And again!

So I headed to the gate about 20 minutes before boarding started and saw that the monitor read “ask us how you can get a free ticket voucher,” or something like that. The line was very long, and I saw that the gate agent had people signing, which immediately put me into a state of shock. What happens if they don’t need volunteers when it’s my turn? Did I just waste a lot of potential earnings by spending a few extra minutes in the RCC?

Well, starting with the person in front of me he started making a list instead of just processing the DB right there. Mind you, this guy was a service director, and shockingly enough he was professional, efficient, and extremely friendly. When I got to the counter I asked if he still needed volunteers, and he said “oh, your upgrade cleared, you won’t need to volunteer.” I winked, and he immediately said “ahhh, ok, let me add you to the list.”

The next five minutes were filled with extreme mental anguish, as I wondered whether or not I totally blew it. Fortunately he took me out of my misery sooner rather than later and called me up to the podium. He said “OK, what’s up with your itinerary, I have no clue what’s going on?” I explained to him that due to a weather delay, crew delay, and earlier bump, I was basically doing a massive trip in vain (notice I didn’t say mileage run). I immediately suggested he put me on the DEN-IAD redeye, which he immediately understood and accepted. He chose good exit row seats for me and gave me another free ticket. Woot!

I got back to the RCC and the agent said “you again?” I explained I keep getting bumped, and he had a not too happy look on his face. I could tell that he was looking at my PNR as I was going up the escalator.

I then go to the service desk and the agent appears not to be busy, so I walk up to her. She said “unless it’s a quick question, you’re going to have to wait. I helped you before.” Whoever said that the RCC agents in DEN are nice must have dealt with different people than I did.

The other agent (who was a bit nicer) added me to the upgrade waitlist and said my chances looked good.

The redeye is F3Y7 so I doubt this flight is bump material, but I’m quite happy the way it is.

Will try to update again a bit later, but I’m a happy camper right about now.

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