Asiana 777 accident at SFO…

While there are not many details yet, it looks like an Asiana 777 flying from Incheon to San Francisco (flight 214) had an accident upon arrival. Other reports say it was a “crash,” but since details are limited as of now it’s anyone’s guess.

Here’s a video:

And a few pictures from Twitter:

For those that want to listen to the live feed, you can do so here.

This is my worst nightmare, and I’m sure I’m not alone. My thoughts are with those onboard and their families as this unfolds…

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  1. All flights in and out are canceled. Word on local tv is that the tail/wing broke off and the plane flipped upside down.

  2. If you look up David Eun on Twitter he claims to be on the flight and has a close up photo. Looks like the fuselage is mostly intact and there will be many survivors.

  3. Wow, an American not saying “my thoughts and prayers” just “my thoughts”! I’m impressed.

    Hope everyone is ok in SFO.

  4. Wow…..CNN is just roasting Asiana over pilot error and safety issues………..a really amazing public hanging…………..

  5. Live aerial footage from KTVU shows the tail pieces of HL7742 at the beginning of runway 28L, and it looks like the underside first contacted the ground at waters-edge or maybe in the water, before the plane slid down the runway and off to the left into the grass.

    Hope everyone got out OK before the fire overtook the cabin.

  6. Wow. I’m in disbelief. My thoughts and prayers to all the passengers and crew on board. The language spoken in the video is Tagalog and they saw the crash… stating the tail of the plane touched the ground first.

  7. From Eun’s photo, you can see the top of the plane was still intact during evacuation. The right engine which was on fire on the right side of the plane looks to have spread to the main fuselage and then burned the roof off after survivors got out.

  8. this will not change my thoughts and opinion about asian airlines. they are always better and service is top class. i prefer asian airlines over any US airlines.

  9. Thoughts with those flying oz214 and those at SFO.

    I would have been on oz213 SFO-ICN in 7 days. Now I am not sure if I need to rebook.

  10. Is it just me, or are passengers actually carrying their stuff off the plane instead of leaving everything behind?

    It is incidents like this and Toronto that make the safety demonstrations that a lot of folks (and bloggers) make fun of that much more important.

  11. 777 has never recorded a fatality in more than 20 years which is an amazing statistic. Let’s hope it stays this way. Certainly not what Boeing needed either in the midst of the 787 fiasco

  12. Unbelievable , look at the woman carrying a suitcase…passengers must have stopped and gotten their carry ons to take with them!

  13. My thoughts go out to all those involved, including the pilots, whether they made an error or not.

    On a slightly more relevant-to-this-blog note, wonder how this will affect OZ operations, QS availability, etc.!

  14. @ jollybrown Amazing, that you have already concluded your investigation. Maybe the NTSB has a job for you.

  15. Not concluded at all……….just relaying ground observations……but who knows all those eye witnesses could be delusional about what they saw as the plane approached the end of the runway……….yes it will take months conclude the investigation and list the past mishaps of Asiana………as recently as 2002 DoD and FAA had bans on korean airlines over safety so it is certain that this issue will be carefully looked at in the wake of this event………..there is lot of look at in this event to include the airline’s evacuation procedures……..but CNN seems to be a pretty good job looking at the safety issues on this flight…………

  16. @jollybrown
    “but CNN seems to be a pretty good job looking at the safety issues on this flightÔÇŽ”

    Game over. Thank you. That pretty much sums up everything we need to know about you.

  17. We were taxing towards the runway and I was listening to chanel 9 on ua and the atc stopped everyone where they were. Took 1.5 hours on tarmac, came back to gate and still stuck in sfo. It’s a mess trying to rebook right now.

  18. Why would the pilot do a manual landing? SFO is equipped with Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) that are fed into the autopilot of an advanced plane like the 777 to do the approach automatically. Most 777’s are equipped with an autoland system. The plane can basically land itself with pilot supervision at more modern airports.

  19. My sister landed on UA852 four minutes before this plane on the same runway (NRT>SFO..she was returning from SIN). She would not have noticed the OZ flight had a problem unless her husband took the wrong off-ramp at the airport to go home to Cupertino in Silicon Valley and they both saw smoke at the airport and realized something went terribly wrong with another plane.

    I’m sitting on Asiana F class award tickets NRT>ICN>LAX seated in 3A on Asiana on 747’s in early November. I’ve decided not to cancel my flights. OZ will probably be one of the safest airlines to fly on after this terrible incident.

    So sad for those that were lost or injured today and my thoughts go out to them. Unfortunately, we are all mortal and this could happen to any of us on any flights we are on now or in the future…I could change my flights, but what happens if I change to another flight that has an even worse ending?

    Life is risky but worth these dangers is the moral of the story…

  20. My thoughts and prayers to those in this accident. Accidents happen in cars, bicycles, trains, buses, and on foot. Live life.

  21. Its a shame that the pilot was that unable to land safely. Reports seem to be that he was too low. Shame that people lost their lives due to the pilot’s errors.

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