Amex Platinum Card Benefits: Global Entry Or TSA Pre-Check Credit

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In this post, I wanted to talk about the Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check credit offered with The Platinum Card® from American Express. While I don’t view this as one of the primary benefits of the card, it can save you money on what I consider to be two great programs that will make your travel life easier.

How does the Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check credit on the Amex Platinum Card work?

Those with the Amex Platinum Card get a credit of up to $100 that they can apply towards a Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check membership. This benefit applies to both the primary cardmember as well as authorized users, though each cardmember can only get the benefit once every four years. In other words, if you have the Amex Platinum Card and add three authorized users, then all four cardmembers could take advantage of the benefit, and then they could do so again four years later.


To take advantage of this benefit, simply charge the $85 or $100 fee to an eligible Amex Platinum Card. You can actually use this benefit for anyone. There’s no need for the name on the application to match that of the cardmember. All that matters is that the charge is made to an eligible card.

What are Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check?

Both Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check are part of the US Trusted Traveler program, and get you expedited privileges at the airport.

Global Entry gets you expedited immigration on arrival in the US. Rather than having to wait in the usual immigration line, you go to a Global Entry kiosk, answer some very basic questions, have your picture and fingerprints taken, and then you’ll be given a printout. Then there’s also an expedited line at customs.

This has really changed my international travel, since nowadays I land in the US and am on the curb within five minutes.

When you have Global Entry, your passport will automatically be eligible for using these special kiosks. There’s no card required, and there’s no need to enter any special code when you book your ticket.


TSA Pre-Check, on the other hand, gets you expedited security at most US airports. Most airports have TSA Pre-Check lanes, where eligible travelers don’t have to remove their shoes, or take their laptops or liquids out of their bags. Furthermore, these passengers only have to go through the metal detector, rather than through the full-body scanner.

Not only is this significantly more convenient, but it’s also less invasive. However, Pre-Check has gotten so popular that in some cases the Pre-Check line is longer than the regular line. To maximize your odds of getting Pre-Check, make sure you enter your Known Traveler Number at the time you book your ticket. You’ll be assigned this number, and it’s the code that maximizes your odds of being eligible on each trip.

However, do note that sometimes you may randomly not get Pre-Check, even if you’re enrolled.


Should you sign up for Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check?

It blows my mind how many people apply for TSA Pre-Check over Global Entry. A vast majority of people should be applying for Global Entry over TSA Pre-Check. Why? Because Global Entry automatically comes with TSA Pre-Check, while the opposite isn’t the case. Global Entry costs $15 extra, though the cost is covered by the Amex Platinum Card credit. Once you do that you’ll have the best of both worlds, as you’ll get Global Entry and Pre-Check.

Slightly unrelated, but if you’re paying out of pocket for one of these programs, I highly recommend signing up for NEXUS instead. This costs only $50, gets you expedited immigration in both the US and Canada, and comes with Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check.

Unfortunately, the Amex Platinum Card doesn’t cover that, and the enrollment center locations are also more limited for NEXUS. So it’s not for everyone, but if you travel to Canada with any frequency, it could be worthwhile.

What’s the process of signing up for Global Entry like?

You can start the process of applying for Global Entry by creating an account with the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES). You’ll then have to fill out an application, which will take a bit of time. You’ll have to list all the countries you’ve been to in the past five years, and share a lot of other personal information. You can always save the parts of the application you’ve completed, and come back later to finish it.


Once submitted, your application will be reviewed, and typically within a couple of weeks you’ll be conditionally approved, and will be invited to schedule an in-person interview. There are lots of enrollment centers around the country, and the process is pretty straightforward.

At the interview, they’ll just go over the basics of your application, and odds are that it’ll take only a few minutes. You’ll need to bring your passport and one other form of identification to the interview.

Global Entry is then valid for five years (or more accurately, your fifth birthday after you apply, meaning ideally you’ll want to apply shortly after your birthday, so you get nearly six years out of it). The good news is that you can typically renew Global Entry online, so going into an office is a one-time thing.

If you travel internationally with any frequency, it’s totally worth it, especially in conjunction with a fee credit that covers the cost.

Bottom line

With the Amex Platinum Card, each cardmember (including authorized users) gets a Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check credit every four years. I highly recommend using this for Global Entry, since that also gets you TSA Pre-Check. While the initial application process is cumbersome, renewals are easy, and can typically be done online.

If you want to maximize the convenience of this, try to apply shortly after your birthday, since you’ll get almost six years of membership out of it.

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  1. If traveling through Canada, you should carry your GE card with you. It allows you to use the Nexus security lanes (or whatever they call it).

  2. Wow. I assume there’s a YUGE referral bonus on Amex Platinum cards at the moment given how hard you and the other bloggers have been pushing these lately. Ken Chenault slipping you guys a little extra to improve his numbers?

  3. @tennen – I think you should clarify that the using the GE card expedites land crossing FROM Canada to the US using the NEXUS lanes, or FROM Mexico to the US using SENTRI lanes. You cannot enter Canada with the GE card.

  4. @Tennen: You have to add NEXUS to your GE account on the website and then do an interview/retinal scan with CBSA before you can actually use NEXUS kiosks though.

    As an aside, I’m not sure why GE works with your passport and fingerprints but NEXUS requires the card and a retinal scan. It’s a pain having to carry both when travelling just to get expedited clearance when returning to Canada.

  5. Does anyone know what the GE physical card is good for? I haven’t been to Canada with it yet, but I’ve crossed by land from Mexico and they wanted to see my passport. I’ve used the GE kiosks at airports, but that also uses a passport and not the GE card. I carry it with me, but I don’t know why. Thanks.

  6. @askmrlee and @Arcanum, I’m talking about the CATSA trusted traveler security lanes, and NOT the actual Nexus and/or Sentri ones for border crossing or passport control.

    Maybe the ktn is all that’s needed now, but it used to say that you needed to present your GE card.

  7. @Rico

    In my experience, if you’re departing from Canada to the US, you can access an expedited (basically PreCheck) security lane.

  8. Only 42% of Americans have a passport.

    TSA Pre-Check is for those folks who don’t have a passport. Global Entry requires a passport; TSA Pre-Check does not.

  9. @ Brian — Hah, true, though I’d guess there’s a VERY high overlap between people having an Amex Platinum Card and also having a passport.

  10. The once every 4 years credit for Global Entry (per card) definitely isn’t true…at least not for me. In the past 4 years, I’ve paid for myself & 2 family members’ Global Entry fees on my Platinum card and have been reimbursed each time. (I wasn’t by any means expecting the reimbursement but I did receive it all 3 times.) so maybe the benefit is once per year?

  11. @ HockeyCoachBen — Interesting. Out of curiosity, do you have authorized users on your card?

  12. @Lucky – Nope. I am the only cardholder/member. No AU’s on my account.

    I knew when I did my Global Entry that it would be reimbursed. That was 2014. Then in 2015 I paid for the GE for my mother (totally not expecting the reimbursement, just trying to be a nice son) and received an email almost immediately from AmEx about the credit. In 2016 another family member was interested in GE and I jokingly said let me try it on my Platinum card (again fully expecting to pay the $100 myself) and sure enough, I received the reimbursement again. I haven’t tried again this year to see what happens. So it possibly could be a yearly reimbursement?

  13. Can anyone help regarding kids under 15 and GE? My husband has GE I’m going to apply and figured I should apply for my 3 kids. Thoughts?

  14. I think it’s for US cards only as In Canada we don’t see any clause of benefits mentioned.


  15. Unfortunately the German Platinum Amex doesn’t include the Global Entry and Uber credit…

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