And the winner is….


Thanks to all that took part in the Hilton free night giveaway. Lots of you made me laugh. One or two of you even made me cry. But it wasn’t me judging, it was my brother. And after spending hours reading all the entries and narrowing it down to about a dozen, my brother eventually chose entry nine:

How about juggling in all the places you visit? On one of my trips I went to Brazil/Florida and juggled everywhere. I received some wierd looks, I got drenched in water (about 2/3 of the way through), I juggled in front of my hotel with a fire-juggling pan handler and even took a ride on a “sandboard” while juggling. Bloopers are at the end of the video. If the final wipeout at the very end (after the credit screen) doesn’t make you laugh then you need to get your funnybone checked out. And as always I enjoy reading your blog.

Here’s the video:

Very funny video! Congrats and you can expect an email shortly.

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  1. Thanks for the certificate! Glad you thought the video was funny. I’m headed to New York in March and am all ready to use my certificate. 🙂

    The certificate says it is good “at any participating Hilton Hotel in the United States”. Does anyone know if that includes Hilton Garden Inns? Doubletree? I’m just checking my options.



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