Drunk & Threatening Guy Jumps Over Railing At Atlanta Airport (Disturbing)

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A sad incident occurred at Atlanta Airport today, where a man jumped over the railings at the airport, from one floor to another. It doesn’t appear as if it was a suicide attempt, but rather the passenger was just really drunk and got into fights. According to CBS46, the passenger was taken to the hospital, though is in stable condition. The incident occurred in Concourse D, outside of Terrapin Taphouse. According to the story:

A spokesperson for the airport told CBS46 the man got into a disagreement with another passenger prior to falling, adding that he suffered significant injuries. Meanwhile, an Atlanta police spokesperson told CBS46 that the man appeared to be intoxicated, and was threatening other travelers prior to jumping.

There’s video of the incident on Twitter. If you’d like to watch it, you can do so here (I don’t want to embed it directly), though it’s quite disturbing. You’ve been warned.

I hope the guy makes a full recovery, and assuming that this involved alcohol, I hope he gets the help he needs — this isn’t normal behavior for being drunk.

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  1. Oddly, it doesn’t surprise me that it happened in Concourse D. The D16-D1 space, in particular, is a nightmare. Nearly got into an altercation trying to board as a Mosaic member on B6 to BOS recently. I tend to just hang out at the SkyClub in E (I pay for a membership out of pocket) or at One Flew South until the last minute.

  2. I was there at airport
    It wasn’t just alcohol it was extreme emotional anger distress

    Security or police either wasn’t called or did not respond quickly enough this went on for 20 min then he jumped over railing. Two airport personnel were keeping it real chill they were leaning over the railing kinda ignoring it abd he starts mimicking it then he jumps over

  3. I was in terminal D a couple weeks ago to use the lone Alaska gate. This is the low rent, maybe even Section 8 real estate of ATL. My gate was next to Frontier, and across from a Spirit flight to Baltimore. Looked like what I imagine the Greyhound station in Memphis looks like.

  4. Why is this on here? How is this related to miles and points? Did the guy receive miles? Did he receive some sort of elite status for this stunt?

  5. Bars open early in Europe. Seen people drinking from 4am. Totally ridiculous for authorities to permit this at such a thing me knowing the difficulties airlines

  6. @Jackie. This blog has long long stopped being about miles and points (except for the occasional push to sign up for a Chase credit card)

  7. omg yep that seems more then alcohol… i’ve seen ppl doing crazy things while drunk….but nothing that extreme… naa… alcohol and… prob something else …

  8. “tips, tricks and travel with Lucky”

    Yes, what has this article got to do with tips and tricks or miles?! If it’s so disturbing why do you publish the story.

    Ben, you have no sense of sensitivity. It was the same when you talked about the family who were murdered in a hotel room and all you could think about is when will the hotel sell that room again. Disgusting.

  9. I for one, thoroughly enjoy the contents of this blog. It is my one stop centre to read the latest in the airline industry and i just applaud the team on how wonderfully written the content is. Easy to comprehend. Keep it up OMAAT! Dont let em’ haters bring ya down!

  10. Jeez @Grant, use enough code words? We get it. You saw black people.

    This crap gets posted so everyone can make controversial judgements and it gets click bait views.

  11. @ Sandra- once again. If you have such problems with this blog why do you continue to read it and post comments. Write your own blog if you are so amazing, you hateful, miserable thing. Better yet, just STFU!

  12. I agree with Daniel. This blog covers many topics and they keep the information relevant and interesting! If you’re not interested, don’t read it! As far as Sandra’s cranky muppet-judge comments, no one takes her serious. It’s easy to bypass the trolls. Cheers to Lucky & his team!

  13. @ Sandra:
    Oh yeah, Sandy? “Go get a douche?” You’re a low-class skank and a pig with some freaking serious issues. Do everyone a favor and shut your stupid hole. Your comments are absolutely moronic.

  14. You know I was researching something that involved looking at some older posts. And I checked out the comments. The further back I went… the more civil, friendly and on topic the comments were. Is there some reason we can’t go back to being nice to each other and to @Lucky? I really enjoyed the comments in the past. These days, 3/4 are vitriol or people responding to vitriol. And it gets OLD…

    How about we try being nice to @Lucky and each other and share constructive, on topic comments. Maybe just for March. If you really hate civility we can go back to nastiness in April.

    Just a thought…

  15. Sandra seems really out of control. She complains about nearly every post and was really rude to Daniel earlier today. The name calling is unnecessary. Why are you here if all you do is complain? There are tons of other points blogs out there.

    I honestly thought she might be a spin off personality of Debit or something, but that would be an insult to Debit.

    Lucky, OMAAT is fantastic. don’t change a damn thing.

  16. @ Tim — Yeah, “Sandra” is the latest iteration of someone who reads the blog just to complain or stir the pot. They have been reading and commenting for ages under different handles, and all are in the same vein, unfortunately.

  17. @ Grant – the low rent/section 8 of the airport!!. I actually use to fly spirit from NO to Houston when I was working for Shell. Was a cheap short flight $68 roundtrip no bags , great arrival and departure times for me as I was doing weekend travel. I wonder does that put me in that class you are talking about! I’m sure my 6 figure income would say otherwise…

    ” Never assume the obvious”

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