Heads Up: Brex Cash 110K Deal Likely Ending Soon

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The offer for the Brex Cash has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Reminder: As I wrote previously, if you’ve been considering opening a no-fee Brex Cash account, I recommended doing so before the end of the month. This is a reminder that you’ll want to apply ASAP if interested.

I’ve written extensively about the incredible value in opening a no-fee Brex Cash account. In my opinion this is the best points earning opportunity we’ve seen in a long time, and it’s all for a no-fee business cash management account that can prove extremely valuable.

Many of you have asked when the Brex Cash offer for up to 110,000 bonus points will end, as I always do what I can to share an offer end date. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about applying, I’d highly recommend doing so ASAP.

I don’t have a formal end date I can share, but I’d suggest applying today if you want to be sure you’ll be eligible for the bonus (I had previously recommended applying before the end of the month, and today is the last day of the month). If I have more details I’ll be sure to share them, though I also don’t know how much notice we’ll have (if any), and I’d hate for anyone to miss this because they snoozed on the offer.

I know some people have been on the fence and/or waiting to apply for a variety of reasons, so consider this a heads up.

While a vast majority of businesses applying for Brex Cash accounts seem to be approved instantly, I want to acknowledge that it is taking a while (often up to a few weeks) for Brex to approve the accounts that don’t get approved instantly.

You still have very good odds of being approved even if you don’t get an instant approval, but you just need to be patient. This is a new product for Brex, and there have been a lot of applications. The good news is that as long as you apply during the offer period (even if you’re approved at a later date after the offer is pulled) you’ll be eligible for this bonus.

You can read all about Brex Cash in the below posts:

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  1. @Lucky – I satisfied my $1,000 requirement and received the 20,000 points immediately about 10 days ago. I know you stated that Tuesdays were a point of reference for being credited the 80,000 points. Well two Tuesdays have come and gone. Yes, I certainly used the link from your site. Your thoughts?

  2. Robert, as a point of reference I hit the $1,000 spend level this past Monday. The charge to go over $1,000 was still pending on Tuesday but the 80k points were in my rewards account by Wednesday late afternoon.

  3. I’m surprised you’re still pushing this Ben. Previous comments on your prior posts about Brex are showing that this whole Brex deal has been a disaster

  4. I opened five accounts. 3 of them were instant approval.. two of them it took about a week for them to approve them. A mix of LLCs, S and C corps from various holdings of mine.

    I love the platform. For now, I’ll move cash over to use the card on an as need but I might abandon some of my business bank accounts in favor of Brex.

  5. I have a Brex card number, but I don’t have full dashboard access. I also cannot deposit money into my Brex account. Does having the Brex virtual card number mean I’ve been approved, or am I still waiting for final approval as I can’t deposit cash?

  6. I was instantly approved about 10-days ago. Received my card in the mail, and then find out I’m not “fully approved.” At the moment I’m unable to transfer money in or out of the account. Strange for something to appear completely approved, and then not.

  7. My account was opened and funded two-weeks ago. After a secondary review process it was declined. Never ever has this happened to me with approvals.

  8. @ Steve — Indeed, there are two stages of approval. There’s full approval where you can immediately fund your account (which is what most people get), and then there’s conditional approval but the account can’t quite be funded yet. That just requires some patience, but eventually your account should automatically update so that you can fund it.

  9. @ Bort — It generally means you’ve been approved but the process is still being finalized on Brex’s end. Your account should hopefully be automatically activated in the near future, but it means there’s some manual process required.

  10. @ Larry — I wouldn’t assume so. I know it’s a long time, but there are reports of people being approved after a few weeks. If your account had been fully reviewed and you were being denied, you would have likely received an email stating so.

  11. @ Robert — To be clear, you spent money on your Brex Card, or you did some other activity? The 20,000 points is associated with payroll, which is a different bonus.

  12. @Lucky – I just signed up and was shown a screen for 30k points. 20k for payroll and 10k for spending $1,000. Is that a standard popup or was I given the wrong bonus?

  13. Unbelievably difficult to open an account – I’ve sent them the forms they need and keep asking for more. Annoying, makes me not even want the points, I can earn them easily on AMEX. One more ask from them and I’m withdrawing a request for an account. Not worth it!

    I’ve never had such a process to open or get approved for ANYTHING before! Geez!

  14. Guess you’re still leaving out the point where you transfer Brex thousands in cash and then the Mastercard doesn’t work. Anywhere. Every single transaction declined at the POS. A travel blog pushing a card that can’t be used for travel expenses. Hours and hours of calls to Brex with no solution or resolution. Lucky, are you going to respond to this or keep hiding your head in the sand?

  15. @ Fcflyer — You asked exactly the same question in another thread, and Tiffany responded to you. So let me paste her response here:

    “@ Fcflyer — I asked about this, and they said they had been made aware of a single issue where a brand-new cardholder made their first transaction ever with the card internationally, and it was thus flagged by Emigrant Bank (who runs their credit card network) for fraud. Is this you?

    Either way, this is actually a very common fraud trigger for Mastercard across the board. If you were to use your card first for even a single domestic transaction (including using the virtual card online), I doubt you would have had any issues.”

  16. I read a lot of people saying negative things or reporting problems or bad experiences, and even pouting to Lucky for this.
    I have to say I opened the account, was approved, had full dashboard access within a week, linked square for payments (got the 20k points for that), spent the $3k (mix of physical and online purchases) which got me the 10k points and a day after I had spent $1k I received the 80k OMAAT bonus.
    Great experience, easy to use platform and very rewarding to use! I’m extremely happy with Brex and I think I will use for a long time.
    I figured people that didn’t have any problems are not posting much, so I figured that I would share that not everything is negative or hard for everyone. Maybe I was lucky but I would assume this is probably the normal for most of us.

  17. @Ben,

    I did not see Tiffany’s reply.

    Regardless, I attempted to use Brex mastercard domestically first. Declined. Their excuse? The ride sharing app I added it to was the problem.

    I called Brex in advance of an international trip with a notification. I asked if I needed to call Radius. I was told no. I called the # on the back of my card which rings to Brex.

    Checked in to my international hotel. Declined.

    Called Brex to unlock the card.

    Went to dinner at a different hotel. Declined.

    Called Brex to unlock the card.

    Checked in at a new hotel. Declined.

    The hotel charges are pre auths for practically nothing and they’re still getting declined.

    Brex wants me to… and I’m not kidding you… get declined. Call to have the merchant whitelisted and see if the attempt goes through 24 hours later.

    I am well aware of how Mastercard operates with respect to new accounts and international transactions.

    Ben, you wouldn’t use this card and would have thrown it out well before me. Would you make 10+ calls to Brex while you’re traveling and trying to run a business?

    I even asked to be put in contact with the CMO and the response I got was “I’m not doing that as your issue doesn’t rise to that level” and that a “supervisor would get back to me.” Guess who never got back to me?

    You are more than welcome to email me directly with any questions.

  18. And as I was typing this response I’m still on hold with Brex where my “wait time is more than 10 minutes”

    Some times I’ve given up after an hour on hold.

    Ben, please tell me how much more effort you’d like me to put in tho this venture?

  19. FcFlyer. You obviously did something wrong since hundreds if not thousands of us worked out fine. If it doesn’t work for you, simply transfer the funds back to your bank. Problem solved.

  20. @jr

    Awesome. Let me go enter my banking information through unsecure methods while I’m out of the country. Brex is getting a nice free roll on my cash.

    Are you an international traveler? Did you try try use it abroad?

    Guess not. If you want the brex MC to decline EACH AND EVERY TRANSACTION while you’re traveling, then this is the card for you. Promoted constantly by a PREMIUM TRAVEL SITE.

  21. I think the 110k is already gone. I just applied and it only showed a 30k (20k and 10k) sign up bonus option.

  22. I say that. On the referral page it’s showing the 110k option, while on my new account it’s not mentioning the 80k.

  23. @ adam garrett — The 110K offer is still live. After you sign-up it won’t show in your account that shows your progress towards rewards, but it will post automatically upon completing qualifying activity.

  24. Oh here’s a new one: Brex won’t authenticate me and the procedure they now demand is different than the last TWELVE PEOPLE I’ve spoken with.

    So to be clear: Won’t authenticate me even after I read them the six digit code to my mobile (which I did on EVERY other call to verify), can’t unlock the card, can’t whitelist a merchant.

    Hey Ben, are you going to guarantee they’ll ACH my money back to me when I’m in the USA or should I write it off as a fraud loss? Will you insure my losses if this is a ponzi scheme?

  25. @FcFlyer hold on, let’s first call the waaaahmbulance for you, since clearly you have no agency and everyone, everywhere is to blame but you. However, since you are of such a disposition, I have a great business venture for you, a bridge over a certain East River. Interested?

  26. I was approved last night and used your link, however on my account it only says 30k points nothing about 80k points. Am I missing something?

  27. The constant sell on this site is tiresome.

    At least they’ve added a banner to let folks know it’s paid shilling.

    My legal advice is to not push any product with existing issues.

  28. @ Sonu — Worry not, it’s normal for the 80K not to show up in the rewards dashboard. It will post automatically after you complete the qualified spending (typically the following Tuesday).

  29. @Ben
    Thank You !!!
    Just opened my 2nd account, only take about 5 minute!

    same process with my 1st account, which i opened last month, and already got 100k point, just need to hit the 3k spend to get to 110k.
    Its super easy!!

  30. @armando

    I’m interested in a usable product with support and workable solutions and Brex has neither of those. Every day they make up a new policy on the spot and provide a new hoop.

    I tried to play by their rules. They won’t unlock my CC and whitelist a merchant which is INSANE to start with. But that’s what they wanted me to do. So I played their game. I tried. Now they say “no.” My guess? They know it will fail again and it’s not worth their effort. The best was when they told me they “locked” my account which indicated they froze my money. Only after the fourth interaction did I get something in writing that they locked the credit card product and did not freeze the funds. Will I get my money back when I return? Who knows?

    Maybe it works at Staples. Who knows? But it sure as hell doesn’t work out of the country.

    When Ben’s done squeezing out every last affiliate dollar and I have MY money back, I’ll stop posting here.

    Meanwhile I’m filing a state AG complaint for fraud.

    @Ben, you’ve made a lot of money off me over the years in CC apps. I’ve referred contacts to YOUR links too. It’s a shame your credibility is completely wiped out over this debacle.

  31. @Fcflyer. I still don’t understand. Transfer the money back to your account and problem solved. You obviously did something incorrect since nobody has issues but you.

  32. @Fcflyer Per others — transfer your money out and close your account, problem solved, less complaints.

  33. @Ben: since Brex is applying for a bank charter I assume it wouldn’t be helpful to them if frustrated customers send complaints to the regulators about Brex not honoring bonuses they offered to induce customers to sign up with them.

    And if enough OMAAT readers signed up through the OMAAT link and were then denied the 80K bonus we would probably be a class with a common claim. I don’t like to encourage litigation, let alone some of the frivolous or thin class action suits, but this is not frivolous. Spending thousands of dollars in reliance on a representation/promise that is then not honored is not frivolous.

  34. @Ben: just to be clear, all I want is for the 80K bonus to be honored. Legal recourse is not at all what I want. My absolute preference is just for Brex to honor the reason why I (and others?) signed up after reading your numerous postings about how good the Brex offer was.

  35. @boulderpenguin – What’s the deal? Waiting for my 80k to hit, met the $1k spend on 2/26, already received my additional 20k from sales rev. What happened on your end?

  36. @Shawn: I met the spend requirement. @Ben had posted previously that the bonus 80K got added on Tuesdays so I looked at it wasn’t there. I chatted online with their support rep and was informed that Brex has “paused” awarding the 80K bonus to people who signed up through OMAAT. I could not get more information from the rep, despite trying various questions. I have a full transcript of the extended chat and have offered to send it to @Ben / OMAAT but have not had a response to that offer.

    Since many of us signed up through the OMAAT link and because of Ben’s encouragement to do so I thought he would be all over this bad behavior by Brex but I haven’t seen him comment yet. Maybe he is working behind the scenes to support his followers who acted on his advice? After all, Ben/OMAAT is very open about disclosing the he/OMAAT receives a commission for each of us who signs up through the site.

    I have no problem with commission being earned for referrals – I opened 4 Brex accounts so OMAAT has earned 4 commissions from my activity – BUT, Ben, if you advise us to take an action and you earn commission from us doing so you should step in and help when a problem arises.

  37. @BoulderPenguin – how long ago did you meet the spend requirement? Just chatted with a rep myself — I’ve seen DP’s with the rewards hitting on Wednesdays.

    The representative couldn’t have been nicer with answering my plethora of questions. Said she knew that it usually takes about 3-5 days, but I should see it post within the next few days (met requirement on 2/26). Could see that I applied with Ben’s link and met the requirements. Sure they’re fairly backed up with so many people applying. It’s not just OMAAT that did this offer, so they’re probably bombarded.

    Also did a screen grab of the conversation.

  38. @Shawn I think it’s been a week since I met the qualification, which isn’t long and I wasn’t concerned until I was told by the rep that they have “paused” the OMAAT 80K bonus. I had simply asked when I could expect to see the 80K and if I had been told it would be another week I wouldn’t have complained or been concerned. I only got concerned when, instead of being told that it was just a matter of time, I was told that the entire class of OMAAT signups was being “paused” and that some notice would be posted in due course.

    The rep was polite throughout the chat, perfectly nice within the context of not being able to give a satisfactory response, which was not her fault.

    I have a complete transcript of the chat. I asked for one to be sent to me and it was emailed within a short time. I also copied and pasted the entire chat from the screen just in case no transcript was sent.

    My personal hope is that this is a tempest in a teapot and that after a short delay (days, not weeks) the 80K will be credited to all accounts opened through the OMAAT link. I am looking for a problem, just wanting to receive what was offered.

  39. correction: I am NOT looking for a problem, just wanting to receive what was offered.

  40. @BoulderPenguin Understandable — My rep said nothing about a pause, just to hold off for another few days and that generally rewards were posted within 3-5 days. Mentioned seeing qualifications were met. Again, assume it’s just a delay.. but I would agree that it’s odd there’s any sort of pause happening.

    Seems we met our spend around the same time. Will let you know if anything happens on my end. Let’s hope for the best.

  41. @Shawn: if I had received the same answer you did (hang on for a few days, it takes 3-5 days etc) I would have been fine and wouldn’t be posting anything. But the response I got was different: not 3-5 days or just be patient for a few more days, but rather a kind of policy approach specific to OMAAT signups. “Paused” was used repeatedly and sounded like a euphemism, a sugar-coating for “Brex is going to honor the promotion”.

    I provided many chances for the rep to tell me it was just a short timing issue but she never once said it was just a matter of a short delay. Even when I said it seemed like misrepresentation, she kept to the script that it was “paused”. There were long pauses in the chat and I suspect the rep was probably trying to get guidance on what she could write. I think she was in a difficult position, having to stick to the official script and not free to give explanations.

    As you indicated, let’s wait and see and hope for the best. [And hope that @Ben breaks his silence.]

  42. @Shawn: I just received an email from the rep at Brex with good news. Here it is in full:

    “This is Kristin from Brex Support!

    Please find this update regarding the OMAAT referral bonus. The previous offer with One Mile At A Time expired as of March 2, 2021. Those who have used the referral link prior to the expiry date will still be eligible to receive the 80k rewards points after spending $1k on your Brex Card.

    Please feel free to reach out to us if we may assist.


    So that’s good enough for me. We’ll probably see the bonuses post reasonably soon.

    I wrote as much and as often as I could in various places – OMAAT, the OMAAT Twitter feed, Brex’s own Twitter feed, and elsewhere – on the squeaky wheel theory. My next step would have been to complain to the banking regulatory authorities (FDIC and the Utah Department of Financial Institutions) who have to approve the banking license that Brex has applied for. In short to make enough inconvenient noise that Brex would rethink its position on the referral bonuses. I’m sure there must have been others doing the same. In any event the outcome is what we all wanted.

  43. @BoulderPenguin – thanks for the update. Still nothing on my end, but glad they have confirmed and there won’t be any issues in regards to holding them accountable.

  44. @ BoulderPenguin — Sorry, I missed these, but yes, have been doing a lot behind the scenes here.

    I can see how the language from the Brex support team was unclear, and we’ve addressed that with them. Amex and Chase support teams often get their messaging wrong as well, so that part isn’t too surprising, but it is definitely frustrating. A bit of sausage-making here, but from the marketing teams’ perspective, the situation is “on pause”, because they wanted to relaunch a new offer right away, and we declined until the current queue of applications has been resolved. So the OMAAT partnership is in fact paused, and if it was communicated that way internally…well, we can all see how a random support person got that idea.

    But, as is standard, anyone who applied under the old offer, then is approved, activates their account and meets the requirements, etc., will have the offer honored.

  45. @Tiffany – I was totally on your side as I’m still waiting myself, until you stated “American Express and chase often get their messaging wrong as well.” That literally has nothing to do with the Brex situation and for them misspeaking.

    As you’ve been on the backend speaking with them and we’re supposed to get our Rewards within 3-5 days.. and it’s been longer, when is the expectation for the rewards to be fulfilled?

  46. @Tiffany: thanks for your response. From what you wrote it is apparent that the degree of cooperation and coordination between Brex and OMAAT is significant – they want to launch another outreach to OMAAT followers but OMAAT has the ability to “pause” that.

    Well, if the coordination is that good why not apply some more pressure on Brex to get on with honoring their inducement offer? I have met the spend qualification in two accounts – I’ve “paused” spending in two further accounts until I see that Brex is honoring its offer – but almost two weeks after the first qualification I have yet to see the bonus 80K. And it is several days since Brex said it would honor the OMAAT offer, but still no follow up action by Brex to do what it said.

    Tiffany/Ben, this whole mess has not reflected well on OMAAT. You have persuasive coordination with Brex and you earn commission for every party who signs up through your link. It is in your interest to push Brex into acting more quickly. It would be better for Brex to get this mess behind them and it would restore some credibility to OMAAT recommendations.

  47. @ BoulderPenguin — Of course we have the ability to “pause” any relationships or offers! That’s a benefit of being one of the few independent sites in this space (for better or worse). We choose to market (or more frequently not market) products and offers all the time, Brex isn’t special in that regard.

    So obviously (or it seems very obvious to me at least), we wouldn’t launch a new campaign of any sort without making sure existing readers/users had been properly taken care of. Again, I/we try to apply that standard to anything we’re discussing here — hence why you didn’t see Ben promoting ~$300 business class fares on TAP Thursday night like many people in this space. They were surely not going to be honored, TAP is difficult for consumers to work with in these situations, etc. Not really any special or persuasive coordination, we’re just not going to market it.

    I am confident that Brex will honor the 80k point offer. They do seem to be trying to act in good faith on that front, have acknowledged they are overwhelmed by the volume, and are working through it. As an example, many readers forwarded emails they received from Brex yesterday apologizing for the approval delays, and offering some additional points once the account was funded as an apology. The timelines may not be what we’d all (including Brex at this point) prefer, and it’s fine to not be pleased about that, but I don’t think it’s yet at the point of panic and rage.

    I’m not sure what you’d like to be seeing publicly, but I can assure you that all the things you are suggesting we “ought” to be doing are already being done. You and I are very much on the same page there.

  48. @ Shawn — Apologies if that came across the wrong way. My intent was to point out that there are lots of analogs in this space for this kind of miscommunication between departments at a large company, and Brex is not unique even among financial institutions for sometimes getting these things wrong. So in my mind it does have plenty to do with the Brex situation, because whether it’s redeeming miles, trying to change a flight after a mechanical delay, or whatever else, OMAAT readers have plenty of experiences that suggest anything said by a front-line support person should always be taken with at least one grain of salt.

    Heck, just this morning I had an AAdvantage agent on the EXP line tell me that I couldn’t mix economy and business class segments on a single award ticket, because “Qatar is very strict”. (For anyone reading who doesn’t know, this is neither true nor even logical). It’s just something we see all the time.

    Similarly, for years (possibly still, I haven’t checked lately) JAL had one part-time employee who processed points transfers from SPG/Bonvoy. Her workflow provided two days per month to manually post those points. If she didn’t get to yours on a given day, you’d be waiting two additional weeks. It was absolutely ridiculous, but also not a cause for alarm, you know?

    Because of how this offer was set up, the 80k points are all being processed manually as an extra spiff by the marketing team. That is a terrible process, certainly, and as we all know, nothing makes a bad process worse like sudden volume does. So I don’t have a firm answer yet as to when businesses should expect those bonuses to post — they had initially said they would batch them all every Tuesday (and that happened for the first six weeks or so), and now have admitted that they have fallen behind, and are devoting additional resources to catch up. So there’s no indication that they won’t be fulfilled, and if I hear of a firmer timeline I’ll be sure to share.

  49. @Shawn / @Tiffany: The 80K bonus has now posted to two accounts in which I met the qualifying spend.

  50. @boulderpenguin @Tiffany – Just followed up in regards to their “3-5 day” window. They stated I should have received the bonus already, but had no record of me signing up via the OMAAT referral. When I said “oh thats weird, I have the screenshot here saying you did see it early last week, here it is..” They completely changed their story to “oh, right.. I see it now after I did a refresh. I’ll have to reach out to a higher up and have them email you.”

    Talk about a run around and why people are getting angry. It’s getting increasingly annoying.

  51. @Tiffany, @Ben
    I applied for Brex back on 2/16 and got approved on March 18. I know the promotion is over but should they honor it since my sign up date was within the time period that it was being offered?

  52. The last thing I want to do is to have to ask the website that promoted this offer to step in and help, but this is past the point of ridiculous. After applying for a Brex account on 2-22-21, I was not immediately approved but received an email stating I’d receive a decision within a “few business days”. Then, on March 5th, I received an email stating, “it can take up to 15 business days for our team to review your application”. However, 15 business days has come & gone with no further response. I waited patiently and only emailed Brex on 3-20-21 (19 business days after my application date), asking for an update. No response. Today is 23 business days since my application date with absolutely nothing from Brex. Tiffany & Ben, please step in & assist. A complete lack of any response is unacceptable (if they don’t want me as a customer, fine, they should just say so, but absolutely no response is just unacceptable).

  53. @Ben, @Tiffany

    I opened 4 accounts and (eventually – after initial slowness and problems) all four have received the 80k bonus. Yay!

    I’m thinking of closing two of the accounts as they have served their purpose and I don’t need to continue more than two accounts.

    Is there a minimum time the accounts must stay open for the 80K to remain credited (not clawed back from SIA)?

  54. I signed up through OMAAT on Feb 26 but just got the approved account. Am I still eligible for the 80k bonus for spending 1k?

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