanently after the very first complaint even if it’s made up for the free credit.

  81. Hi, I’m Kayla I live in Tucson Arizona.
    I used Lyft today with a guy named Marcus from the hospital back home. This lyft driver yelled at me on the phone because I told him I was waiting for my food and I was walking slow that I would be out in 2 minutes or less. He yelled and said well I can’t wait out front for you so when your ready contact me and I’ll come back. Honestly I wanted to cancel him right there but I needed a way home. When I came to get in his car I dropped my bag and he got mad and said watch out. Then I was putting my food in a bag and he says don’t eat in my car. Like okay I get it dude. I’m absolutely pissed off and I’ve never had an experience like this. This was definitely a lesson learned I won’t be using Lyft anymore and I want all my money back!

  82. I had two disgusting experience with Lyft. I was on my way to work and bring new to NYC I called a Lyft to get me to the location. I was already on the given street, the driver just had to take me to the correct building. Firstly he did not speak english so even after telling him that we were on the correct street he insisted that the address was in Brooklyn. Not only did he take me an entire borough away from my job he caused me a night’s pay. I emailed Lyft and in 3secs I got a reply saying the matter was investigated and the driver was not at fault. THREE SECONDS OF INVESTIGATIONT…ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!!!! The second driver wanted to leave me in the middle of nowhere in the rain because his gps showed him that the destination this fourway road with nothing but trees around. I asked him how could he be okay to just leave me there when clearly there were no buildings in sight. It turned out the building was just a minute down on the left. He began to yell saying its his car and he had reached the destination. I threatened to call the police and that was the only way I could get him to drop me at the correct spot. The reply to my email said they would take $5off my next ride. I didnt report the driver for a lousy $5 discount. The drivers at Lyft need ti be held accountable for their poor judgement and unreasonable actions. If the client cancels they get paid from the client account anyway..so they dont care. lyft is a big rip off. They are all liars and cheats
    Lyft is a lousy company. Drivers are rude and have no customer service. They allow anyone to drive passengers who are paying for a service. It is crappy and should be discontinued so a better service can be offered.

  83. First people tell lies on a driver and if you are in a car with some high or drunk you dont call lyft first you call the police and stop the ride and give the police tags. Cause if some call and told me that the driver was high without any proof im not believing that story

  84. First and foremost I should let you know that Lyft most certainly wouldn’t terminate a driver’s account for one incident. If the driver has had history of allegations that egregiously violate TOS then the account would be terminated. I’m a driver myself and have been reported and when I requested to read what the complaint said specifically I have read some seriously outlandish stuff that quite literally would never have happened in my vehicle. People often try to scam the system because ridesharing can get quite expensive. To say that you shouldn’t have reported it would be wrong however, while reading your report I couldn’t help but feel like you were just piling it on to make it seem like a ride from hell…which in the span of 7 minutes sounds incredibly unlikely. Complaints even valid ones are often hyperinflated. For example commenting on a woman’s rear end to a male passenger isn’t a big deal and unless he was rolling down the window and screaming vulgarities at a woman walking across the street at a red light that by itself is nothing to report on. Also, the fact that you stated he sexually harassed every woman he saw on the trip there…how? In a span of 7 minutes to a trip at the airport how many hot women could he have seen? The comment about getting high before his next fare is mildly alarming as you obviously want your driver to be alert on the road but he could have just been saying that to A) look “cool” or B) he wasn’t going to pick anyone up for awhile because if he smoked in his car it’d reek of weed. The racing a taxi driver is the most perplexing and quite frankly the only portion of the complaint that calls for providing feedback. In short I’m not sure if you’re actually detailing the trip as it happened or you got angry over the minor comment of a woman’s buttocks and proceeded to indulge yourself in hyperbole for the sake of having a good story to write about for clicks. Largely due to the fact that he’d quite literally have to be the worst driver possible and a complete and utter moron. Being that you’re a writer I’m inclined to believe that at least part of this story is fabricated. Overall you come off as hyper sensitive. You should also be happy for the $25 dollar credit as Uber wouldn’t give two craps about your complaint.

  85. Wow. Granted your snitching does warrant credit, in none of your business how they undergo their investigation. Sounds like you just have a grudge more so concerning his ignorance towards women, which is as most unethical and distasteful, not illegal. They did an excellent job in their response and addressing the issue, then went above and beyond in crediting you a voucher. You’re just as ignorant in assuming the world is yours and people should get fired after one complaint, all the while you demanding immediate satisfaction to how you see fit. So far I actual like the driver more than you, even considering how unlikable he seems. You’re just a cry baby. Boo. You’re fired

  86. I just had a driver over the weekend who drove 10 mins through unplowed snow. Once I got in the car he checked my location, which was to a hospital 5 mins down the street. He didnt speak english so he used his translator to tell me his car won’t make it in the snow, which the destination was the same direction he came in. I told him I really needed to go to the ER. The guy proceeded to tell me his car was a 2WD and he couldnt make it, but if I needed to go to LA (2 hours away, 1 hour through snow), he could take me. I guess not being able to speak english makes you not realized how unreasonable you are. I got really upset because I really needed the ride, he canceled the ride and told me to call 911. When a lyft driver canceled the ride, there is no record of him in your history. I contacted lyft and gave me a 10 dollar credit and no mention of what theyre going to do about the driver. This scumbag of a person shouldnt be driving if he cant accept the rides, the Lyft/Uber system is specifically designed so you cant pick and choose your rides. I emailed Lyft back and demanded this case be escalated to upper management, they responded about opening a case about the driver, but no telling where it goes from there

  87. Lyft doesn’t make any promises about how long or short the background check process should take, but most applicants report that it takes anywhere from 3-10 days. That time frame may vary depending on the number of driver applications Lyft and their background check partner are dealing with at the moment.

  88. This is a fabricated story. Asshole passenger like you make uber lyft a hell hole that its become. Glad my uber lyft days are behind me

  89. I ENCOURAGE ALL LYFT DRIVERS TO SWITCH TO UBER. LYFT is the most greediest selfish company I have ever seen and is only interested in the bottom line they don’t give a damn about their drivers. I filed a damaged vehicle report for somebody taking a PISS that’s right somebody urinated in my backseat and lift denied any compensation even though I paid $80 for it to have it cleaned professionally I also lost wages because customers refuse to get in the vehicle because of the smell Lyft responded with an email and I quote ” your request is denied unless they cause physical damage to your vehicle that cannot be fixed with cleaning or maintenance. MEANING SOMEBODYCAN TREAT YOUR VEHICLE LIKE TRASH URINATE VOMIT AND DO WHATEVER THEY WANT TO YOUR VEHICLE AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T CAUSE PHYSICAL DAMAGE. Everything requires cleaning or maintenance I had just spent $15 at the carwash detailing the entire car and for someone to urinate in my backseat is a slap in the face and for Lyft to say that they do not have my back with this is a kick in the testicles. I also drive for Uber and one person vomited in my vehicle and within the same night the issue was resolved not only was I paid for the cleaning fee but also for lost wages now that is a company that has your back not to mention Lyft advertises that they pay their drivers better but if you do your research and I mean actually do your research don’t just Google it. Drive for both companies and you will see Uber has 10 times better incentives and pay their drivers a whole lot more lyft advertises that they only take 20% and Uber advertises that they take 25% out of each fare which is both a lie but it is actually the other way around Lyft takes out more out of each fare then Uber does. I have screenshots to prove so if you don’t believe me do it yourself I am spreading the word that lift does not have its drivers back when it comes to someone urinating in your backseat they expect you to clean it yourself, passenger had a wood chips all on his backside that stabbed into my fabrics and I still cant get it all out. there is customer still being poked by splinters till this day. I told Lyft I will raise hell if this issue does not get resolved and I am keeping my promise spread the word. Lyft also states that they charge less for the customer but that is a lie as well and the times that it is cheaper it’s by less than $0.50 so don’t believe that part neither. Uber has perks like 5% back on gas tuition coverage and allows you to overdraft $100 with no penalties whatsoever it is a hundred percent free to deposit your money with Express pay unlike Lyft hey just want to say nice work at the race track. if you don’t care about people urinating and vomiting in your car without being compensated for it drive for Lyft if you want to drive for a company that have your back over is the best place to go. Oh and not to mention I seen Uber take 70% out of certain fares where the customer paid 10 bucks and I got $2 in change. the distance was too short so I’m not crying about the $2 but what I do not find fair is to charge the customer $10 and pocket $8 when they don’t do a single thing besides invent the app. How greedy do you got to be to take an 80% cut when you’re not even doing anything we’re supposed to be private contractors it’s really not private prostitutes

  90. when reported as intoxicated, lyft automatically disabled the drivers account. i know this from personal experience.. not because i was drunk, but because it was 3:30am, i was driving longer than i should’ve been, chasing bonuses and i was tired. i swerved 2 times, which i remember, the passengers were silent the whole ride but then i woke up to a deactivation. so, rest assured, if it happens to you.. you’ll be receiving justice. hopefully, riders don’t use it maliciously. also, f*** that guy one million percent.

  91. Do you want him to be fired just because you complained about him!? Are you an angel who never lies!? Well I guess your curiosity to know about the driver status even tough you got to your distinction safely shows how bad spirit you are! Work on your spirit a little bit

  92. I am an Uber driver with over 2k rides. Passengers occasionally make things up JUST to get free rides. I do this full time, and love it. I couldn’t imagine losing my job because of a dishonest passenger, but it happens. Just give a bad driver a low rating, and once their average rating goes below 4.6, they are fired. A rating of 4.6 is hard to achieve, so I believe that is an appropriate benchmark for dismissal. Ultimately, as passengers that is all you can do to thwart bad behavior.

  93. Lyft/ Uber really only care about making money. As a driver myself I have been reported by passengers. Many passengers should just shut up and enjoy the ride so they can earn a good rating for their sake. I try to give short answers to their pathetic questions hoping they’ll shut up. I’ve learned to read my passengers based on their questions or behavior. Then based on my analysis I’ll take action by either being boring and quiet or feeling comfortable and talkative. Of course once they figure I’m not willing to talk to them they get insulted and angry and will try and report me. I’ve gotten emails from ride-share saying I was speeding or seemed under the influence from unsatisfied passengers just trying to get me in trouble. They will then apologize on their end for the rude and lying passenger and saying I won’t be paired with them again. They’ll assure me that my rating won’t be affected and that I’m ready to get driving. I guess both drivers and passengers end up winning 🙂

  94. I drove for lyft. Passengers will just down right lie, just to get a free ride for lyft. I been accused of driving too fast, driving too slow, taking the long way, smelly car, not being nice to them. It goes on and on. The hell with it. I’m paying insurance, fuel, maintenance, and my time to chase these pampered entitled idiots to their destination, for low rates and no tip? My rating had went to 3.6. Fuck them and lyft.

  95. Hello,
    I’m an experienced UBER/LYFT driver.
    From your description of events it looks like your complaint fits the customer service/conversation category.
    No investigation, the driver will receive a note in the app that they need to improve customer service and watch what they say.

  96. I am so sorry that everybody has had a horrible experience with ride share companies. My son, Christopher, with an amazing driving record for the last 4 and a half years, with a 5 star rating and is an excellent representative of what a ride share driver should be. He has an excellent rapport with his passengers and he ensures that they have an amazing ride to their destinations when he is their driver. He is devoted to being the best driver that he can be! He shows character, honesty, respect, and common courtesy to all of his passengers and they love him. He has a fabulous intro with a smile , that puts his passengers at ease, his car is always clean, and he is an excellent law abiding driver. He does not drink nor has he ever drank in his 36 years on this earth or ever used any type of drugs and he is on the road 12 hours a day, 7 days a week! He drives for both platforms Lyft and Uber and he makes deliveries, for Door dash, Grub Hub, and Uber Eats and others as well! Not everyone driving is a bad representative of the ride share companies out there. Do not let your experience with a few horrible people who chose to do ride share and who do not respect the job put you off about all drivers. I promise you that there are incredible ones driving and they cherish your business and my son Christopher is one of them.

  97. Lyft’s investigation process is a joke and they’re paying you off for silence. If Lyft or Uber we’re serious about this they would contact authorities immediately to get this guy off the road. And they would let the riders know that when they report it to Lyft, Lyft will provide their information to law enforcement for the report. If someone’s not comfortable with that, then they probably are just making it up to get the $25 credit. Deactivating someone’s account doesn’t do anything for safety.

  98. A bunch of trolls under the bridge ok he needs to watch who he is around but you guy act like he should be shot in the middle of the street for one bad day.

  99. well, have had a lot of experiences using Lyft, but i think Humans vary and because someone drives doesn’t mean he can’t joke about one or two things to a rider.
    the only thing a driver shouldn’t do is harass people or disobey driving rules.

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