It’s Turtle Time: ANA’s New A380 Safety Video

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ANA just began service with their Airbus A380. The airline has three of these planes on order, and they’ll use these exclusively to fly between Tokyo and Honolulu.

What’s really cool is how ANA has themed these A380. Rather than just making them blend into the fleet, they’re really making them stand out. Each ANA A380 sports a special “Flying Honu” livery.

For those of you not familiar, “Honu” is a Hawaiian term for sea turtles, and ANA explains that they’re considered to be sacred creatures in Hawaii, and those who catch a glimpse of them are said to be blessed with good fortunes. That’s also what ANA wants their customers flying to/from Hawaii to experience.

Each of the A380s is painted in a different livery. Lani is the blue plane, Kai is the green plane, and Lā is the orange plane.

Anyway, to coincide with the ANA A380 inaugural service, ANA has launched a new safety video. This has been screened on the A380 since launch, and will be available on other routes as of June 1, 2019.

Here’s the new safety video:

This video is adorable, in my opinion. I think we need more safety videos that have characters lacking opposable thumbs, because watching the characters perform functions like buckling seatbelts and turning off phones is ridiculously cute.

So many airlines put effort into safety videos nowadays, and in some cases I think they try too hard, by making the videos unnecessarily long, inserting too much humor, etc. In the cases of ANA they’re just sticking to the basics while having cute visuals.

I also love how the safety video has the warning “photography is prohibited during evacuations.” While it’s standard for safety videos to say that you should leave everything behind in emergency evacuations (and it’s something that can’t be emphasized enough), this is the first call out I’ve seen in a safety video specifically mentioning that one shouldn’t take pictures during an evacuation.

What do you make of ANA’s turtle-themed safety video?

  1. Lucky, I believe the current ANA safety video with the kabuki theme calls out photography during an evacuation. Which is both genius that they realize that it’s a problem and stupid that this is an actual problem.

  2. Stupid that the brace position is not shown properly.

    “Refer to the safety card for the brace position”

    Kinda irresponsible.

  3. Very cute! And this is the first time I’ve heard of no photography during an evacuation, a much needed reminder.

  4. The simulated cabin as beach chairs is no good. Too abstract. A few things should be repeated twice, like leave all luggage behind and no smoking in the lavatory, both liable to kill others .

  5. It’s a bit odd that they would make a new safety video right after their Kabuki one, I would hope it would just be for the a380 as their current one is pretty cool too

  6. I liked the new BA safety videos for a while. But I fly them so often I could probably recite it word for word, the humour has worn off and it just takes far too long. Still Michael Caine is and forever will be a win.

  7. @Tortuga. I join you in welcoming our new honu overlords. 🙂

    I don’t know about safety but it sure makes me want to go to Hawaii immediately.

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