And my flight on Sri Lankan was…

…really, really good.

On my way from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur a few days ago I flew Singapore Airlines, simply because it was included as part of the award ticket from the US. While the flight was perfectly pleasant, it didn’t quite live up to the high standards that Singapore usually sets for themselves, given that I wasn’t even offered a beverage of choice.

I had to make my own way to Singapore yesterday to catch my connecting flight, so looked at options. I had originally considered taking Jetstar or a bus, both of which were fairly cheap. However, Sri Lankan business class was $150 all-in. While not the best bargain and I wouldn’t usually pay a ~$70 premium for business class on a 45 minute flight, I figured it would be worth it so that I can check another airline off my list.

The problem is, Sri Lankan isn’t on my “been there, done that” list, as I had anticipated, but rather on my “woah, gotta do that again” list. They were shockingly good.

For one, the flight attendants were stunning. And I mean stunning. They had beautiful uniforms with the most bizarre makeup, though they’re stunning either way. They were warm, hospitable, efficient, and professional.

The load in business class was 6/18 (though at least a dozen people tried to self upgrade). Shortly after takeoff was the choice of paninis (either veggie or chicken). I went with the chicken panini, which was warm and surprisingly tasty. I also got a beverage of choice and was even offered a refill. The service is definitely better than Singapore on the route, but then again, the flight wasn’t full.

Last but not least, they have some classy glassware. 😉

Anyway, I’m intrigued. After flying Sri Lankan I not only want to fly them again, but want to visit the country.

A full trip report is on the way when I get back. I haven’t even begun to talk about the skills (or lack thereof) of Sri Lankan’s pilots.

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  1. As a tea drinker, I enjoy the variety of teas that they offer. Sri Lanka is a major tea growing country, and it makes sense that their national airline would feature a variety of teas. It’s nice to fly an airline that has a distinctive feature.

  2. @ scott — I mean once boarding was finished they walked up from coach and took business class seats. The flight attendants sent all of them back to coach.

  3. I’ve heard good things about them. I think jacob_m had them in one of his giant crazy trip reports

  4. “After flying Sri Lankan I not only want to fly them again, but want to visit the country”

    In your experience, is there any relation between a country and it’s national airline?

    How much of a country is reflected by its airline?

  5. @Wouter – If the appearances of the flight attendants as described by Lucky are any indication, they I would say yes

  6. I’m glad to hear that about Sri Lankan. I think national airlines have a great opportunity to be a globe-crossing advertising campaign for their home country, so it’s good to hear when an airline has such an effect on people.

    Sri Lanka, by the way, is definitely worth a visit. One of my favorite places.

  7. @ Wouter — Funny you ask, because I think airlines HUGELY reflect the countries they are based in. This comes in the form of attention to detail, general friendliness, attentiveness, etc.

    @ John — If you wait for the trip report, I might just have some. 😀

  8. I bet they won’t have award seats available do to ‘the run’ on seats by blog readers!

  9. This statment would make me uncomfortable to fly them.

    “I haven’t even begun to talk about the skills (or lack thereof) of Sri Lankan’s pilots”

    Could you please explain?

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