An airline executive shows some personality!

American sent out an email today to AAdvantage members with a video message from Maya Leibman, the President of AAdvantage. If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here.

Mildly cheesy? Of course. But I love the humor and the fact that she’s putting her personality into it, not something you often see from executives at legacy airlines.

Thoughts? Love it? Hate it?

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  1. I rather liked the personal message. The way that United rolled out its Mileage Plus changes, I couldn’t help but feel like that toddler that was urinated on during that recent JetBlue flight.

  2. Absolutely refreshing, puts a face to what has become a completely faceless unbranded airline. Great job Maya, let’s hope none of AA’s CxOs decides that they rather hide behind an undistinguished brand (just like they have for … the last decade) and not converse with customers. Not to worry–you’ll definitely find another job VERY fast!

  3. Corny, but a creative way to get the message across. Makes the company seem much better when we see a friendly face behind the brand.

  4. Seems like a great video! I love it when corporates interact with their customers like that. Similar to what the AS/QX executives last March did when they had a “computer meltdown”, which resulted in mass cancellations. Many might not realize, at least in the airline industry, but it DOES go a long way with most of the customers. Same with DL with @Deltaassist, the ATL event where frequent flyers got to work as a gate agent for a day, and some airlines with MegaDos [I suspect Maya probably had a part in turning the OneWorld MegaDo into reality], etc.

    The only bummer for me as a deaf person is that there is no captions or transcripts, so I have no clue of the details she mentioned in the video except the general topics with the credit card, MM program, etc.

    Anyway, great job Maya and I wish more airline executives were like you!

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