Awesome Video Of All Female Kenya Airways 787 Crew

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I love when stereotypes are broken. So naturally I love the video produced by Just Planes about an all female Kenya Airways Boeing 787 crew.

The video follows them on a Dreamliner flight from Nairobi to Kinshasa and back, and is pretty darn cool. Not only is it an all female crew, but the captain was actually Kenya Airways’ first ever female pilot. What an incredible, passionate lady!

Check out the video:

  1. While I don’t know Irene personally, I have worked with her dad (one of KQ’s pioneers and a true legend of African aviation). If she has inherited just a fraction of his enthusiasm for flying, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her dad’s proudest moment was when he got to captain a 767 with her as his FO.

  2. JustPlanes makes some amazing videos. I highly recommend their videos. Thankfully they now offer a downloadable version rather than old school dvd or bluray physical media.

  3. This is amazing…. What an achievement… Go girls. … Next I wanna see you fly the big mama A380. … We’re going places yo’all!!!!

  4. To Capt.& F/o, You guy’s rock it’s great to ladies of your caliber flying the 787 for Kenya Airlines in Australia I was with East-West Airlines type trained on F-27,F-28 3000,4000. & Bae 146. Stay safe on the horizon..

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