Applying For Amex Business Cards: What You Need To Know

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American Express has a great portfolio of small business cards, that often have increased welcome bonuses.  In this post I wanted to talk about the offers, the general advantages of applying for Amex business cards, and how to go about completing the application.

American Express business card options

Here are some of the different small business cards that American Express offers:

American Express Business Cards

The advantage of applying for Amex business cards

There are a few things worth knowing specifically about applying for Amex business cards. Anecdotally:

The restrictions on applying for Amex business cards

Amex’s general restrictions on applying for cards is as follows:

  • You can generally have at most five Amex credit cards at any given point; it doesn’t matter whether they’re personal or business, and this limit doesn’t include charge cards (none of the above are charge cards); note that some report getting approved for six or even seven cards, but that seems to be the exception rather than the norm
  • You can typically be approved for at most two American Express credit cards in 90 days, though there are some inconsistencies when it comes to that (again, this doesn’t include charge cards)

How to fill out an Amex business card application

Those who already have business credit cards are probably familiar with the application process, but for those who aren’t, here’s what you need to know.

It can be intimidating to apply for your first business credit card, though even if you’re a small business or sole proprietorship, you should be eligible. When applying for an Amex business card, you’ll be asked the following questions:

  • Legal Business Name
  • Business Address & Phone Number
  • Industry Type
  • Company Structure
  • Years In Business
  • Number Of Employees
  • Annual Business Revenue
  • Estimated Monthly Spend
  • Federal Tax ID

If you’re a sole proprietorship, how should you approach this? First of all, and most importantly, answer everything truthfully. I think the concern that a lot of people have is that they think they need an incorporated business, a separate office, etc., in order to be considered for a business card. That’s not the case:

  • You can use your name as your legal business name
  • The business address and phone number can be the same as your personal address and phone number
  • You can select “other” as your industry type, if that’s the case
  • If you’re a sole proprietorship, you can select that as your company structure
  • In terms of years in business, there’s no shame in saying it has been less than a year, 1-2 years, etc.
  • In terms of the number of employees, saying just one is perfectly fine
  • For the federal tax ID you can put your social security number

While a lot of people are intimidated by applying for their first business card, I think most are pleasantly surprised at the results. Again, the most important thing is to always be truthful on the application.

Bottom line

American Express business cards can be very beneficial additions to your wallet, so hopefully this is useful for anyone who hasn’t yet applied for an Amex business cards.

As a reminder, here are some of the different small business cards that American Express offers:

American Express Business Cards
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  1. You mention credit won’t be pulled for existing cardmembers, is that for existing Business Card members or any Amex? I have a personal Amex Hilton Ascend card and applied for the Amex Hilton Business card a few months later but received a hard inquiry on my report, despite being an existing Amex cardmember.

  2. @ Jannis — Did you get approved? The point was that there’s initially no inquiry, so if you get denied there should be no pull on your credit. Then if you’re approved conditionally there will still be a pull to make sure no major factors have changed.

  3. Sorry, realized that after I hit submit! Yeah, I did get approved :-). Good to know it won’t hurt my report if an application gets denied though.

  4. I applied for the Hilton ascend business two weeks ago,100k points, no af and $50 back. Currently I’m existing amex card holder, I have the gold premier and there was no pull on my reports.

  5. Thanks for the info. I have been loading up on AMEX Bus cards (while i give my wife the personal cards) and I will be under 5/24 in December. I never thought that would happen.

  6. I referred my SPG business card to my twin girls through text message link, the app asked them to log in for a slim version application, total income name of business very simple stuff, BOTH got instant approval!
    100k points each and 20k referral bonus to me.

    I’ll help them on the minimum spend, buying furniture and appliances $5k x’s 2.

    more players now that they are 18, I’ll have them apply for a chase card after a December, the freedom card they got was difficult with no real credit history just my cards as a/u’s.

    Some notes, 18 years old 8 months of real credit history, 780 FiCo, income $15k credit line(s) $500 freedom 7m, $2k everyday 8m, $2k IT 8m, $9.9k SPG personal 4m and now $10k SPG business 1hour, both girls have exactly same credit (twins) AMEX is by far the most generous so far, chase tightest.

    Spending and payment pattern: small charges $25-$100 but frequent payments, often several each cycle on each card

    I put them as a authorized users on my oldest card discover with a high limit when they was just 16 years old, that surely helped.

  7. I can confirm there is a hard limit at 5 cards. I thought business cards didn’t count so applied for my 6th. They called and said I had to cancel one in order to add one. I had 2 business and 3 personal at the time.

  8. Hi, I have 2 personal Amex (6 Months Blue 6K and 2 months Delta Gold 1K) My score 709 as Amex says in my report – 35% credit used. My credit is pretty new (2 years) and I have Chase Saphire 11.5K Freedom 3K Discovery 3.5K Capital One 2.7K –
    I want to expand my business and I need at list 15K to do it.
    Which Amex do you recommend to me? Blue Business or Simply Plus?
    Do you think I have chances to get some decent credit limit as my first business credit card?
    Thanks in Advance –

  9. M-B
    I have good lines with chase and Amex, the business blue Amex card only gave me a anemic $3.5k

    Strange that my favorite card has my lowest line.

  10. SPG business card gave me $17.5k few years ago, my kids both 18 years old got $10k each with 750+ FiCo $17.5k income.

    In my little experience with Amex they like to give 1/2 of your total income as a whole credit line BUT my girls just got 60%+ on just 1 new card, the other 2 (personal SPG) $6.9k and every day $3k.

    2x’s credit line to income ratio, yes crazy for a couple of teens but they did it.

    Kids Time line: SPG business mid August, personal card(s) all spring this year.

    Please note: my girls have been authorized users on my accounts since 15 years old, all old cards with high limits, Go for SPG business, my 2 cents

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