Awesome new Diamond benefit at Park Hyatt Tokyo!

The Park Hyatt Tokyo has to be one of the most iconic (and best) Hyatt properties in the world, and a great use of Hyatt points. This is the hotel that was featured in “Lost in Translation,” and I had an amazing stay there last year.

Park Hyatt Tokyo lobby

They always took great care of Diamond members, though it seems they’ve added yet another Diamond benefit. Points, Miles & Martinis reports that they recently added a happy hour from 5PM till 7PM for Diamond members at New York Bar, one of the most expensive and well known bars in Tokyo. It seems that during this time Diamond members can order free wine (white, red, or sparkling) or beer, and they’re not limited to one.

This is totally awesome, and makes me want to return there. This is yet another reason to pick this property, and I figured I’d mention it since this new benefit apparently isn’t well known.

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  1. I was just there around Christmas and did indeed partake of this benefit. I didn’t even know it was new – but it was definitely great! The free drinks were good, nothing fancy, but still expensive if you ordered off the menu.

  2. Cant wait. There in couple weeks after reinauguration of President Obama. Hint — Willard available for 200k points jan 18 to 22 versus 6.5k cash! Awesome. Thank you Nancy Pelosi for the tix!

  3. Lucky–I am HGP Platinum right now, via the Chase Hyatt Card. If I was to do a Diamond status challenge (to match my HHonors Platinum status, would Hyatt (PH Tokyo) honor Diamond benefits during a Chase free nights stay? Thanks!

  4. Ordinarily, I’d say the Park Hyatt is a bit over-rated, esp because of it’s location and because the novelty of the New York Bar can be had (and often is) by visitors of the hotel anyway. This benefit really makes a difference and the deal looks much sweeter. 5pm-7pm? Conveniently that’s 3AM EST.

  5. This is not a new benefit. It was offered to us last March. I think it’s in part to make up for the fact that the hotel doesn’t have a club lounge. They have a special (limited) drink menu with only a few choices. But it’s a nice benefit.

    This is also a nice hotel to use a Diamond suite upgrade, as the suites are beautiful.

  6. “This is totally awesome, and makes me want to return there.”

    i thought you didn’t drink? and if free beer and house wine for two hours floats your boat, i have a couple hundred embassy suites i can recommend you :p

  7. We were offered last February free drinks during happy hours.
    We used Passport Escape Package included 3 dinners on our stayed(No longer available)

    Ben, please order the Japanese dinner package it was the most expensive dinner I ever ordered, almost $300 per person but wow… the best Japanese dinner ever, they come with teas pairing on each dishes.

  8. again old information Lucky. I wish you did your homework first. I had the same offered to me last year around January

  9. I was offered this benefit during a stay in June 2012 but sadly didn’t use it. However, I did use the benefit of free access to the spa facilities, pool and gym. All were awesome but I was blown away by the Japanese style spa facilities includes 3 saunas with different temperatures and a cold plunge pool. So Iwent to the spa instead of the bar when I had time to spare. šŸ™‚ also on rooms… I stayed 3 nights in a suite which was lovely but less to my liking because there were no windows in the bedroom. I then moved to a corner king for the remaining 6 nights and preferred that room because of all the windows, including one over the bathtub! And the breakfast benefite was top of the line. I had the full American breakfast in my room every morning. Near the end of my stay when I called room service for breakfast, the lady would recite my order from memory!! While I haven’t stayed at all the Park Hyatt locations, this is my favorite, even over the Park Hyatt Paris.

    One question… I have a friend staying here in April and had her apply for the Chase Hyatt Visa. Do you know what benefits she’ll get as Platinum beyond the 2 free nights?

  10. Lucky, I was almost wondering if this was tongue in cheek, since I didn’t think you were much of a drinker. (The trip report that I’m really waiting for is when you get ripped drinking scotch in the FCT.)

    That said, thanks for reporting this since this is a property where I’ve always wanted to stay.

  11. @ jay @ Michael T — It’s not about the drink, it’s the ambiance. NY Bar is awesome, and I’d gladly sit there for two hours with my full champagne flute if I’m not having to pay. šŸ˜€

  12. What about using Hyatt points for the Hyatt residences – Just came across Hyatt Siesta Beach & the property is beautiful.

    Isnt thsat the best use of Hyatt points – they said it is only 23,000 points but availability is slim.

    How could a stunning 2,000 sqare foot condo on prime beach area be only 23,000 points??

    The crazier thing is that I cannot use Chase suite reward there where it retails for $709 a night but I was able to use it in NYC where the suite retailed for $995 a night??

  13. Sweet – will be there in a few weeks. However, perhaps for a return trip – with only 4 full days there’s much more I’d rather be doing than sitting in a bar.

  14. Just stayed at a Hyatt Residence in Sedona, AZ. They didn’t honor a single Diamond benefit, no upgrade on a paid stay, (would have been nice just to get a view,) no late check-out, and my status wasn’t even mentioned upon check-in. The facility also didn’t have a restaurant or bar, pretty bare bones on that front. I haven’t looked at what some of the other Residences might offer, but I would be hesitant to consider a non-hotel property after my experience.

  15. @Kon – As a Hyatt Diamond, I didn’t know about this and now have something to look forward to next time I’m in Tokyo. Sorry you feel that way, but the title of the post is very clear.

    Also, nobody is forcing you to read this blog. Personally, I find Lucky much more entertaining than the self-righteous Wandering Aramean or the bumbling idiot with his whored out wife over at Million Mile Secrets.

  16. I like Lucky because he has original content. Very few people post original stuff most is copied or retweeted or a recap. I already knew about the Tokyo thing but it seems as few learned something new, which is always good.

  17. This is kinda old news; you weren’t offered the benefit when you had your stay there last year? Surprising if not, as it should have already been in place at that point….

  18. Sitting here right now. Best Hyatt Diamond perk out there by far…what a great happy hour overlooking Tokyo!

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