Save Money With Brex Perks & Partner Offers

Save Money With Brex Perks & Partner Offers

The offer for the Brex Cash Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

The single best, new opportunity to earn points right now is with a no-fee Brex Cash account. Not only can you earn 110,000 bonus points (redeemable for 110,000 airline miles or $1,100), but you can get an account that will prove incredibly valuable for your business.

Here are some previous posts I’ve written about various aspects of Brex Cash:

In this post I wanted to look at the additional perks as part of a Brex Cash account that could save your business a significant amount of money.

Brex partner offers can offer huge savings

In addition to the amazing bonus for new members, all of the no-fee account management options, and the ability to earn up to 8x Brex points on purchases, Brex also has some fantastic partner offers.

Think of this as being along the lines of Amex Offers and Chase Offers, where you can save money with dozens of businesses that could be useful for your small business.

As Brex describes it, these exclusive benefits and discounts on services can help you grow your company, and the offers are worth over $150,000 in value. Now, it goes without saying that no business is likely to actually save that much, but rather that this is the total maximum theoretical value of these offers.

I’ll break down each of the partner offers below, though a few things to note upfront:

  • To access these, log into your Brex dashboard, and click on “Rewards” and then “Marketplace”
  • When you click on each offer there will be instructions for how exactly they can be used; in some cases you have to make purchases through a specific link, in some cases you have to send an email, and in other cases you have to use your Brex Card

Here are the current Brex partner offers, broken down by category:

Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon Web Services: $5,000 in AWS credits to be used over two years, with one year of free business support (up to $1,500), including for existing users; up to $100,000 in additional AWS Activate credits depending on eligibility

Accounting & finance offers

  • Carta: 20% discount on first year subscription and waived implementation fees
  • Experian: 50% discount on first year business credit monitoring subscription
  • Expensify: 50% discount for six months (new customers only)
  • Guideline 401(k): three months free (new customers only)
  • Gusto: 50% off first year of service across any plan (new customers only)
  • Leyton: 20% off R&D tax credit studies
  • Payoneer: Up to 2% back on international payments through Payoneer
  • Pilot: 20% off Pilot Core or Select Bookkeeping for six months
  • QuickBooks: 40% off your first 12 months (new customers only)
  • Solium: $500 off first 409a valuation
  • SAP Concur: 20% off Concur Expense, Concur Travel, and Concur Invoice
  • Vouch: Save up to 25% on business insurance, plus earn up to 10,000 Brex points (new customers only)

Advertising offers

  • Clear Channel Outdoor: At least 10% discount on first advertising campaign rate card (new customers only)
  • Google Ads: Credit matching your first month AdWords spend, up to $150
  • Microsoft Ads: 5% off Microsoft Ads including Bing (automatic activation)
  • Snapchat Ads: Up to $3,000 in credits (new customers only)

Business operations offers

  • Aircall: Two months free
  • Clora: 25% discount on first consulting engagement (new customers only)
  • DocSend: Three months free DocSend Advanced
  • Dropbox: Get 50% off on Dropbox Business (Standard or Advanced)
  • Gem: Unlimited licenses for up to two years
  • Indeed: $500 credit towards sponsoring jobs
  • Microsoft 365: Four months of Microsoft 365 for free
  • 25% off any annual subscription
  • NetSuite: 10% discount on first year subscription
  • Quartzy: Up to $10,000 in credits (new customers only)
  • Rippling: 20% off first year (new customers only)
  • Science Exchange: 15% discount on Enterprise License (new customers only)
  • Shippo: Four months free Shippo Pro Plan
  • Slack: 25% off 12 months of eligible paid plans (including existing customers, limited time only)
  • TravelBank: 50% off your first six months of TravelBank Premium
  • TriNet: Up to 60% off TriNet Full-Service HR administrative fees and additional Brex point multipliers
  • Triplebyte Hire: Up to $15,000 discount
  • Twilio: $500 in credits to be used over one year (new customers only)
  • Zendesk: 100% discount for first six months (new customers only)
  • Zoom: 20% discount on annual subscription

E-commerce & marketing offers

  • Freshworks: Up to $10,000 in credits (new customers only, plus those upgrading from free plans)
  • Forter: 50% off of your first two monthly invoices (new customers only)
  • Gorgias: $1,000 of credits (new customers only)
  • Klaviyo: 15% off six months of your subscription
  • HubSpot: 30% off on first year subscription, and 15% off ongoing
  • Intercom: Up to $100 off per month for 3 months
  • Postscript: 45 day free trial
  • Salesforce: Save 60% on Salesforce Essentials
  • Segment: Free 12 month Team Plan for early stage startups, 15% off for everyone else
  • Skubana: First two months of Skubana subscription fees waived (new customers only)
  • Typeform: 30% off annual Typeform Professional or Premium tier subscriptions
  • Yotpo: 10% off the first year of any annual plan (new customers only, plus those upgrading from free plans)
  • Zentail: $3,000 off annual contract (new customers only)

Workplace benefits

  • Caviar: 20% off first week of catering
  • DoorDash: Discounted three month starter package, including one month free
  • WeWork: Up to 25% off list price for six months for any new U.S. office space, and 25% off WeWork All Access

Bottom line

There are lots of great reasons to open a no-fee Brex Cash account. The obvious features are that you get a phenomenal business management account with a bonus of up to 110K points.

But for many businesses the most value will come from Brex partner offers, given the potential savings we’re talking about. For example, the Amazon Web Services feature is something that a lot of businesses would benefit from, and which could save thousands of dollars in one swoop.

If anyone is curious about the detailed terms of any of the above offers, let me know and I’m happy to share them below.

If you have a Brex account, will you be able to take advantage of any of the Brex partner offers?

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  1. Mark S. Member

    They got back to me within a day and asked me for a re-send on my passport and to set up 2 factor verification. I assume I am done since I received a welcome email and a promise to send a physical card in6 days or so. Thanks, this will be helpful with International wires (Chase charges a fortune) not to mention the miles.

  2. Jon Guest

    @tiffany ok, sent. Thanks

  3. Jon Guest

    @Tiffany Yes. Where should I send it?

  4. FE Member

    I applied with a legitimate LLC, in business for 15 years, a week ago. Still shows as ‘processing information’. Not that I care much either way but they are a little slow. Maybe just overwhelmed by sudden spike in applications?

  5. SamOH Guest

    Applied a week ago and no response so far? Why it’s taking that long to get a decision?!

    1. Tiffany OMAAT

      @ SamOH @ FE -- Because Brex doesn't pull your personal credit, they use other business records to process approvals. If your business doesn't have a large "presence" for the automated system to evaluate, it will be reviewed manually, which does take a little longer. They are getting a ton of applications from this, and assure us they are trying to get through them as quickly as possible.

  6. Gene Diamond

    @ Ben -- Applied 42 hours ago. Crickets. I expect we won't be approved since we are a tech company. Whatever...

  7. Jerry Guest

    Just got instantly approved. Process was easy and took just a minute. I capped everything so hopefully the 80K bonus will post as advertised. Thanks Ben!

  8. Agnes Guest

    I just got approved for Brex Cash. Do I link my bank account to Brex? Will they send the virtual card number? Will it accrue 2.9% credit card charge? I am trying to avoid the CC charge while paying college tuition. Thank you!

    1. Tiffany OMAAT

      @ Agnes -- Good questions! You can link your bank account or otherwise transfer funds in. There's a button in your account to activate/create your virtual card. Yes, the Brex Rewards card is a Mastercard, and would be treated as a credit card when you use it.

  9. ABS Guest

    How long do new cardmembers have to meet the first $1,000 in spend for the 80,000 points?

    1. Tiffany OMAAT

      @ ABS -- I would do it in the first 3 months, so that it stacks with the additional 10k points you can get for spending $3k.

  10. Jon Guest

    It took me 10 days to get a reply and then they refused the app because it wasn't a business they supported. (real estate brokerage, incorporated).

    1. Tiffany OMAAT

      @ Jon -- If your company is properly formed (e.g., not a Sole Prop), and not in a restricted industry (e.g. gambling, weed, etc.), then do you mind forwarding that email to me and I’ll escalate it to Brex? We should at least be able to get you an explanation (and ideally a fix) because that doesn't sound correct.

  11. Larry Member

    My partner applied 5 days ago and we've heard nothing. It's a legitimate LLC incorporated several years ago, so not sure what the problem is but I wonder if they have been inundated because of the OMAAT promo and they are looking for reasons to deny? Weird. They say it can take up to 7 business days, so we'll see but I sort of thought we'd sail through. We usually do on business applications. We used a personal email so that may be the problem.

  12. felim Guest

    I'm based in Ireland, I guess I cannot apply ? wish I could though

    1. Tiffany OMAAT

      @ felim -- If you own/control a US Company, then your location/nationality does not matter. The Company has to be US-based (and registered) though.

  13. Bob Sanchez Guest

    Is there any issue with applying if my LLC is new? (within the last month) Thanks!

    1. Ben OMAAT

      @ Bob Sanchez -- Nope, that shouldn't be an issue based on data points we've seen. There's certainly no downside to applying and trying, at least. Please report back on your experience if you don't mind, because data points are always helpful.

  14. SINJim Member

    I applied about 10 hours ago and am awaiting approval.

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Mark S. Member

They got back to me within a day and asked me for a re-send on my passport and to set up 2 factor verification. I assume I am done since I received a welcome email and a promise to send a physical card in6 days or so. Thanks, this will be helpful with International wires (Chase charges a fortune) not to mention the miles.

Jon Guest

@tiffany ok, sent. Thanks

Tiffany OMAAT

@ Jon -- It's just my name, @ this website :)

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