This Asiana Business Class Advertisement Is A Hilarious FAIL

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Earlier I posted about how I’ll soon be flying Asiana’s business class from Los Angeles to Seoul Incheon, which I’m looking forward to. On that post, reader Claus left the following comment:

Asiana business class, sponsor of one of my most favorite advertisement photos. šŸ™‚

Hint: Look at the sleeping guyā€™s seat

I’m not sure how I could be so clueless, but I spent several minutes sitting here looking at the picture. I was starting to think Claus might be crazy. What, is it funny that he’s sleeping with a tie on?

And then from one second to the next it made sense to me, and now I have tears in my eyes. I’m not sure why it’s so funny to me — probably because it took me so long to figure out — but it is.

Amazing! Hopefully someone else out there gets as good of a laugh out of this as I did.

  1. No one say anything. šŸ˜‰

    I think the greatest laughter comes after looking at it for minutes and minutes and then realizing. I promise you’ll figure it out eventually.

  2. Lol, I am wondering how this guy took a pause for the picture.. Not easy to sleep like this on a seat in upright position LOL !

  3. Also, the woman isn’t sitting down. She’s standing up in whatever stock photo she was in and has been photoshopped to appear between seats and roughly proportional to the rest of the background. Her trousers aren’t ruffled appropriately for someone who’s sitting, nor are her legs in a position indicative of sitting. Plus the seat cushion has no indication of weight be on it. This is pretty bad all around. Could only be worse if it was clearly done in MS Paint.

  4. On second thought, I guess she *could* be meant to be standing, but having flow that product, there’s really not that much room to be casually standing around and such. I mean, she does look like she’s having a great time, though.

  5. It is probably photoshoped, but had it physically happened it would certainly have been great!

    Creative Director: “You on the right, you sleep full-flat!”
    Guy: “The seat doesn’t move…”
    CD: “I said: sleep full flat!!!”

  6. And if you look at the seat above the lady, it kind of looks like someone’s leg + sock is on the side table sleeping backwards lol. I think they mean it’s someone’s hand but I also chuckled.

  7. I really need to get my head out of the gutter. Before I noticed the seat, I couldn’t stop wondering what his right arm was doing…

  8. I totally missed the “upright seat” thing — I thought it was because the side tables look like toilets šŸ˜€

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