Up For Grabs: Award Wallet Plus Upgrade Codes (Round 2)

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I’m giving away 200 AwardWallet Plus upgrade codes today! I’m giving them out in batches this time to give more people a chance to pick up a free upgrade.squareLogo

Here are 100 codes for an AwardWallet Plus six month upgrade for those that already have an AwardWallet account (if you’re not yet a member, you can register for AwardWallet and then apply one of the below codes):

Invite-10984-EIEPI – use coupon
Invite-10984-EIHBF – use coupon
Invite-10984-ELQAW – use coupon
Invite-10984-ELUEY – use coupon
Invite-10984-ELUOS – use coupon
Invite-10984-EMMUZ – use coupon
Invite-10984-ERHQO – use coupon
Invite-10984-ERQNG – use coupon
Invite-10984-ESTLQ – use coupon
Invite-10984-ETMEM – use coupon
Invite-10984-ETMGI – use coupon
Invite-10984-ETUVD – use coupon
Invite-10984-EVXGC – use coupon
Invite-10984-EVXMX – use coupon
Invite-10984-EXKCQ – use coupon
Invite-10984-EZKYD – use coupon
Invite-10984-EZMWP – use coupon
Invite-10984-EZUVJ – use coupon
Invite-10984-FBLAO – use coupon
Invite-10984-FDJXJ – use coupon
Invite-10984-FEENU – use coupon
Invite-10984-FGILX – use coupon
Invite-10984-FGIRR – use coupon
Invite-10984-FHEMJ – use coupon
Invite-10984-FIDEE – use coupon
Invite-10984-FINPK – use coupon
Invite-10984-FJBHY – use coupon
Invite-10984-FJOFG – use coupon
Invite-10984-FJOKM – use coupon
Invite-10984-FJUYB – use coupon
Invite-10984-FKQBH – use coupon
Invite-10984-FMGIY – use coupon
Invite-10984-FPQHU – use coupon
Invite-10984-FQDDW – use coupon
Invite-10984-FROZY – use coupon
Invite-10984-FRQFL – use coupon
Invite-10984-FXFRM – use coupon
Invite-10984-FXJSO – use coupon
Invite-10984-FXVID – use coupon
Invite-10984-FYCHM – use coupon
Invite-10984-FZKOS – use coupon
Invite-10984-GAEWU – use coupon
Invite-10984-GAUPC – use coupon
Invite-10984-GBMOO – use coupon
Invite-10984-GCMIR – use coupon
Invite-10984-GCVYX – use coupon
Invite-10984-GDHUK – use coupon
Invite-10984-GDJGL – use coupon
Invite-10984-GDJUT – use coupon
Invite-10984-GEFOF – use coupon
Invite-10984-GFYGT – use coupon
Invite-10984-GGQKU – use coupon
Invite-10984-GKLLB – use coupon
Invite-10984-GKZTE – use coupon
Invite-10984-GLGAR – use coupon
Invite-10984-GQPTZ – use coupon
Invite-10984-GQRPJ – use coupon
Invite-10984-GRCBL – use coupon
Invite-10984-GSPKS – use coupon
Invite-10984-GWRIL – use coupon
Invite-10984-GZTXP – use coupon
Invite-10984-GZWYV – use coupon
Invite-10984-HDHKZ – use coupon
Invite-10984-HFXBT – use coupon
Invite-10984-HGMBS – use coupon
Invite-10984-HIVMS – use coupon
Invite-10984-HJGLK – use coupon
Invite-10984-HJQFO – use coupon
Invite-10984-HJWGS – use coupon
Invite-10984-HKPKE – use coupon
Invite-10984-HLAPB – use coupon
Invite-10984-HLHIP – use coupon
Invite-10984-HPUXM – use coupon
Invite-10984-HRHJI – use coupon
Invite-10984-HRRYL – use coupon
Invite-10984-HUKRQ – use coupon
Invite-10984-HUOCD – use coupon
Invite-10984-HXIIC – use coupon
Invite-10984-HYIGV – use coupon
Invite-10984-HYJCW – use coupon
Invite-10984-HYRPT – use coupon
Invite-10984-HZKUG – use coupon
Invite-10984-HZZAA – use coupon
Invite-10984-IAYEB – use coupon
Invite-10984-IBFHM – use coupon
Invite-10984-IBFZW – use coupon
Invite-10984-ICNBI – use coupon
Invite-10984-IETGD – use coupon
Invite-10984-IEUCB – use coupon
Invite-10984-IFASG – use coupon
Invite-10984-IFRLZ – use coupon
Invite-10984-IGPWU – use coupon
Invite-10984-IHZIG – use coupon
Invite-10984-ILDZK – use coupon
Invite-10984-ILTOF – use coupon
Invite-10984-IMDTQ – use coupon
Invite-10984-IMKAP – use coupon
Invite-10984-INXPW – use coupon
Invite-10984-IOFTO – use coupon
Invite-10984-IOUUY – use coupon
Invite-10984-IOVRX – use coupon
Invite-10984-IOXLC – use coupon
Invite-10984-IPLIN – use coupon
Invite-10984-ITDCO – use coupon
Invite-10984-ITGMM – use coupon

To apply one of these codes, log into your AwardWallet account and click on the dropdown of your account at the top left, and then select “Upgrade Using a Coupon.”


On the next page you’ll be given the option to enter one of the above codes.


That wraps up the 100 AwardWallet Plus upgrade code giveaway for today.

Thanks for reading!

  1. Thats weird… I’ve tried about ten of them (randomly throughout the list) and they’ve all been rejected. Mind you, I was refreshing every ten seconds waiting for the post to publish. Currently locked out of Award Wallet for five minutes.

  2. I’m guessing most of these went to bots … it would have been much better to select 100 people who comments on the post and send them the codes directly …

  3. Ben, a sincere thanks – was able to use Invite-10984-ILDZK a few minutes after you posted. Longtime reader & fan =)

  4. I tried probably 15-20x mostly with the 9pm batch but also a handful from the 5pm batch. Got the same message with all of them. For the 9pm batch I was online around 9:01-9:02 and started with random codes part-way down the list. Every one of them gave the same message:

    “The number of times this coupon could be used has been exceeded by other AwardWallet members.”

  5. Ben ???? something is fishy here… at 9PM sharp.. all gone fishing…. went through them all as far as humanly possible and all gone

  6. I’ve done the same as @Tim but instead I get the “Invalid coupon code” message. Maybe BoardingArea has the technology where you push a link or something and it gives you a code it gives nobody else, so that we don’t have to go down the list searching for valid codes. Maybe make it robot proof too!

  7. My experience is the same as Tim. How the heck could they all disappear in 2 minutes? Crap!

  8. @Cynthia. Simple! Someone registers 100 new Award Wallet accounts. Write a bot which checks this page for new posts and once the codes are posted, the bot logs into each account, uses a posted code and moves onto the next one. This process (to use a code) takes ~ second (a simple http request). You can run several bots simultaneously from a single machine (as its own process). All codes can be gone within seconds this way. Result: ~100 plus AW accounts you can sell for $1-2 each, the easiest $100-200 you ever make (you can even change the name on an AW account directly in profile settings).

    Again, for code giveaways I really recommend having people post a comment and select 100 at random to send a code.

  9. Is it really that hard to believe that Ben has >100 followers who all wanted to jump on this? Enough with the conspiracy theories!

  10. It would definitely be a lot more work for Ben but it would be more judicious if he selected our adresses from the comments or we emailed him for a code and replied individually with the code.
    I know Lucky has a huge following but for all 100 codes to disappear in minutes on Sunday night at 9pm seems highly unlikely that it was by actual readers

  11. Dangit!
    I’ve been trying for YEARS to get an upgrade code!
    These were gone as soon as they appeared!
    How about a sympathy code, Lucky?

  12. @tom
    That’s incredible !! We didn’t stand a chance

    Goodnight all !! Ben, thanks anyways – you tried to do the right thing.

  13. Hi Lucky, no code worked for me. Can you please give an code by direct message, if you have more?

  14. I was able to grab a code that worked for upgrading within a couple of minutes the post went live. So I think I can help to prove that, even if there is someone wrote a program, he/she/it didn’t take ALL of the 100 code in the 2nd round of posting.

    Also, at the very beginning, I had the same error message saying the code is invalid. It turned out that the “Invite-” is part of the promo code…

  15. Damn I was flying when this post was published and just saw it 🙁 seems all are used. Maybe next time :(((

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